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  2. Modern Price Guide

    prices vary to the buyer but good gist of prices, a lot of merch "buy" prices; but over-all pretty accurate nice guide -Holaman
  3. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

  4. comp cape re work

    lol shhhh
  5. comp cape re work

    Don't kill them!!
  6. comp cape re work

    hold your breath lol
  7. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    bump + #RAIN -Holaman
  8. Today
  9. Integrity

  10. comp cape re work

    Don't hold your breath
  11. Modern Price Guide

    This needs to be updated daily because prices change daily
  12. DROP PIN

    drop-rate pins seem to go a bit more considering there aren't packs for them in the donator shop and someone would have to personally put 150 credits towards that one specifically Goodluck buying ! -Holaman
  13. DROP PIN

    any luck still?
  14. SElling die pin

    or* -Holaman
  15. Yesterday

    still selling?
  17. SElling die pin

    and it begins again
  18. SElling die pin

    Pm me here on in game
  19. comp cape re work

    very much agree
  20. Integrity

    oh no @Jellyman226 -Holaman
  21. selling full clue sets

    cool collection tho -Holaman
  22. comp cape re work

    I like this idea, I think its deserving of the dedicated players to get some re-vamps of mishaps -Holaman
  23. Revenants

    U WITH ME !!! same lol , its nr not rs
  24. comp cape re work

    In the game updates on 3/05/2018 we were introduced to this new feature. Ever since the reset on may 5th, which was 5 months ago btw, we have lost this. I have absolutely no idea how developing/coding something like this into the game works. But I imagine if we did it once, it shouldn't be that hard to do again. Its kind of ridiculous that something this simple hasn't been fixed yet. I think people who worked hours apon hours for this camp should deserve something a little better then the regular max cape design. If we're really going to make this season and year better, than we need to fix the simple things like this.
  25. selling full clue sets

    These aren't clue sets these are crystal key sets
  26. Wiki's Weekly Changelog!

    All of the pics from Drax's nr needs to go!
  27. Revenants

    Good idea but what dev?
  28. Integrity

    Bro i'm fucking dying this is too good
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