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  2. yay feels g00d rdi 0pz

    ty appreciate it
  3. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Hi Roo, this was an error on another staff member's part, and I had some information for development mixed up. The items that were for sale, were actually meant to be their sell-to-the-store prices. Thanks! Chaflie
  4. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Good job with the quantity/quality of updates you're cracking out!
  5. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    love the updates you're doing, But not a particular fan of this 1. All its done is kill imbued ring prices, and thrown alot of dead content items into the shop. But overall great job you're doing.
  6. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Amazing work chaff!
  7. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Thanks for the update!
  8. Game Updates | 3/19/2019

    Hello Near-Reality! The following fixes, additions, and changes have been applied to the game. As always, thank you for playing Near-Reality, and I hope these changes improve your game play! The timer for the World Boss, and Ganodermic Beast will now display "approximately x hours, and x minutes" to better see how long until they arrive. The World Boss can no longer hit you if you are in the banking lobby The Legendary Donator Island World Boss can now only be attacked if you are inside of the cow pen, meaning that safe spotting the World Boss is no longer possible here Additionally, the World Boss's respawn timer at the Legendary Donator Island is now 1 hour instead of 50 seconds The Explorer's Ring found on the World Boss drop table can now be charged with 50 rare fragments, and 35 voting points to receive twenty (20) charges, allowing you to use the Explorer's Ring to teleport directly to the World Boss lair Tekton's drops will now appear in front of his anvil, rather than at your feet There are now a whole host of new items you can sell to the Rare Fragment shop for rare fragments! The Champion's Scroll is now 35 fragments The Orante Katana has been added to the fragment shop for 1,000 fragments You can sell the following items: Warrior ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Seer's ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Archers ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Berserker ring (Kept on death) sells for 5 rare frags Onyx ring (I) sells for 5 rare frags Bandos Godsword sells for 5 rare frags Saradomin Godsword sells for 5 rare frags Zamorak Godsword sells for 5 rare frags Statius Full Helm (DEG) sells for 5 rare frags Zuriel's Hood (DEG) sells for 2 rare frags Morrigan's coif (DEG) sells for 2 rare frags Tyrannical Ring sells for 10 rare frags Hand Cannon sells for 5 rare frags Ancient Mace sells for 5 rare frags Ganodermic Visor sells for 5 rare frags Steadfast Boots sells for 5 rare frags Glaiven Boots sells for 5 rare frags Ragefire boots sells for 5 rare frags Primal Spear sells for 150 rare frags Primal Longsword sells for 10 rare frags Ornate Katana sells for 100 rare frags Cleaned up the dialogue and world announcements for the Well of Goodwill Cleaned up the world announcements, force chats, and dialogue for the Ganodermic Beast Changed the color of world announcements slightly so that you can distinguish them from the clan chat better Thank you! Chaflie and the staff team at Near-Reality
  9. Today
  10. NR`s Lime Whip

    all whips should be equal speed. no matter what
  11. If you are going to fight WB

    and what r u gunna do if i dont
  12. NR`s Lime Whip

    +1 should be fast for pvm same as abby for pvp
  13. NR`s Lime Whip

    Agreed. Read the suggestion
  14. java

    Wow I really missed that lmao told you I was no good at debugging
  15. java

    I had to put that in there or it wouldn't work with out it. I didn't have it in there at 1st . but thank u for trying it worked! thank u very much and that makes sense . much love
  16. yay feels g00d rdi 0pz

  17. Game Updates | 3/18/2019

    great work keep it up. bout time we have some one that cares n can code
  18. Yesterday
  19. NR`s Lime Whip

    Its good for pvp but I agree pvm is pretty slow compared to how it was, i guess that was the goal though
  20. NR`s Lime Whip

    lime and lava was super overpowered when pking nh/dh/etc.. i think its perfect how it is right now.
  21. If you are going to fight WB

    Well, I've been told by you and Jeremiah not to get involved with what people do at WB etc... So..... Yeah, hope your problem gets solved.
  22. NR`s Lime Whip

    Torns right. I aint complaining.
  23. NR`s Lime Whip

    We dont take opinions from "buddies", we take opinions from metrics. This was not meant to be a quick fix to anything. Your report of less activity in the wilderness is also incorrect. Weve closely monitored the updates effect on the game and there has been a slight uptick in pking and wilderness activity. Not sure where you're getting your data.
  24. NR`s Lime Whip

    In my opinion, the Lime whip has always been basically an NR trademark. I see the trouble the speed of the whips causes pvp, but making drastic changes to the gameplay and to the meta won't quick fix anything and just cause more issues. Since the lime nerf, wildy activity has decreased, at least back then we had pvm activity and the usual pvm pkers. It is not profitable to pvm in the wildy any more thanks to the speed of the lime (and most of the ncps can only be damaged by melee), that's why it costs around 4b to get a lime whip. There has to be some middle ground, maybe there is a way to only lower the speed vs PLAYERS and make it normal vs NPCs. But it seems staff take opinion from buddies and ingore the rest of the community. These updates should be polled, as they drastically affect the gameplay. But anyway, keep grinding.
  25. Announced Drop from KBD

    Not really a drop to be announced such as the kid head or d kite, although at a 1:1000 drop table it possibly should
  26. If you are going to fight WB

    Doesn’t matter how much people rant, theres always going to be trolls at work boss. Eg: Iron Giant, Iron Taylor etc. ill come try it out when I finish work this afternoon
  27. Game Updates | 3/18/2019

    Getting it done in a short amount of time, love the work Chaf.
  28. yay feels g00d rdi 0pz

    Gratz, Slightly over the drop rate though providing you haven’t had 1 before Think it took me 259 kills for my first bgb then 1.6k for the second. they can Deffinately be a grind.
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