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  3. (Emily) Name Change?

    It's just a join date lol. It doesn't mean shit.
  4. (Emily) Name Change?

    imemily1 the real nibba
  5. (Emily) Name Change?

    hmmmmmmm envy told me this emily isnt the real emily tho???
  6. Was a good run

    damn nice pkps
  7. Was a good run

    not bad
  8. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

  9. (Emily) Name Change?

    I'd appreciate this if possible, sorry for the slow response
  10. Pet perks, and maybe collector's necklace

    I'm a fan of the collector's necklace item. It should be hard to obtain if it is implemented.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Was a good run

    demacia, lil dick nigga
  13. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    i'm not sure what to think of nr coming back again...
  14. Forum Post Rewards Program

    Monkey Backpack for the win!
  15. Buying 50-150m osrsgp [Scorch]

    I sell 1m 1m each pls show me ur funds
  16. Was a good run

    Very nice, rip
  17. idk what i'm doing here

    Glad you are here!
  18. Forum Post Rewards Program

    I like the idea of this and look forward to seeing a lot of pet cats running around the game lol
  19. Pm me price/amount you're selling. I do paypal only and I do not go first. Willing to show funds before buying l u l
  20. idk what i'm doing here

    nigga what is anyone doing here
  21. Was a good run

    Still can get the clap on league, Illaoi vs whoever bring it slim
  22. idk what i'm doing here

    Everyone gets a gif ( I don't play anymore cba) I'm pretty sure I remember you from Drax's nr
  23. Was a good run

    That makes my heart hurt.. gg mate.
  24. 75 slayer starter main

    I think it has something to do with counting but me no no
  25. idk what i'm doing here

    im just here to watch the flop that's the next 290528957298572985th restart
  26. 75 slayer starter main

    same clarify pls
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