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  2. Vote events

    +1 to voting events, They also need to add the cosmetics to shop already, they announced it last month and haven't heard anything about it since.
  3. Whats wrong with Bl this season

    This sounds even worse than last time hahahahahaah
  4. Today
  5. Whats wrong with Bl this season

    It's pathetic the only thing holding this server back is the shit ownership and how it's ran
  6. Whats wrong with Bl this season

    what is not wrong *
  7. Whats wrong with Bl this season

    It's not even a fuck up, he or they just did not bother putting any effort into it. BL is a half-assed attempt at bringing life back into the server, and once it fails Will will probably shut this down. It's pretty obvious the 1000$ will never be paid out too. You cannot expect an unreliable and lazy liar to pay out 1000$ for a competition when he; 1. Said that they were postponing updates because they were working hard on the BL (clearly he or they weren't) only to provide this shit result. 2. Postponed the competition by several days without saying anything. 3. Then goes on to release BL without a word. Like, I don't even participate in BL and I anticipated this shit the day BL was announced to be coming back because it's very easy to see what kind of motivation and attitude Will has when it comes to this server. Just read a couple of his threads the last 4-5 months. There's not too many threads, but all of them include promises that he never keeps and apologies that weren't real. I've had this attitude towards Will for months now, but inbetween those months, after having a very long conversation with him I was convinced he was trying to change. I make a thread with a very detailed list of updates for him to do UPON HIS REQUEST, only to experience that he's the same lazy piece of shit as always. I don't even log in anymore, and I know most people think of me as a negative, crying, rambling baby, butI'm really just saying straight up how it is without sugarcoating anything.
  8. Whats wrong with Bl this season

    There are many thing wrong with this server since it is very poorly run and doesn't even announce/update it's player base on the release of bloodlust after releasing it 4 days late. Unsurprisingly they released it with a lot of problems. -single and multi kills should not be worth the same -The points you receive for a kill should also be dependent on the team you kill. Ex. If you kill the last place team you get less elo for that and vice Versa if you kill the first place team you should get more elo. - the loss of elo for a death is always 60 and needs to be changed according to the status of the team. Ex first place team should lose a lot more elo for a death than the last place team -when you tele while someone is dying to you, you do not receive a kill message or bloodlust points (has happened to us twice) -you shouldn't be able to get bl points in edgeville (this is debatable) or the amount of points you get should be dependent on what level you are in (prevents people from just dh pking at level 1) these are just a few of the very obvious and careless fuck ups they made with this release. seems like Will has basically given up on the server
  9. Meet the Staff team (Part 5)

  10. Vote events

    fair enough, i was just giving an example because thats just how the old nr's did it so i just used that as an example. if staff likes it enough it could be tweaked to playerbase.
  11. Drop Party

    Exciting! Hopefully all goes well and it's not too chaotic!
  12. Vote events

    This could really work. Maybe not the first to vote though. Since there's the 12 hour limit, people might not vote to keep it available for an event. Good idea though, not sure how else it could be done.
  13. Grats! Prom still junk doeeee
  14. my luck never fails to dissappoint

    Edit: rip didnt mean to post the second one
  15. First 6 kc zenyte shard, then 5 lavas in 150 kc. now this at bork
  16. Meet the Staff team (Part 5)

  17. Meet the Staff team (Part 5)

    Thanks for sharing Pagan & Posin. And now it makes sense, thats why.... Paganesque has logged in. Paganesque has logged out. Paganesque has logged in. Paganesque has logged out. Paganesque has logged in. Either it's the location or someone isn't good at google auth
  18. Meet the Staff team (Part 5)

    Interesting character you have there
  19. Vote events

    Because why not, I love to host that event in the old NR as it really encourage people to vote for the server. Of course like the old site that showed who voted and who doesn't need to implement first so only people that voted at that time can be enter. +1
  20. Meet the Staff team (Part 5)

  21. Vote events

    Let's be honest, Near Reality isn't growing like we all hoped it would. We need players to be voting more consistently. Near Reality use to be on the top of all the voting websites. We need to vote more so we can grow and get a bigger player base for the game we all love and play. We need to bring back voting events like the other NR's had. Example: Next 5 players to vote will be able to pick from the goodie bag Goodie bag could have 20-22 low tier items such as, furies, barrows whips, dfs', bandos and arma. Then have 3-5 mid tier items such as lava whip, slayer helm, dkite, bgb. The players lucky enough to pull the 1 high tier items could walk away with an item such as lime, colored slay helms, agb, tsotd, blowpipes, acb.
  22. Drop Party

    Bump, major update!
  23. Buy/Sell Pins

    Buying Bulk di pins, 1.5m ea 07gp my fees Selling di pins 6b ea (no rares)
  24. Selling ::DI pins 100+ in stock 07GP

    @Mostly Whip Yes sir, $5,000,000 07gp per ::DI pin.
  25. Selling ::DI pins 100+ in stock 07GP

    5m each????
  26. Selling ::DI pins 100+ in stock 07GP

    Selling them 5m ea your fee, Pm in-game or on forums Strictly no offers.
  27. Selling 50+ did pins

    5-5.5bea will take items of course aswell as cash if you buy more than 10 it's 5b each otherwise 5.5
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