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  3. Voting Incentive

    lime isnt good enough?
  4. Voting Incentive

    I agree, +1
  5. Ironman Progress Thread

    jealous of pets
  6. Yesterday
  7. Voting Incentive

    Extra points, extra random reward given to any player for voting, something needs to be added that's for sure
  8. Voting Incentive

    +1 support
  9. Voting Incentive

    I'd support this
  10. Voting Incentive

    As is there aren't many players who vote, one recommendation I have is every 10th day you vote you get a little extra points maybe like 10 points. Can be changed accordingly but i feel like set days in a row of voting should give a little extra something to the dedicated players.
  11. The NR Veteran

    u trolling lmfao, thought I was trippin
  12. The NR Veteran

    ???????? What the fuck
  13. The NR Veteran

    I just had a reset U will get used to it Welcome btw ?
  14. The NR Veteran

    What????????? Where tf did those quotes come from lol
  15. The NR Veteran

    I just had a reset U will get used to it Welcome btw
  16. The NR Veteran

    Didn't read, welcome!
  17. Demonics Ezclap

    RNJesus is on your side, grats!
  18. Ironman Progress Thread

    Updated - first 2 days of drops
  19. Selling 12 pins for 2bea nrgp

    12 d pins to sell 2b ea pm me! IGN: Mrdoitall
  20. Demonics Ezclap

    Broken RNG, Gz tho about time
  21. Espire's XP Grind

    Yes sir!
  22. The NR Veteran

    It is Norwegian
  23. Demonics Ezclap

    RIP! XD
  24. Espire's XP Grind

    Pass Mithril already
  25. Espire's XP Grind

    Updated with several new goals reached.. long time since updated this - my bad.
  26. The NR Veteran

    Those aren’t words dude??
  27. Demonics Ezclap

    wtf haha
  28. Demonics Ezclap

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