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    I’ll be there
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    I recommend Delta
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    -USERNAME- :: delta782 -DISCORD FOR EVENTS or chilling- (with a mic?) :: Yes -CLAN EXPERIENCE?- yes/no (if yes who & what did you do) :: Yes -STYLE OF PKING PREFERRED- (NH, range/melee, tb, etc) :: All the above. -LOYALTY TO CLAN- (splits on big loots for those involved, Do Not team with enemy, etc) :: Yes -RECRUITED BY- (if any) ::

    Hello Near Reality! I'm hosting a pvp tournament to get the community involved in a bit of fun and for a chance to win some awesome prizes! I'm going to try and host these at least every 2 weeks with all different styles. This weeks Tournament will be a barrows based pvp event, Here is the setup you will use. This event will take place on Thursday 30th of May at 8PM GMT ( 4PM EST ) Anyone is welcome to come and join in but you MUST sign up for the event in order to participate. Rules You must have the exact gear i use in this picture or its an automatic disqualification. You must use regular prayer book. No overhead prayers are allowed. ( Redemption when you're out of food is allowed ) The brew cap is 3, No more. Rocktails and Karambawn ONLY Invent and Gear will be checked before your fight! The fights WILL be picked for you on the day, It will be set into rounds when we know how many are participating. First fight is best of One, If you lose the first fight you're out! The second lot of fights will be best of Two The Third round with will best of Three The final will be best of 5 If you would like to take part in this Tournament please leave a comment or message me in game ( Ticket ) To be added to the list! There will be a reward for First, Second and Third place and they are as follows 1st Place - 15M OSRS 2ed Place - DI Pin 3rd Place - Lava Whip & Statius Set If you're worried about not being amazing at pking don't be, join in and have some fun, You have nothing to lose! Gear will be provided if you do not have what is needed, Don't be afraid to let me know on the day. Thanks! Ticket
  8. Automated Events

    Hi guys, thank you for the feedback. Reason why I'm strongly suggesting this: 1. Staff can have more free time to do other things in-game, work on wiki, help players, etc 2. You could set a limit on "automated" events per hour, maybe a 60 mins cool down 3. Since it's taxed, this will ofc be another money sink to help the eco 4. Staff can host manual events whenever they want, this will be more of an add-on during times when people are bored and want to be generous Anyway just my 2c. Have a great day!
  9. Automated Events

    +1 support
  10. Rare collection

    250 pins n sold.
  11. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/19-5/25

    Events!!!! yeeeeeeeeeey
  12. Automated Events

    i like the idea butt the probability of people hosting much ffa in a single time may cause devastation also regularly people look for prizess
  13. Automated Events

    I like the idea in a way, Having the ability for anyone to host at any time would tarnish the idea behind events. I believe keeping it the way we currently have it is better for everyone, Thanks for your suggestion tho! Ticket
  14. Automated Events

    nty noob
  15. Rare collection

    25 pins and 20b cash for mask set, phat set, scythe, grain, sky and orange
  16. What about 3 minutes? Imbued heart boosts to 109, and extreme magic boosts to 106 so after 3 minutes heart would be down to extreme level. Either would be better though
  17. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

    Hello again! First off, no one was able to acquire the pets from last week so I will extend that prize this week, so u have a few more days! Here is the weekly event post for Sun 5/26 to Sat 6/1 Scheduled staff hosted events will be held on Sun, Wed and Sat as follows: 5/26 @ 12pm EDT / 4pm GMT 3x win FFA (mbox, dh, max styles) Hosted by Hippo422 Prizes: 1st to 2 wins =ekit, 2nd to 2 wins=ekit, 3rd to 2 wins=ekit All winners of any round get mbox set, the 3x winner gets Sagi set!! 5/29 @ 8pm EDT / 12am GMT Scavenger Hunt! Meet at ::trade to see my inventory and collect all the same items first to receive a Twisted Bow hosted by Paganesque! 6/1 @ 6pm EDT / 10pm GMT 50k HP Event, no ruby bolts, no blood barrage, hosted by Hippo422. Loot dropped when u kill him will be Ring of Fire, Eternal Boots, Dkite*, Acb, Morrigan's top and legs, Lime, Gano top & legs, Cele staff, Tormented bracelet, Blood ammy, Bsh, 3 Grim keys, 3 Ancestral keys There will also be a PvP Tournament hosted by Ticket on May 30th, click link for details! (thread will be active soon, sorry for delay) This week's pet hunt will be a bit different. We will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. First place will be the one with the most pets collected, both pvm and skilling pets count, between the start of the day on Sunday 5/29 and the end of the night Saturday (12am Sunday morning EDT) you must post all your pet drops on this thread as you get them with time/date stamps in your screenshot (bottom right corner of your pc screen should show both!). No pet duplicates on your posts, in other words if one person gets two rock golems only one will count. I want to see your whole screen in the shot! We will add them up on Sunday 6/2 and you can find me in game to get your rewards! 1st place (the most pets) will win Orange H'ween, Black H'ween & White H'ween 2nd place (2nd most pets) will win 3rd Age Set of your choice (range, melee, mage) 3rd place (3rd most pets) will win Pagan's Stabby Knife I will also be giving a Seal of Pass (in limited supply) for the staff to hand out all week long in events of their choice, hns, lms, ffa, edge pk, whatever they would like. This item will give u the opportunity to turn it in next week to be teleported to a special location by any advisor+ where you will be given 10 minutes with boosted stats to kill all the monsters available to you in this area and hopefully get some nice drops. If you are a player concerned with high scores you will want to use an alt for this so your scores aren't altered permanently. You will only bring with you a ranged weapon of your choice and a row! If you think you're slick and log out without letting us reset your stats, you will face an immediate ban, so please let's not go that route. This was a fun event that many enjoyed previously so we look forward to seeing you there! Catch ya in game! Paganesque
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  19. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/19-5/25

  20. Automated Events

    They’d be hosted to much, and be expected way more often then they already are. the staff host big events every now & then that are appreciated. I think it’s best to leave it as it is.
  21. Automated Events

    nou.. that would kill every other activity
  22. Automated Events

    The only reason I don't like this is because it devalues the events. They are usually a special thing that staff give us because they love us so much <3.
  23. Automated Events

    I think I have a really cool idea to help increase server activity and decrease staff workload. I'd like to suggest an automated event feature where people can donate money (can be taxed) to start an event of their choosing. It can be mb, ffa, dh, max, etc. How it would work: 1. Command such as ::donate4event 2. Pick event 3. Pick how much you want to donate 50M-1B 4. Winner is awarded prize automatically This way staff doesn't have to officiate events and it can be done automatically. Thoughts?
  24. I don’t agree with instant cooldown, The cooldown could be lowered to something more reasonable in my opinion.
  25. 2 minutes is comfortable Mr Torn
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