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  3. Pm me in game if you need a hand with anything.
  4. Welcome bank! Enjoy the game and feel free to pm me If u need help or have some questions
  5. Welcome to NR buddy.
  6. 1+ To ::di barrows dropping noted gear.
  7. awww =[
  8. so did you guys win?
  9. This is a wayyy different NR version then the one we played @dinosaurz , but welcome back.
  10. Add me in game Miniman, looking to buy a expansion pin for osrs orrr we could work something out. Let me know.
  11. welcome back!
  12. Welcome back
  13. Should be enough to regain your donator status . Pretty sure. Send that to the staff team. They will help you bud!
  14. and this
  15. i have this uh
  16. you can regain your old status if u have screenshots of it . Contact the staff team in order to regain those. But i dont think you can regain the forum post count.
  17. oooof, i was donor ::di pin and so much. oh boy i only really cared about my forum post lol
  18. The game suffered a reset. Hope you enjoy the new game like it is.
  19. Hi, i was an old player. I had like 10k posts lol what happened
  20. Well this is the wierdest introduction i have ever seen. Hello i guess? Welcome!
  21. where r u
  22. Yesterday
  23. post offers here or pm me in game "moneyblades"
  24. pm me ingame or post here
  25. Well that really sucks, some people would return your gear but i guess some dont care
  26. 600

    Wow 600 nice dude!
  27. This could very well be classified as RWT... So I will be deleting this post. EDIT: Also take this as a warning, if you attempt to do another "giveaway" even remotely similar to this, I will ban you on the spot. Kthx. ~Mamas
  28. My point of view on this topic is no matter how "fishy" it may seem, nothing within the pictures provided is conclusive that anything other than an unlucky coincidence occurred. I will be moving and closing this thread due to the fact that the way the comments seem to be rolling, it will only lead to continual flame/flamebait. If you have more concerns about the incident, and/or have additional evidence to back up these "claims" please feel free to pm me when you have time. ~Mamas
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