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  3. Pking sucks
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  5. I see no reason not to add this. Would give some diversity out there in those lawless lands. +1
  6. @QaiAccepted welcome to the clan man.
  7. That's fantastic. Be sure to let one of us know when this stuff is happening so we can advertise and get more people out there
  8. We want our mamas back!
  9. A few of you may be wondering where our beloved moderator, Mamas, has disappeared to. I'm here to give you the sweet, sweet deets. Mamas has decided to step down, although temporarily, from his moderator position. He has found that he lacks the necessary time to put into the improvement of the server, and has mentioned that the players deserve someone who is capable of giving them more of their attention. The current and recent supports have been putting in excessive amounts of time and effort, and therefore deserve the higher positions that were being filled by Mamas, and he feels as if this is an appropriate action to be taken. In the future, he does intend on coming back to NR, but we do not have a definite time frame as of right now. If you've got any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to comment here or shoot me a PM and we can discuss. Logic The Boss
  10. This is very exciting! Hope I can join you guys next time!
  11. Just so you guys know we will be looking into Pkp/Ship ticket stores during staff meeting on Thursday along with some other Pkp rewards such as titles and Pker of the month type additions. Lots of stuff in the pipeline
  12. Application Format: 1) What is your In-Game username: ? Qai (Ironman, but I like pking on it), Qap 2) What is your timing GMT(?) UTC+1 3) Which are you A pker/Pvmer: ? Both 4) If you are a Pker which form of pking do you prefer (Hybridding/Rushing/Tbing/Tanking): ? Rushing 5) Do you Accept the rules and regulations: ? Yes 6) Which rank are you applying for and why do you think you deserve that rank ? As a member, I'm a team player
  13. Loving this! Just a little trophy below
  14. so much action lately!
  15. Great news! Keep it up guys
  16. Looking foward to seeing you guys out there. Good luck!
  17. That screenshot doesn't show nearly as many people that were out there today. There were about 10-12 of us out pking at castle drags for about an hour and it was fun as fuck. "Kingz," a new clan, brings some fresh competition to the wilderness and deep wildy clan activity. Shoutout to everyone that was out there today, in both our multi fight and our singles session. We are once again becoming NRPK, not NRPvM.
  18. This guy is a keeper!
  19. 10/10 decision
  20. @Zackary Thank you sir.
  21. @Torn67 we have a comedian here.
  22. Cool eyes, Where is his nose?
  23. gg
  24. +1 wouldn't mind seeing an addition, though may be OP for pvp
  25. Can't wait for the slayer helm update!
  26. @Aznfightah this is so that all players have a chance at nex lol also Top 5 I disagree with, personally I would set the minimum damage to 1/5th of the nex's total health, and the top 3 or 4 players get a drop, or increase the difficulty "ever so slightly" lol not, to mitigate the influx of people, or just have the difficulty based off of how many people are present. OR make nex like a 5 person raid and have a raid system Incorporated. And regardless of damage or whatever, it's just based on RNG loot table from looting a victory chest or some shit, that way, everyone get a piece of pie. There could also be different difficulties based with that, so you could have 4-5 man raid up to 10-15 man raids (With harder difficulties for the higher number player raid.) and have awesome ass loot based on the difficulty. ~~~ Side note ~~~ I really think the incorporation of a raid system would heavily influence more people to play and more to join.
  27. Magnus Gem
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