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  2. Godwars Fungeon Points

    I got bands godbow instead of pet sad. But I got zily and kril pet
  3. Godwars Fungeon Points

    weens on a run
  4. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    this tourney going to be so ez
  5. 9-24-07 News post!

    Nice updates thank you!
  6. Godwars Fungeon Points

    unreal event. go ween go
  7. Godwars Fungeon Points

    goodluck hope the best wins
  8. 9-24-07 News post!

    w000h000 g0ing t0 be funn
  9. Godwars Fungeon Points

    gl guys
  10. 9-24-07 News post!

    i really like this mate
  11. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    ign- slim shucko rules- free ancestral l0l
  12. Buying Imbued Godcape

    i have a zammy cape - how much you looking to pay?
  13. Rabbi's Bank Pictures

    im on my way up there haha
  14. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    In-Game User:rabbi Feedback on Rules:I do what I want
  15. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    In-Game User: Diabolik Feedback on Rules: Everythings cool with me. Im in.
  16. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    In-Game User: Mitochondria Feedback on Rules: free as fuck wtf lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  17. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    NH TOURNAMENT – Sept 28, 2018 BRACKET Will be posted in advance if we get enough early applicants. RULES 1. Each round will be decided by a single fight. A teleport, run, death, etc. all will result in an elimination with your opponent advancing to the next round. 2. If you d/c, there will be no rematches unless it is a server issue. 3. Do NOT turn this into a flame war. 4. No camping melee prayer just to avoid being specced, etc. We can tell if you’re slow with your prayer switches or you’re intentionally camping a prayer. 5. You must display at least some form of effort in your fight. This means no camping ranged/melee to essentially rag your opponent out of the tournament. 6. ONLY regular prayer book allowed. 7. If you are participating, obey orders. For example, when I request that you line up, stay in the line. Anyone purposely leaving the line, etc. to attack other players will be kicked immediately. 8. No attacking spectators. 9. “Slim Shaco” CC when tournament begins. GEAR 1. The gear is capped at d'hides/mystics with max cape being the best cape which you will be allowed to use. 2. The 6 brew cap is strict, however, the amount of karambwans, etc you bring are all up to you. 3. THERE IS A MINIMUM REQ OF 3 SWITCHES; NO LESS. 4. You are allowed to bring double hides, unholy book, etc to add your own variation to gear, but you will be checked before you begin each fight. 5. Here is where you have the most control. You are allowed a +1 of your choice without altering the crossbow/cape switches. You will not be allowed to use a lime/lava/p rap/pls/godbow/maul but any other WEAPON/STAFF is fine IF it is approved must have your choice approved before the fight). This is not restricted to you swapping out your melee weapon as, if you'd wish, for example, you could use an AGS instead of the claws. The claws are in place as an example where as there would typically be a DDS in that slot. PM ME IN ADVANCE IF YOU WANT TO CONFIRM YOUR CHOICE! 6. We will be somewhat flexible with gear choice but there will be NO arguments. 7. No recoil allowed in this tournament. 8. Rune Pouch not mandatory. WHEN/WHERE Sept 24, 2018, 3 PM ET Start I will teleport participants and spectators to a private Edgeville. Please be there on time. PRIZES First: ANCESTRAL SET Second: 12.5M OSGP Third: 7.5M OSGP Application (You can show up the day of as well): In-Game User: Feedback on Rules:
  18. Buying Imbued Godcape

    Buying either Imbued Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak cape pm me in game @ Aesop with the gfx & price
  19. Rabbi's Bank Pictures

    do it again but bigger
  20. Godwars Fungeon Points

    i will win!
  21. Godwars Fungeon Points

    oof not bad
  22. Godwars Fungeon Points

    THESE COUNTS ARE NOT FINAL AND ARE JUST TO KEEP PEOPLE INFORMED OF A ROUGH IDEA Most recent time updated- 10:30PM Est 9-24-2018 Tittyman 1 Ween 14 (literally no lifed for like 7 hours) 1hitncya 5 Slim Shaco 3 Bye 4 Jaxn 1 B R Z 1
  23. Buying Headless Arrows

    sweet, sweet exp.
  24. Buying Headless Arrows

    But y tho
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