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    Hello community members of the Near-Reality, Just good news in the staff update, a lot of changes to be made in order to get the staff team back to a point where we can effectively support you all. Lumplum has been promoted to Moderator This promotion has been a long time coming and was definitely halted by the issues that we have recently faced. However we finally felt it was time to give Lump the promotion he deserves, he is an extremely active and helpful member of staff and has been paramount in resolving recent issues that the players have faced. Mithril has been promoted to Server Support Mithril has been a consistent and active member of the NR community since he joined (Proven by his domination of the high-scores!) and has always showed his ambition to help the community via the help cc. He has a great knowledge of the game and is a very approachable person so deserves this chance to better assist you all. Congratulations to both I'm confident you will not let us or the community down. Jbaikie, Near-Reality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, We will be showing all the donor benefits each donor rank offers. All of these benefits are subjected to change at any time, the thread will be edited accordingly!!! First we will go over the base donor rank, Premium: Requirements to get Premium rank: Redeem a ::di pin. either bought from the store or from players. Base things donor rank offers: Access to ::di What ::di contains(most notable things): All barrows brothers. Green, blue, red, black, iron, and steel dragons. Dark Beast. Dust devils and Abyssal Demons. King Black Dragon. Tormented Demons. Kalphite Queen ( Phase 2 ). Nomad. On the island there is a 5% drop rate increase, capping at 35% with row and drop rate increase(dri). Multiple skilling spots with magic trees, rune ore, and theiving stalls ( the stalls give straight gold). Donor shop. Bank booths to bank at. Whats in the donor shop: All barrows sets. The 4 dagannoth rings. Dragon boots. Barrows gloves. Next up is the second donor rank, Expansion Premium: Requirements for the Expansion Premium rank: Have the Premium Rank. Redeem a ::die pin, bought from the store or from players. What the rank offers: Access to the ::die and ::die2 teleport commands. What is on ::die: Altars and a spec restore altar. Nurse. 10% drop rate on island, caps at 40% with row and dri. Bank Booths to bank at. Nezikchened. Elf Warriors. Penance Queen. Mithril Dragon. Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz. Shops: Horvik. Magic Store Owner. Lowe. Giles. Shop Assitant. Jatix. Shopkeeper. Fancy-dress shop owner. Thessalia. Skilling places: Magic trees. Furnace. anvils. rune ore. addy ore. mithril ore. coal ore. Rocktail fishing spot. What is on ::die2: 10% drop rate on island, caps at 40% with row and dri. Desert and ice strykewyrm. Barrelchest. Luminescent Icefiend. Balanced Elementals. Unholy Cursebearer. Ice queen. Frost dragons. Lastly is the rdi rank, Respected Donator: Requirements for the Respected Donor rank: A total of $600 USD donated to the server. Base things the respected donor rank offers: Access to the ::yell command. Access to ::rdi and ::rdi2 teleport commands. Access to the ::bank command. What rdi contain: A fountain that heals, restores prayer, and restores spec. Unlimited prayer when on the islands. 20% drop rate boost that caps at 50% with row and dri. Rdi North: Moles. Barrelchest. Tormented Demons. Bork. Rdi East: General Graardor. K'ril Tsutsaroth. Commander Zilyana. Kree'arra. Rdi South: Corporal Beast, no core phase. Rdi West: Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz. Unholy Cursebearer. King Black Dragon. What rdi2 contains: A fountain that heals, restores prayer, and restores spec. Unlimited prayer when on the islands. 20% drop rate boost that caps at 50% with row and dri. Rdi2 North: Penance Queen. Rdi2 East: Chaos Fanatic. Crazy Archaeologist. Scorpia. Rdi2 South: Shops and skilling area: Rdi Shop. Shopkeeper(Skiling items). Shop assistant(buys things). Jatix. Horvik. Magic Store Owner. Lowe. Morgan Le Faye (decanter). Magic trees. Rune ore. Coal ore. Furnace. Rdi2 West: Chaos Elemental. Nomad. What the RDI Shop contains: Cooked rocktails. All Extreme pots(3). Living Minerals. More to come!!!
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    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, The updates of this week contains the following: July - 2017 [28-07-2017] More improvements to the combat accuracy. [28-07-2017] Disabled the ::2fa command, we still need to integrate the new 2 factor authentication from the forums with the game :C [28-07-2017] ::vote, ::donate should redirect correctly now. [28-07-2017] Fixed a free for all smuggle. [28-07-2017] Staff of death no longer disappears on death for the opponent. [28-07-2017] Bank pins now take only 1 minute to be set. [28-07-2017] New accounts have new filters to avoid spamming. [28-07-2017] Rune Pouch runes are dropped on death now. [29-07-2017] Added some fixes to the door system. [29-07-2017] The Armadyl crossbow development has been started. [29-07-2017] Kalphite queen for ::rdi has been fixed, it no longer hits players from different heights. [29-07-2017] Chaos Ele at ::rdi has been fixed. [29-07-2017] Fixed the pirates hideout doors noclipping issues. [29-07-2017] Rocktail fishing net at ::die no longer moves. [29-07-2017] Calisto and Venenatis are completly introduced in the game with their respective drops. [30-07-2017] Fixed an exploit related to the general store. [30-07-2017] Moderators and higher ranks are able to use ::ipmute. [30-07-2017] Vyrewatch shoes are fixed. [31-07-2017] The bank pin interface will no longer pop up. [31-07-2017] New ::rdi improvements. [31-07-2017] changes to the ::di, ::die, ::rdi drop rate bonuses. [31-07-2017] Armadyl crossbow has been completly finished (havent't been released). August - 2017 [1-08-2017] Fixed another exploit related to the general store. I apologize for the lack of fixes and updates, college started for me and my time is very limited, Im trying my best to keep up with both. I hope you guys understand Mod Juan Near-Reality Management Team
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    Basically i noticed that the wilderness staircase close to Mage Bank doesn't work , so i figured i might as well come up with a whole new unique idea for its replacement , so please put this in consideration because in my opinion this is great content for both pvmers , pkers and also skillers. First off the entrance of the location of course will be the staircase close to Mage Bank stated before: [PK] When inside it's multi and most of you guys remember this place as the bottom floor of the jungle demon from monkey madness but when inside it's multi zoned wildy level 55 and also a hot spot for extra pkps and ep (coordinates 2714 , 9183): [$killing] Well we got the location just need some content so heres one suggestion , add a new fishing location only found in the wilderness which offers an exclusive type of fish maybe an Angler fish which would give 1 extra constitution point then Rocktails , as well as picking bananas at a rapid speed compared to thieving them it's faster + good money for starters. There should also be a gnome around the area where you can note your angler fish & bananas. I can compare this idea to black chins , you make solid profits but comes at a risk. [Pvm] Of course if we have a new wildy spot we also need a new boss , so my suggestion would be adding Jungle demons which are the cousins of Nezikcheneds which would drop varies of items making it profit-able for both iron men & regular players , heres an example: 100% Green dragon hide 100% Dragon bones 1/5000 Pet Jungle Demon 1/5000 Lime Whip 1/2000 Degraded Barrow gloves (never lost on death) 1/1000 Blood Talisman 1/500 x500 Rocktails 1/340 Starved Effigy 1/340 Antique lamp 1/250 Dwarven rock cake 1/150 x100 Runite bars 1/150 Ancient Statuette 1/128 Elite clue scroll 1/128 200 Magic logs (developers can handle the rest of the drops)
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    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, The updates of this week contains the following: August - 2017 [2-08-2017] RDI has new objects and a new mini zone to skill ::rdi2. [2-08-2017] DIE2 had no drop bonus increase, we have sorted it already. [3-08-2017] We have integrated 2fa with the forums, there is no need to keep the older one. [4-08-2017] Bank pins are now more secure and stable (Please use them). [4-08-2017] Managed to fix another exploit with the general store. [4-08-2017] Fixed a method to avoid the bank pin pop up interface. [5-08-2017] If you haven't unlocked your bank pin you will no longer be able to interact with npcs. [5-08-2017] If you re-log in wilderness you wont be able to be attacked if you haven't unlocked your bank pin. [5-08-2017] RDI Members now have the ability of infinite prayer (Only inside the RDI Island). [6-08-2017] Armadyl crossbow has been released into the game, they are dropped by the Ice Queen and the Luminescent Ice Fiend. [6-08-2017] New Maps, Monsters, Animations, Graphics and Items have been released to everyone, this update will bring lots of possibilities, so stay tuned. Please note that the 2 factor authentication process (to log in game) now uses the Website forums 2 factor authenticator codes. So if you don't have the 2fa process activated on the forums, you will not have it on the game. This update finally brings the new wanted OSRS Cache up to date. This cache will give us lots of new possibilities to expand the game. Be aware that integrating OSRS Cache and our current cache may have some issues, such as black maps (Scorpia) or objects that no longer work, please make sure to report those to set them back as soon as possible. Mod Juan Near-Reality Management Team
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    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, We understand this is way overdue, but we have one of our biggest update lists to date. We have been updating the server every other day while the forums were down. We are making our big reveal right now, and I hope many of you guys are happy with it. We now have OSRS data up to revision #149, which will give us endless amounts of content to work with. I hope you all are happy, and we will begin polling what content you guys all want. Any who, here are the updates below. June - 2017 2017-06-22 - Registered Vetion npc spawn. 2017-06-22 - Added black Gree gree. 2017-06-22 - Modified the Rare shop. 2017-06-22 - Added the ::star command. 2017-06-22 - Players cannot interact with other pets anymore to improve the pking scenary. 2017-06-22 - Korasi attack was slightly delayed. 2017-06-23 - Improved our items on death system. 2017-06-23 - Venom now works on npcs. 2017-06-23 - added the autocasting button. 2017-06-23 - You obtain GP when you kill someone with items from the death system. 2017-06-23 - Added venom for the staff of death. 2017-06-23 - The combat accuraccy formula was modified. July 2017 2017-07-02 - Increased the Kalphite queen hit range. 2017-07-02 - Added makeover mage to edgeville. 2017-07-02 - Removed the ::char command. 2017-07-02 - Reduced the Godbow damage. 2017-07-02 - Added clue scroll drops to woodcutting, mining and fishing. 2017-07-02 - Webs now respawn after 1 minute. 2017-07-06 - Removed a malicius command from the discord app. 2017-07-06 - Removed a malicius exploit with the Following packet. 2017-07-06 - Slayer masters were fixed. 2017-07-06 - Nezikchened max hit was modified. 2017-07-06 - Donator island gives 20% drop boost. 2017-07-06 - Improved the barrows drop rate. 2017-07-06 - Overloads and extreme potions are now tradeable. 2017-07-06 - Monkey guards now drop items on death. 2017-07-08 - Vetion drop items improvements. 2017-07-08 - Fixed Kraken drops spawning on water. 2017-07-08 - Living rock cabern npc respawn time halfed. 2017-07-08 - ::empty is no longer available in the wilderness . 2017-07-08 - ::empty now requires you to unlock your bank pin first. 2017-07-08 - Fixed a Treasure trails stage. 2017-07-08 - Venom rate for the serpentine helm was increased. 2017-07-10 - Fixes to the combat accuracy. 2017-07-11 - Slayer gem now can be bought for GP instead of slayer points. 2017-07-11 - Barrow prices on store were decreased to 3.5M. 2017-07-11 - Tzhaar Xil, Tzhaar Mej, Tzhaar Ket, Tzhaar Hur and Revenants drops modifications. 2017-07-11 - Mole claw price changed. 2017-07-11 - Less tormented demons spawned at ::di. 2017-07-11 - Added more city teleports. 2017-07-11 - Modified the rare shop pricing. 2017-07-11 - ::di now has a new altar for switching prayers. 2017-07-11 - When you die outside of the wilderness you no longer lose your items. 2017-07-12 - Korasi special attack increased 1 tick. 2017-07-12 - Healer npc now cures your venom. 2017-07-13 - Scorpia, Crazy arch, Chaos fanatic new drops. 2017-07-13 - Barrows now sell for 3M. 2017-07-14 - Ship tickets were introduced into the game. 2017-07-14 - Mage arena npcs were added. 2017-07-14 - Bats are no longer aggressive in the wilderness. 2017-07-14 - Mage arena points were released. 2017-07-14 - Spawned Kolodion in the mage bank location. 2017-07-14 - Registered a new shop for the Mage arena points. 2017-07-14 - Improved the occult necklace stats. 2017-07-15 - Added new items to the Pk shop. 2017-07-15 - Dark bow special attack decreased to 55%. 2017-07-15 - Free to play free for all introduced into the game. 2017-07-17 - Ring of the gods equipment bonus increased. 2017-07-17 - Rune pouch was fully introduced into the game. 2017-07-17 - Rune pouch is now buyable from the mage bank. 2017-07-17 - Fixed the slayer hobgoblin task. 2017-07-17 - Ship ticket shop introduced into the game. 2017-07-17 - Rune pouch is buyable from the ship ticket shop. 2017-07-18 - Rune pouch is not keep on death. 2017-07-18 - Rune pouch can be re claimed with 10M GP. 2017-07-18 - RDI was started. 2017-07-19 - Replaced the Seers ring with the Seers Ring (I) in the mage arena shop. 2017-07-19 - Fixed a combat bug where protection prayers were ignored when an special attack was used on you. 2017-07-19 - Protection prayers give 50% damage reduction and deflect prayers give 60% 2017-07-19 - Gree grees were fixed. 2017-07-19 - You need to play for 20 minutes to open the general store with new accounts. 2017-07-19 - Mage arena points are displayed on every mage arena npc kill. 2017-07-19 - ::rdi and ::rdi2 have been fully finished. 2017-07-19 - Star shop revamped. 2017-07-19 - New pets introduced into the game also kittens! 2017-07-21 - Pet dialogues were introduced into the game (not available yet). 2017-07-22 - New Osrs bosses introduced into the game (Callisto and Venenatis). 2017-07-23 - New Osrs data has been introduced into the game (Items, Maps, Animations, Npcs, Objects) 2017-07-24 - If you have a bank pin you will need to unlock your bank before playing (this will avoid many more issues with the recent hacks.) Mod Juan Near-Reality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, Welcome back to another of my guides. I want to start off by saying thank you for your continued support and feedback on the guides I put out. I hope the guides offer information to help anyone and everyone who takes the time to look over them, and I hope the same for this guide as well. This guide is going to be updated regularly, as I know there are going to be clues that I cannot recall off the top of my head, or have not come across yet in game. Since the possibility of this is fairly high, I am going to post the link for the 07Wiki's sections on each category. The purpose of this guide is to provide an easier way to locate the clues that Near-Reality has implemented, so what I am doing is only including the Near-Reality clues and excluding the ones which we do not have implemented. Please, if you know a clue that is not listed within this guide do not hesitate to provide feedback either in a reply to this post of via PM. Enjoy! Note: I will be using spoiler coding to conserve space. As the title states, today's guide is going to reference none other than Clue Scrolls. I get asked day in and day out about locations of dig sites, who an anagram or a cryptic is referring to, and which crate you need to search to find... yet another clue. This guide is going to be broken up into the four different categories of clues Near-Reality has to offer. These four different categories include: Anagrams Cryptics Maps Emotes However, I will only be touching base on the three categories of Anagrams, Cryptics, and Maps on the basis that the Emotes section is extremely straight forward. If enough individuals need it though, I can edit this in the future to list where the locations in Emote clues are. ~Anagrams~ ~Maps~ ~Cryptics~ This concludes my Near-Reality clue scroll guide. As I said before, I do not doubt that there are clues I have forgotten to include in this guide, so if you come across one or know one by memory that I have not included please do not hesitate to PM me via forums or simply post a reply to this guide. Love always, Mamas
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    Eventually I'll clean this thread up =P cuz atm these "facts" are random a Did you know that there is an increased drop rate at ::di Did you know that all of the altars on here work, check them out Did you know that Jad now has a pet and drops items?***** Did you know that we have a wilderness minimap to show you where things are, blue dots being bosses Did you know that we have a discord channel? if you need a link lemme know Did you know that you can get a free mbox every day just by going to discord? Did you know that if you need immediate assistance you can utilize ::help? Did you know that I'm the living embodiment of a clue guide? Did you know that completing daily tasks rewards you with 3-4m coins , random brawler gloves, and a lamp? Did you know that you can get RFD gloves @ ::shops for a couple mil Did you know that you can safeguard your account by adding 2fa and setting a bank pin? Did you know that there is a multitude of useful commands simply type ::commands Did you know that we have a wiki? (if you see something wrong pls make sure to tell somebody!) Part 2!! Did you know that Catherby has the closest bank in relation to a stove Did you know you can directly pm someone via: ::pm name, question....very handy Did you know we can catch Karambwan? The vessel used to catch them can be purchased from the fishing guild! Did you know we can talk to Morgan Le Faye in Edgeville to decant potions to (4) Did you know we can receive clue scrolls from woodcutting, mining and fishing? Recently I discovered we get different tiers based on req lvl Did you know we have a ::star command? No more missing out Did you know it would take you roughly 113 Pest Control games to get a full elite void set? Did you know we have an achievements system? Under quest tab click the green star top right corner Did you know the help chat is not for selling/buying Did you know we can view a monsters drops/rates by examining them, ::droplist + the name works as well as using drop table in quest tab Did you know that you can still access the help/trade chats while being logged into discord only? Did you know that cows have a 1/1000000 drop rate for a lime whip? Did you know max cash is 2b due to java limitations? We have an NPC that will gladly swap your gold for tickets @ ::trade + ::home Did you know Revenants in the wild are an amazing money making method? I suggest you check them out BEWARE of pkers Did you know Ovls/Ext pots can now be traded? The requirements to make them are under the herblore skill tab Part 3!! Did you know that the wilderness agility course is fastest xp and can use ticket things at the shop there Did you know that you can tele out of the wild on or before lvl 30 Did you know that skill capes can be bought from Sam located in Edgeville? Did you know there are 2 npcs in the edgeville gen store; one buys junk the other sells skilling items Did you know you can get a Slayer task from Mazchnu @ ::shops; not to mention you can duo slayer Did you know frost dragons are at ice plateau? *BEWARE* pking spot Did you know that we have Puro Puro? good hunter xp and kingly/dragon/ninja imps can prove worth the time Did you know we have a gambling npc named Waydar! ::trade n go south you will see him. GL Did you know you can fish Rocktail and Cavefish in the LRC? Did you know there is a tokkul shop in Tzhaar City ? Sells some useful things i.e onyx Did you know did you know you can disable bounty hunter by typing ::togglebh Did you know you can get a mith grapple from Skeletal Brutes!! needed to get into arma gwd Will continue adding stuff till I run out of things to say =P
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    Hello community members of the Near-Reality, Another staff update with only positive news! Mamas has been promoted to Server Support Mamas has been using his ability to Yell predominately in order to aid the community. He has a great knowledge of the game and is extremely helpful, for that he deserves the opportunity to better aid his efforts in order to help you all. Congratulations! Jbaikie, Near-Reality Management Team
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    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, This is an exciting day for myself and I'm sure many of you. I would like to apologize for my activity in-game, as I've been working on upgrading/reviving Near-Reality and making sure you all have the greatest times here. We will be releasing the Store and Voting today, and pins soon after. As the summer season is dying down, we have had a lot of time to reflect and change for these upcoming months, hopefully even years. We've gone through so much, and have such dedicated developers and staff members, there's nothing we cannot accomplish. We have been working day and night on the game so when we get the forums back live we can finally move on and begin to truly grow. I understand many of you may doubt me, but the time and effort we have put in to make this happen, is extraordinary. I hope you guys all realize that. We will begin a large advertising campaign this week and finish the summer up with some wild events that will be fun for all. We are currently working on a voting initiative so you guys will feel more keen to vote, which is a bonus for not only us but also you guys. There is one more point that I wanted to discuss with you guys, we will be rolling out an immense amount of content at a short period of time due to our great developers. And also actually having a community to vote on polls and so forth. The original content poll that I posted some months ago has been in the back of my mind, and I will be bringing up some of the highlights in a new poll (we may even be moving polling to be in-game and not on forums). We have a lot in store and I hope you enjoy some of these sneak peeks. *I will be posting a massive update list thread later today. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
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    I'd slap you all 24/7.
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    alright so imo this is the fastest way to get money and it is revs alright there a couple places to kill revenants but my favorite are: castle dragons teleport loc is in spell book under pking teleport run north and 3 revs will be there graveyard dragons teleport loc is also in spell book under pking teleport run east and west 1 rev will be on each side alright this is my inventory set up you can switch rocktails with monks or whatever food you could afford my gear setup is higher end setup alternate set up welfare setup alright now here are what revenant hellhounds drop And here is what the revenant demon drops Alright what to pray I pray soulsplit and turmoil and protect item :NOTE: YOU DO SKULL WHEN YOU ATTACK REVENANTS AND ALSO IT IS IN WILDY SO BEWARE OF PKERS BUT ITS 20 AND BELOW WILDY SO IF YOUR NOT TELEBLOCKED YOU CAN TELEPORT HOME. The statues you receive turn them in here at mandrith he located at home when you turn in your statues you will receive ship tickets you can spend your ship tickets here at king author located at home also or you can sell the ship tickets to people at ::trade or the trade cc Thank you for checking out my guide and good luck to you all
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    Hello everyone, we are looking for player input on what they think is wrong with the current combat system, and how they think it can be fixed. If you could leave a comment listing what it's wrong and how you think it can be fixed, it would be amazing, and would help us tremendously in making the game better and better! These suggestion can be anything that helps improve combat system. Thanks again for your time!
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    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Some of the updates of this week contains the following: August - 2017 * Barrow brothers now drop barrow gloves. * Kalphite queen no longer drops bugged items. * Scorpia no longer drops unnoted black d'hide. * Ring of wealth protection price has been decreased to 30k. * Spirit shields now work. * X-logging has been fixed, you will no longer log off instantly. 7 secs timeout. * Dragon claws max hit is now 42. * Trident of the swamp and the seas SPELL speed has been increased to 4 game ticks. * Trident of the swamp and the seas SPELL only works vs NPCS. * Venenatis now hits over prayer (Max with prayer 20, without prayer 50). * Trident of the swamp can be constructed using trident of the seas and a magic fang. * Runecrafting abbys has been fixed. * Scorpia region has been fixed. * Edgevile lever now works. * Deserted keep lever now works. * The spam limit for new accounts has been decreased to 5 minutes. * Halloween mask has been fixed through the donation store. * If you havent inputted your game pin npcs will no longer attack you. * Wilderness ship ladder located in the ship boat no longers bugs your account. * Dharok's accuracy has been improved. * Rune crossbow accuracy has been improved. * Wilderness rings were boosted + 8 strength bonus. * Pet duplication has been fixed. And many more combat improvements. I have decided to focus on the combat area before adding any new promised content because the combat area is a very important part of the game. If you feel like doing any polls about combat feel free to, I'm open to any suggestions to improve the current combat system.
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    We actually have an interface and system created for this, it simply was never implemented back into the game upon launch. This could be easily added.
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    Hello friends and Imma kill u, Here is a list of the shit that is wrong and needs fixing. 1. Players. We need players and to get players we need to advertise. Sure you could bump a post on sythe but why not do 1 better and ensure we gain people. This server is at the point where its not the staffs duty, its everyone duty. We all love NR and we want it to grow so lets do just that? TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Maybe we introduce incentives but for now we all want more activity! If you tell your friends and help them get started. We all gain. We ALL benefit. Share it on social media or among school circles. Incentives for retweeting or something might be worked out later. 2. PVP. At this point half the server is simply too poor to go pking. Yes there will always be a wealth gap, but this early on we should try to help out the little guys (including me smh). This can be done by flooding the server with voting events, pking events, and forum events. A DROP PARTY is a good thing at the start of servers. Drop pk gear and watch as people think " hey I have these claws, Lets see what I can do" and go into the wildy. Juan has been working very hard to ensure we have smooth ticks and transitions with pking. I am 0 for 2 when it comes to pking so ill root from afar. You guys need to be understanding in the fact that we dont have enough players. Dont expect there to be 10 people to brid against when you enter the wildy. Work alongside the staff team and ADVERTISE. 3. Highscores This is currently being worked on so hooray for the pvmers. 4. Wiki Im currently slaving away at this daily. USE IT. If something wrong. TELL ME. Im happy to change or add anything you guys want. I love this game. 5. Owner Activity. Will is an absolutely amazing guy and hes suuper cool and understanding, But hes busy. Thats totally understandable, but you should appoint someone who you trust to the point where people can go to that person for issues like RD status and whatnot. We need the power to be distributed. Ultimate say? sure you can have that. But Delegate bro, Delegate. 6. PVP incentives. Currently pking isnt worth it to many people. Increase chances of getting statuettes or gear drops. Cut pvp store item prices in half. 7. Donator Islands. If we still have blueprints of the previous NR doner islands, lets begin to remake those. Ive seen complaints that there is no spec restore at ::di. Many people remember di having it and assumed it was part of the deal. 8. Crystal key chest 9. Staff Not enough staff members are active. There should always be a staff member on. As long as theres a player on, you need a staffer on. I live in California and I see way too many moments when we are staffless, NOT GOOD considering ive heard staff say the USA is our primary player base. 10. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. COMMENT AWAY MY DUDES
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    Hello everyone, Today I have created the first of many "Money Making Guide" chapters. Hopefully this will be an easy to understand and easily navigable way for you to gain better knowledge of just how to get the most out of your time on New-Reality. This specific guide will lay out what, in my personal opinion, are the QUICKEST and MOST PROFITABLE tasks/monsters you will be able to kill by training your Slayer skill. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that there are other monsters that are quick and easy ways to make a quick cash stack. Listed are the monsters which seem to have the most desirable drops in the current state of the game. SLAYER To start slayer you need to speak with everyone's favorite little demon manbearpig "Mazchna" at the ::shops teleport pictured below. He will be located on the far right of this police lineup. He is currently the only slayer master available and will give you each and every one of your tasks during your stay in Near-Reality. Now, I know what you're thinking, "How can slayer be a good money making method when all I get for assignments are Experiments and the Ghouls of Christmas Past"? Slayer is one of those skills that starts out particularly slow in regards to making a profit, but stick with it. Once you grind past those first 50 or so slayer levels (which are relatively quick) the money really starts to become available to you. At Slayer levels 50, 60, and 80 you will be able to get the task of Jungle Strykewyrms, Desert Strykewyrms, and Ice Strykewyrms respectively. All three of which have generally good drop tables. Jungle Strykewyrm: Desert Strykewyrm: Ice Strykewyrm: Strykewyrms can be found in the "Training Teleports" on the 4th and 5th pages. Desert and Ice Strykewyrms can also be found at ::die2 for Expansion Donators. Each variety of Strykewyrm has a decent drop table, each including a variety of chaotic/dungeoneering equipment, along with a 1/500 rate to drop 2000 noted Rocktails (Which will ALWAYS come in handy). Quite possibly the most sought after items dropped by Strykewyrms are the Hexcrest and Focus Sight, which are required in combination with a Regular Slayer Helmet to forge the Full Slayer Helmet. The Full Slayer Helmet of course increases your damage output from all attack styles by 15% on not only slayer tasks, but all PvM monsters as well. A few levels above the Ice Strykewyrm is of course the Abyssal Demon at Slayer level 85. Abyssal Demon: Abyssal Demons can be found on the top floor of the Slayer Tower in Canifis or on Donator Island(::di). With a 1/150 drop rate on an Abyssal Whip, these demons tend to reward you pretty graciously with an easy ~15-20m (or a decent melee weapon if you're in need of one). Continuing to move up from Abyssal Demons, at Slayer level 90 we hit Dark Beasts. Dark Beast: Dark Beasts can be found at their respective teleport on the 3rd page of "Training Teleports" or on Donator Island(::di). Truthfully, Dark Beasts do not have a very high end drop table in comparison to the level required to even attack them. That being said, if you are in need of a range weapon a step above the Magic Shortbow, at 1/180 drop rate for a Dark Bow you should be able to make that small step up rather quickly. The highest Slayer level requirement in the game belongs to none other than the Nezikchened, with a whopping 95 Slayer level. Nezikchened: Nezikchened can be found on the northern side of Ice Plateau for non-donators, and on Expanded Donator Island(::die). The Nezikchened definitely deserves its position at the top of this list dropping a wide assortment of items including the likes of each individual Godbow, as well as Draconic Visages. Even the noted items dropped by Nezikchened will fetch you a pretty penny in the General Store. Elite Clue Scrolls aren't too bad either. (If you want to put forth the time to complete them) The last monster I am going to cover in the Slayer section are Tormented Demons. I am including these items within the Slayer section on the basis that they are included in the "Boss Tasks" you can be assigned after achieving a Slayer level of 91. Tormented Demon: Tormented Demons can be found around level 30-35 Wilderness, north of Castle Dragons PK Teleport, and on Donator Island for donators(::di). In my personal opinion, Tormented Demons are one of, if not the BEST money making method currently implemented into the server for several reasons. Whether you are looking for a Dragon Kiteshield, Dragon Claws, or the items needed to forge a Dragon Platebody, Tormented Demons are the monster for you. Also offering a gracious 10m cash stack at only a 1/180 drop rate, and Caskets alongside Ruined Backpacks, Tormented Demons offer such a variety of wealth, it was impossible for me to leave them off of this list. Crafting: The last process I am going to touch base on is the "Slayer Crafting". What I mean by "Slayer Crafting" is the process of completing tasks and progressing along task streaks and gaining slayer points which are used to purchase items such as Ring of Wealth, Hexcrest, Focus Sight, and of course, the Slayer Helmet. Now I know, griding slayer task after slayer task is time consuming and repetitive, especially when you get Living Rock Protectors/Strikers three tasks in a row. Grind through the madness, and remember SOCIAL SLAYER DOES WORK and can drastically cut down the time taken per task. This means more tasks completed and more streaks reached, and ultimately more money and/or items in your pocket. The points you accumulate can be put towards the items in Mazchna's shop, shown below. If there are any monsters you believe deserve to be in this guide, by all means list them in a comment and I will work on getting info and adding them into it. Love Always, Mamas
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    in my opinion wildy alredy have the bosses it need, just not the drops to get players out there. As a pvm player it is not worth the truble to go there, only to be pked by same players over and over. Unles you make a pure the pkers cant attack for sole purpose of going wildy whit. and fix the wildy map, so the corent bosses are on it...
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    Upon request of the people, 1000 mystery boxes of each type. The video pretty much has it all. I can not guarantee all the possible loots are in this video but it will give you a good idea how rare certain items are (if you get it and they aren't here for example). The order of the boxes opened was: Mystery Boxes 0:49 Legendary Mystery Boxes 2:16 Super Mystery Boxes 4:01 Any questions or comments, leave em below :-)
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    Hello members of the Near-Reality community! A few more updates within the staff team today starting off with good news! posinlord Has been promoted to Administrator posinlord is the longest standing staff member on the team and was promoted to moderator on the 24th of April, he has stuck through his position throughout everything we have been through and has never pushed for a promotion showing his maturity and patience. Due to the length of time he has been a major part of the server he has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience which showed during the most recent staff test where he scored a near perfect result. I'm sure the rest of the staff team would agree that he is an approachable person who has the ability to excel in a position within the admin+. I hope that the community will join me in congratulating posin on this promotion! Imma kill u has been promoted to Moderator Imma kill u has been a member of the Near-Reality staff team for the longest of all the server supports, originally joining the team on the 22nd of June. His promotion to Moderator has greatly been haltered by the issues that we previously faced and a short time where he had to reduce his activity. He stuck by the server through the hard times that we faced and showed his drive to improve the server, particularly from a PVP point of view. He is a smart and mature staff member who I'm sure will excel in his new role. Zackary has been promoted to Moderator Mithril has been promoted to Moderator Both Zackary and Mithril haven't been in the team for anywhere near as long but during their time in the team they have more than proved their worth by scoring amazingly well in the Staff tests that I conducted. The in game knowledge that these guys have is unbelievable and they have continued to show this during their time in the trail rank server support position. I have no doubt they will continue to impress in their improved roles in the team. Congratulations! However there has unfortunately been some sad news within the team Jetpack has resigned from his position as Administrator As previously mentioned in the last staff update thread Jetpack is struggling to find the necessary time needed to fulfill a position within the staff team, he has become a very close friend of mine during our time working together and I am very disappointed that he has made the decision to resign. Hopefully he will one day find the time to return and continue the great work that he has contributed during his time as a staff member. On behalf of the rest of the management team I would like to thank him for all of his hard work and dedication. Tylurr has resigned from his position as Server Support Tylurr is another who has unfortunately lost the time to be a part of the staff team due to his real life commitments. I would like to thank him for the work he put in during his time on the staff team and hope that he will return to the server in time when he finds the time to do so. That's all for today! Thanks, Jbaikie Near-Reality Management Team
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    Hello friends, back with yet another old NR inspired suggestion. Back in the day we used to have awards on forums for the nr community. The wiki page for it explains majority of it so heres a link I believe reintroducing these awards to the NR forum community will push for a more close knit community and encourage more forum activity. The award itself is literally just a signature saying "voted nicest RD 2017". This would also encourage the growth of the GFX market. With more Artists joining the server we get more long term publicity. Please do take a look at the wiki page and I hope to hear some feedback and support from you all! Thanks - Bread
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    Fixed it, it will be ready for the next update.
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    @Zackary Korasi has a 67 cap on it, if anything it needs a buff not a nerf
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    "HELP IRON" I have made a new clan help chat for Iron men. If you have any questions or require any help ironman related feel free to join the CC, even if you do not need help and just want to play with fellow ironmen then please join. We can help you maxing out once you get started and what we have found to be most efficient methods whilst being an ironman. When I am free ill always be able and willing to help with things like slayer tasks and bossing events so don't be afraid to ask. If you are happy with staying in "help" CC and still require help that is fine, you can either pm me or wait until I post a Iron Man Help guide. Thanks. -solo gains
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    Hello Near Reality Community, Since Near Reality returned after the whole hacking scenario, the activity on the forum immensely dropped. As a forum fanatic, this saddens me. Having an active forum gives good first impressions to new visitors, so it's something I would like to begin working on as soon as possible, however, I will need the help from the Near Reality community. Please remember that if we want to grow again - especially as a community, we all need to work together. Currently there is a landing page in the works, which is another important thing to have if we want to give good first impressions to new visitors - hopefully we can have the completed very soon. I'll ask Mod Jacmob if I can share a preview of it to you guys. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you guys, and it would be really cool if many of you could answer the questions, which are asked down below. Below the questions are suggestions that I have came up with to improve the activity on the forum, which I would like to get your input on - I would also love to hear your ideas on increasing the activity on the forum too. I will reward people out of my own pocket if you share a really cool idea. Questions What were your first impressions of the forum?: If there is one thing you could change about the forum, what would it be and why?: Are you happy with the current forum layout (categories/sections)?: Are you happy with the post count avatars, or would you prefer post count ranks (user bars)? - For example: Third-age melee set under your username for 1,000 post count: Suggestions & My Input I personally feel that the forum layout (categories/sections) could do with a revamp - not too much of a revamp though, as I know a lot of you are so used to the current forum layout. The forum layout is copied or is similar to the very old-original Near Reality, and that was created a lot of years ago now. I personally feel that the forum layout was rushed and wasn't cared for when being created, and it could definitely be more user-friendly and professional, which is a need in 2017. RSPS players are a lot older than back then, so they notice these things more. I would also really like to revamp the lounge section (Off-Topic) and make it more visible. I know it can become more active if it was more appealing, because who doesn't love discussing their favourite music, TV shows, movies, and discussing random subjects with other people online? Veteran Rank - I'm going to look into reviving the Veteran rank in the next couple of days, and I will be discussing the requirements for the rank with Mod Jacmob and Jbaikie. The main requirement I need to discuss with them is the joining date. We will be looking for more than just a joining date when handing out Veteran ranks to Members. Some things we will be looking for in Members - having credible knowledge about Near Reality as a whole, being active and helpful on the forum and in-game, and a couple more things. A thread regarding this will come soon. In-game Rewards for Forum Contribution - I feel it would be nice to start rewarding those who put a lot of time and effort into their forum threads and posts, whether it be for creating a high quality suggestion or continuously posting high quality suggestions and feedback. I would also like to start rewarding Members for reaching forum milestones, for example - a Member reaches 100 post count and will be rewarded 5 mystery boxes in-game. In the near future, I would like Near Reality to have a system in place where players would automatically receive a reward in-game for reaching forum milestones. For example: 100 Post Count - Cabbage Cape and 3 Mystery Boxes 200 Post Count - Team Cape Zero and 3 Mystery Boxes 300 Post Count - Gold-Trimmed Monk's Robes and 5 Mystery Boxes 500 Post Count - Musketeer Outfit, Toy Cat Pet, and 7 Mystery Boxes 1,000 Post Count - Crier Outfit, Ring of Nature, Hellcat Pet, and 10 Mystery Boxes Forum Scavenger Event - This is a forum event that I would like to begin hosting once or twice a month. There would be an image hiding in a forum thread (could be a really old thread or a very recent thread), and once a Member finds the image, they will need to then PM myself. Once the Member PMs me, I will then give them a riddle to solve. Once the Member has solved the riddle, they will realise there is an account hiding in-game somewhere, and they will have to figure out where the account hiding in-game is (by using the riddle that they solved) and must find the account to trade it for a big reward.
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    Hello Near Reality Community, I am Jungle, a long-time friend of Mod Jacmob's, and the most recent addition to the Near Reality Management Team, working as a Community Manager. I will currently be prioritizing on promoting Near Reality and doing behind the scenes work, so do expect to see many new faces joining, including old faces returning to Near Reality throughout August and September. As time goes on, I'll be here, there and everywhere. My main aims as a Community Manager are to make sure everyone's enjoying themselves and generally having fun in Near Reality, and to make Near Reality rapidly grow in population and success. There are many things which I would like to begin introducing, as well as reviving to Near Reality, such as: Social Media. Near Reality Livestream Channel. Member of The Month Near Reality Monthly Community Awards (PKer of The Month, PvMer of The Month, Skiller of The Month, Most Helpful of The Month, etc.). Near Reality Chronicles. Video of The Fortnight (theme will change every fortnight). Monthly Q&A's with the Development Team. Forum Activities. Staff vs. Community. Near Reality Wiki. I have many years of experience in management, marketing, and administration, and I am happy to use my knowledge, skills, and abilities to help Near Reality, which I have loved playing for almost 4 years now. It's a pleasure to be a part of this exciting community, and I am excited to get started properly! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to send me a PM - or you can just post down below!
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    I guess #1, because you are the best.
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    Hi, I had a tour around RDI yesterday, and I can definitely say the PvM content there is superb - you'd think it was Heaven if you were a PvM fanatic. The skilling content, however, is poor. It looks like it was just rushed and nothing was discussed or thought about beforehand. I know a couple players who are RDI and are big skillers, so I'm sure they'd love for improvements and more content to be added to the skilling area at RDI. I have some ideas which I would like to share and get input on from every player who is an RDI. Current content: Suggestions for new content:
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    I muted you after multiple warnings in the past week. so no i don't consider it abuse, also you try'd to use discord to avoid the cc kick and mute so your kinda lucky its just a mute.
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    This is another project we are currently working on. We are un-sure if we want to add them into the wilderness as we have two big updates incoming to the wilderness (Pirate Boss & Blood Key Instances).
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    Hellllllllo, And welcome back to YET ANOTHER information filled guide. As always, thank you so much for the support and love you show on all of my guides, you really encourage me to keep making them. Same as the rest of my guides, I will be breaking this guide up using the spoiler command to try and minimize space along with adding a bit of feasibility when navigating. Luckily, most of the Skilling on this server doesn't have a whole lot to it. There are a couple guides that are going to be a bit more in depth than others, simply on the basis that there are more opportunities and options to use when leveling. Disclaimer: This guide will tell you the QUICKEST way to achieve level 99 in each individual skill. It will NOT take into account which method is the cheapest or most cost-efficient in terms of return. The guides that are going to be included here were determined by the amount of content involved. The more complex guides including more content will be done separately. Lastly, the format of the guides are as follows: Level range; Quantity needed; Experience Given per quantity of (1). Without further ado, the Skills that are going to be covered in this guide are as follows: Woodcutting Firemaking Fletching Fishing Cooking Thieving Runecrafting Mining Smithing Hunter That will conclude this multiguide. I want to shoot a HUUUUGE thank you out to my good friend "Broke Boi" for helping me gather the information needed to complete this. Without his help this guide would have taken days to complete just solely by gathering the information required. I will be releasing more guides on the remaining skills hopefully here in the near future. I will also go more in depth on those guides since there is a lot more to them. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come. Love Always, Mamas
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    Hi, It has come to our attention that hacking in game seems to be a really big issue currently. We would recommend that you all now take the time to change your password to something completely unique that you have never used before. Often in the RSPS community information from old closed servers is shared as unfortunately some people have no morals. Once your password is changed we do strongly recommend that you setup the 2 Step Authentication system that we have implemented as a way to keep your accounts fully secured even if somebody has managed to obtain your password. Please follow this link for a step by step guide on how to do this - Thanks, Jbaikie
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    Hello community of NR, The server has unexpectedly disconnected and we are working right now to fix it. This problem seems to be an unexpected java update which caused the server to behave differently. Please allow us some time to get the server up and running again, we are sorry for this interruption! UPDATE --- 12:04 AM EST, 7/28/2017 It seems that when the java update started it had interfered with the already up and running server, causing a crash and internet failure. We are currently waiting on our host provider. Please know that this may take some time and we are trying to push this as soon as possible. This MAY mean up to 12 hours downtime so please be aware of this. However, once the server is up this allows us to update it with various bug fixes and content updates so stay tuned! Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
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    LOLOLOLOLOL. KIRA! You should've also prefaced your story no one cares for with "hi im tokyo": in the first three days back to near-reality i scammed people i spoke to on discord and stole their 6b worth near-reality pixels instead of having friends that are actually good\pk in singles, enjoy pvm-reality with the rest of the lot
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    Where's the more recent bank pictures lad?
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    Really like this idea actually, good suggestion!
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    If enough people want it I don't see why not, wouldn't hurt the game in any way
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    As someone who just recently created their first ironman account, I appreciate the effort youre putting in to help players. +1
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    sweet i got a legndary b4 yall changed it got unlucky tho and got 20m lol
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    Thank-you to everyone who has contributed so far!
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    the wait for RDI was definitely worth it. it is looking amazing now !
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    Thanks PVP. Currently 2fa will only assign to your Forums account in order to keep forums secure, for now the Bank Pin is the most secure way to keep your ingame account safe.
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    User gains unfair advantage by utilizing command that was paid for You could condense that to User pays for staff rank. Gl
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    Lol wasn't even saying i got cleaned was talking about cash ting.. smh
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    I actually am really for this suggestion. It would be nice to see the crystal chest give more than God armors and gilded. Especially when the demand for these items is basically 0. +1
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    This is what you said last time you did an eval. "Jbaikie - Thank you for not muting me glad you can tell the difference between flame and banter Definitely one of the most underrated moderators. Never a dull moment when you're on. Helpful, active, and versatile" Bit of a change Nevertheless, thankyou for the feedback
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