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    Meet the Staff team (Part 5)

    Hello everyone, It is time for the new "Meet the staff team"! In this thread we weekly show off a member of the staff team and let you guys get to know them better. Sorry I missed last week (and maybe the week before that .-.). As always if you have any additional questions you wish to see or have suggestions for next weeks spotlight, post it in here =]. This weeks staff member in the spotlight is . Paganesque Name: Amanda Position on the team: Moderator Do you have an IRL job, if so what do you do?: Property Management. How long have you been a staff member on NR?: Since November 11th. Favorite thing about being staff?: Events, helping people learn the game, and working behind the scenes with the team on new content and future plans. Favorite Staff member that isnt yourself?: I have more than one fav. How long have you played runescape?: Started in 2005 or so. What do you do when you aren’t looking at a screen?: Photography, Painting, Hiking, riding, kayaking, cooking, travelling & playing with my doggos. Do you play any sports?: Only for fun. Do you drive? Yes. What car do you have?: A big truck. You are stranded on a desert island. What 3 items are you taking?: My wolf, a machete, firestarter. I can scavenge to make a desalinator for water. You can have 3 people around for dinner, dead or alive; who do you pick?: only 3? Hmmmm....1. someone special to me who died 2. A few ppl who I torture with food porn when I cook, and Jerry Garcia (endless tales of wild times while we eat) Who is your celebrity crush?: One would be Jason Momoa, yum. As an added bonus here is the wolf, 80lbs of fluff and howl: Also Pagan asked me to add this to show why she has slow internet: If you want to add any questions feel free to reply to this topic with them K3
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    Event Hoster

    Drop Party

    Decided to switch up the drop party! Once we reach 3,250 votes on runelocus, I will host the drop party! (for this change I will be throwing in more items) Vote: Sneak peak: (there's plenty more, items shown will be dropped in no particular order)
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    gains of today

    Nice! Congrats on the reward
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    gains of today

    nicely done man
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    s00per l00t

    gains of today

    Well done man great wins
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    Event Hoster

    gains of today

    Congratulations! Some big boy stakes right there.
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    What did u got from the dp

    Sadly nothing, But I still had fun!
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    s00per l00t

    Drop Party

    Thanks buddy looking forward for it
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    Drop Party

    You're too nice man!
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    Drop Party

    Cheers looking forward for it
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    pk? there's nobody to pk. wildy = dead
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    Nice stakes bud
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    damn you got some raw stakes
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    Nades Introduction

    Hey amazing community of NR! My name is Nade formerly known as Grenade. I come from a very long past of RSPS experience and I'm very thrilled to join you guy's over here and start making some memories! I will be coming onto NR as the Community Manager, My personal goal has the community manager is to focus as much on YOU guys as possible, I want to get feedback about the game from you guys, What needs you think needs to change? What could be added? What is truly going wrong with it that could really use some tweaking. Going into the events, I would really like spruce up events more, different types of events here and there. Possibly get some more events coded into the game which can be talked about throughout the community and we can all decide on a few if that is possible! But for now I really would like to aim towards getting the wilderness a little more active, Tournaments that you need to sign up through the forums. Just a different variety of things, But if you have more to add onto this i am for sure taking feedback on what more we can do! I truly feel like we can be doing so much more in our every day game play, We just need to start planning it. So if you guys have any ideas AT ALL, That you would like to talk about, Feel free! I am here to listen to you! I am looking forwards to such a very long road great memories with you guys. -Nade
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    buch is gay


    Kevin left bbe years ago when they made team explicit n joined BBB
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    instance hp events

    Clans are organized, can make calls, etc. Its not hard for them to pile a barrager, and continue. Furthermore, if they barrage the pile, it means no one can run from them and makes killing people a lot easier than it currently is. If you don't pray mage, you're gonna be suck. But if you do, you'll easily be specced out by any melee weapon.
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    dp went well

    ..Grats! Wish I could have been on.
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    dp went well

    Congratulations on your loots, thank you for attending.
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    User Name

    dp went well

    Some decent loots right there mate! Not too bad at all, glad you enjoyed and attended the celebration. -Kind regards, User Name
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    It's going to be on a beta-world for a week or two. Bloodlust will almost be over by the time testing is done, and surely when implementation happens. Bloodlust will go on as planned.
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    The items are not spawned. They were donated.
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    Bleeding Emo

    Iron PVP?

    20 dolla an hour
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    Smites Up


    Add dark crabs karambs in pest control shop
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    buynig 500+ di pins 07

    Can you guys stop fucking crying? Nobody is forcing you to sell shit to him, so either you sell dpins to him or shut up. There's no need to talk shit.
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    Mod Jacmob

    Rare shop/idea/revamp

    Everything here is fine other than the Rainbow Partyhat. I'd like to see more opinions first though.
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    iron from scratch!

    Nice idea. Look forward to seeing the progress. Best of luck.
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    s00per l00t

    iron from scratch!

    Goodluck bud all the best!
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    iron from scratch!

    Love the idea goodluck man
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    iron from scratch!

    Good luck! Let's see how will it go.
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    iron from scratch!

    maybe turn this in to a competition!
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    iron from scratch!

    goodluck with that cant wait to see more !
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    Forsure, fighting the ballista was easy when you have the range f3 up, only hits 0s. Acb even hits through pray the ballista should do the same.
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    "Legends" staking montage w/Homtatt

    Why are you bumping it lol. Still resolution not fixed.. P.S @Torn67 The pkermen guy is a dick right?
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    Cruz's resignation

    lul u saw me come back so u resigned fml bro
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    Cruz's resignation

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    Mod Jacmob

    A Number of suggestions!

    I agree with most. Some will be added to the queue for this week. Thanks!
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    Mod Jacmob

    Slayer SHOP

    If they don't work let me know, but I agree with this and we can work on this in the future.
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    Pin Sink

    Drax allowed people to trade in 100 pins or some shit like that for Rdi rank. (You weren’t allowed to get a custom item this way). honestly I’d rather have 100 people with Rdi ranks than 10 people with 100+ pins. - You were also allowed to sell the RDI pins or being able to convert pins into rare fragments. All of this would requires Will’s cooperation
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    Homtatts resignation

    Well I will keep this sweet and short, First off I just wanted to give the whole staff team a huge shout out those guy's honestly do work there asses off for us here at Near Reality. The main reason i am stepping down from staff is because i wont be able to put the time into it as much as i would like as i want to start making YouTube video's more frequent and shift my time towards that, i just found out that i will be going back to college in 1 month aswell. Thank you to everyone that have supported me threw out everything and if you guy's ever need anything please pm me ingame or on here I hope there is no hard feeling's between any of the staff like i said you guy's bust your ass's making sure everything is running and i applaud you for that, keep up the good work guy's.
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    Resignation from Torn

    What a fucking shitty post I hate you middleman
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    Resignation from Torn

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    Resignation from Torn

    LOL. Get ready for perm ban when I see you logged in again. Ez game no rm