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    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I have a few announcements that will indeed peak interest. Today we have hired a new developer that will be able to work consistently. He is a advanced programmer, and will be able to do anything that is needed, that means updates! Everything that we have been promising the past weeks will finally be able to be implemented into the game. So without further ado, welcome Mod Cups to the team, I’m glad he is here so we can finally get Near-Reality to it’s former glory. Along with that news, I would like to announce my return to the community. I have been rather busy in-real life with college and so forth. I know I haven’t been putting much effort into Near-Reality, but it was mainly due to the fact we simply did not have a developer, yet, now we do! We will be starting this month off right with a few large events happening next weekend, along with quite a few large advertisements and Youtube endorsements. We will begin this transformation by fixing the existing bugs, and implementing an in-game polling system so we know exactly what YOU guys want, you won’t need to login to the forums to vote, you simply vote in-game at the poll booths. Voting will be limited to one username, one serial code, and or IP address. I thank you all to our current loyal members who have stuck through the years and have had my back through the ups and downs. This is the time to get Near-Reality back on track, and once again, I hope you guys continue to stick with Near-Reality. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, We will be showing all the donor benefits each donor rank offers. All of these benefits are subjected to change at any time, the thread will be edited accordingly!!! First we will go over the base donor rank, Premium: Requirements to get Premium rank: Redeem a ::di pin. either bought from the store or from players. Base things donor rank offers: Access to ::di What ::di contains(most notable things): All barrows brothers. Green, blue, red, black, iron, and steel dragons. Dark Beast. Dust devils and Abyssal Demons. King Black Dragon. Tormented Demons. Kalphite Queen ( Phase 2 ). Nomad. On the island there is a 5% drop rate increase, capping at 35% with row and drop rate increase(dri). Multiple skilling spots with magic trees, rune ore, and theiving stalls ( the stalls give straight gold). Donor shop. Bank booths to bank at. Whats in the donor shop: All barrows sets. The 4 dagannoth rings. Dragon boots. Barrows gloves. Next up is the second donor rank, Expansion Premium: Requirements for the Expansion Premium rank: Have the Premium Rank. Redeem a ::die pin, bought from the store or from players. What the rank offers: Access to the ::die and ::die2 teleport commands. What is on ::die: Altars and a spec restore altar. Nurse. 10% drop rate on island, caps at 40% with row and dri. Bank Booths to bank at. Nezikchened. Elf Warriors. Penance Queen. Mithril Dragon. Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz. Shops: Horvik. Magic Store Owner. Lowe. Giles. Shop Assitant. Jatix. Shopkeeper. Fancy-dress shop owner. Thessalia. Skilling places: Magic trees. Furnace. anvils. rune ore. addy ore. mithril ore. coal ore. Rocktail fishing spot. What is on ::die2: 10% drop rate on island, caps at 40% with row and dri. Desert and ice strykewyrm. Barrelchest. Luminescent Icefiend. Balanced Elementals. Unholy Cursebearer. Ice queen. Frost dragons. Lastly is the rdi rank, Respected Donator: Requirements for the Respected Donor rank: A total of $600 USD donated to the server. Base things the respected donor rank offers: Access to the ::yell command. Access to ::rdi and ::rdi2 teleport commands. Access to the ::bank command. What rdi contain: A fountain that heals, restores prayer, and restores spec. Unlimited prayer when on the islands. 20% drop rate boost that caps at 50% with row and dri. Rdi North: Moles. Barrelchest. Tormented Demons. Bork. Rdi East: General Graardor. K'ril Tsutsaroth. Commander Zilyana. Kree'arra. Rdi South: Corporal Beast, no core phase. Rdi West: Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz. Unholy Cursebearer. King Black Dragon. What rdi2 contains: A fountain that heals, restores prayer, and restores spec. Unlimited prayer when on the islands. 20% drop rate boost that caps at 50% with row and dri. Rdi2 North: Penance Queen. Rdi2 East: Chaos Fanatic. Crazy Archaeologist. Scorpia. Rdi2 South: Shops and skilling area: Rdi Shop. Shopkeeper(Skiling items). Shop assistant(buys things). Jatix. Horvik. Magic Store Owner. Lowe. Morgan Le Faye (decanter). Magic trees. Rune ore. Coal ore. Furnace. Rdi2 West: Chaos Elemental. Nomad. What the RDI Shop contains: Cooked rocktails. All Extreme pots(3). Living Minerals. More to come!!!
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    Hello Members of the Near-Reality community, I am so happy to be finally posting an update thread for you all. Cups has been working extremely hard on a lot of things since his arrival last week and has so far archived all of the below which is now live on the server! Please note, he has also been working on a lot of other background stuff such as investigating how we can totally revamp the combat system and boost Pking. - Ruby Bolts (e) effect now works as intended - though I didn't modify the chance to hit (currently sitting at 20%, where OSRS is 6% vs Mobs and 11% vs Players). - Statius Warhammer's special attack now properly lowers the defense of monsters. - Moderator+ can view the id of an item by examining it. (Extremely useful for refunds, especially pets!) - Degraded Zuriel's Staff now works properly (correct attack interface and item bonuses) - Scorpia, Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Fanatic, Cerberus, Vet'ion and Nomad added to the Boss Kill Log, and monster examine packet has been modified to support NPC ids that previous overflowed the signed short value. - Hardcore Ironman accounts now follow the same rules from items on death as everybody else (all untradables are kept, + items depending on skull status, prayer, etc) - Granite Maul special attack has been adjusted, hopefully works a bit better now but will need player feedback on test server - "PJing" has been reintroduced to the game. Player 1 can attack Player 2 if Player 2 has not received any damage within 7 seconds. - ::thread command added - allows users to open threads by supplying the thread id - Cooking actions no longer continues when cooking food on a fire that has burned out. - Dragonfire Shield / Dragon Kiteshield no longer randomly discharge the dragon breath effect, but instead can be operated while equipped. This has a 2 minute cooldown, and does not require charging from dragons. - Dragon Bolts (e) and Dragonfire Shield special effects are now properly affected by dragonfire reduction (Antidragon Shield / Antifire Potion / Protect from Magic, providing 1/3 damage reduction each) - Primal Rapier accuracy has been adjusted to match that of it's Chaotic counterpart. - Pets can no longer be taken with a player into an FFA event. - Fixed a bug with items dropped on death that resulted in a possible dupe - Adjusted dragonfire damage reduction - added support for the "Black Slayer Helmet", and damage is now reduced by 50% for each protection method used, unless the damage is from a strong dragon (KBD, Metal), in which case the player can protect from 2/3 the damage at most. - Added support for the "Slayer Reward Shop" interface that didn't seem to make it in game, as well as implemented the rewards (10 Points = 10K Exp, 300 Points = double slayer experience). - Adjusted protection value of Serpentine Helmet to 10m. - Adjusted protection value of Staff of Light from 1m -> 900k. - Dragon Claws have had their special attack adjusted slightly, so they now match that of OSRS. - Disabled high score saving on the test server - Equipping items no longer resets the combat state (should make item switching a bit smoother) - Amulet of Glory and Combat Bracelets can now also be operated to display the teleportation menu, rather than requiring it to be in the player's inventory. - Ardougne Lever in the wilderness can no longer be used from the opposite side of the wall. - Teleporting with jewelry is now only restricted in the wilderness. - Watermelon seeds added to Master Gardener Shop - Cash tickets now cost 5% their value, but sell for the same price. I.e 100m ticket costs 105m. - Waydar now awards you with your coins if you land on 55 or 80 in their respective game types. - Rare store has been re-loaded with White Halloween Mask (1,500 Fragments), Ninja Monkey Gree Gree (5,000 Fragments) and Ornate Katana (7,000 Fragments) - Cerberus Boot stats have been increased to the below making them the best in slot boots. Degradable items! Please pay close attention to the below update and help to make sure that all friends and other players are aware! Degradable items are now always kept on death if they are in the player's inventory, and are always lost of death if they are in the player's equipment. I'm sure that some of you will agree that the wilderness as it stands isn't anywhere near as busy as it should be, we have decided to make this change in the hope that it will not stop people from using Deg gear but will defer people from camping it at all times and also add a chance for the person who kills someone in Deg to actually get themselves a nice reward for doing so! Slayer I would like to apologize to you all for the length of time on this one as it wasn't released in September as previously promised but the below have now been added to the game! Cups is currently revamping the slayer rewards interface and will include how to learn the ability to craft these items so you cannot get them right away but they are ready to go and will be released ASAP. When they are released current king black dragon heads will be wiped from the game in order for you all to go and collect them new, these will be untradeable however the slayer helms will be tradeable, meaning that slayer should become a top money maker ingame. - Added the crafting and effects of the coloured slayer helmets. - Black Slayer Helmet provides 5% increased melee damage, and acts as an antifire shield. - Green Slayer Helmet provides 5% increased ranged damage. - Red Slayer Helmet provides 5% increased magic damage, and provides infinite blood runes This also of course means that Abyssal sire will soon be in the works as we need to release his head for the red slayer helm! We will hopefully have an announcement about this for you coming soon. Thanks all for your patience and loyalties to the game, we appreciate you all! Jbaikie, Near-Reality Management Team
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    Hello everyone, Welcome back to another of my guides. I want to start off by saying thank you for your continued support and feedback on the guides I put out. I hope the guides offer information to help anyone and everyone who takes the time to look over them, and I hope the same for this guide as well. This guide is going to be updated regularly, as I know there are going to be clues that I cannot recall off the top of my head, or have not come across yet in game. Since the possibility of this is fairly high, I am going to post the link for the 07Wiki's sections on each category. The purpose of this guide is to provide an easier way to locate the clues that Near-Reality has implemented, so what I am doing is only including the Near-Reality clues and excluding the ones which we do not have implemented. Please, if you know a clue that is not listed within this guide do not hesitate to provide feedback either in a reply to this post of via PM. Enjoy! Note: I will be using spoiler coding to conserve space. As the title states, today's guide is going to reference none other than Clue Scrolls. I get asked day in and day out about locations of dig sites, who an anagram or a cryptic is referring to, and which crate you need to search to find... yet another clue. This guide is going to be broken up into the four different categories of clues Near-Reality has to offer. These four different categories include: Anagrams Cryptics Maps Emotes However, I will only be touching base on the three categories of Anagrams, Cryptics, and Maps on the basis that the Emotes section is extremely straight forward. If enough individuals need it though, I can edit this in the future to list where the locations in Emote clues are. ~Anagrams~ ~Maps~ ~Cryptics~ This concludes my Near-Reality clue scroll guide. As I said before, I do not doubt that there are clues I have forgotten to include in this guide, so if you come across one or know one by memory that I have not included please do not hesitate to PM me via forums or simply post a reply to this guide. Love always, Mamas
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    Just a small amount of updates, as I haven't been able to get around to doing as many as I'd like - however the next update will be the introduction of the new Slayer Helmets, as well as some general improvements to the Slayer skill. Accounts no longer get nulled when dying to a boss in the Wilderness with a Rune Pouch in their inventory. Dragonfire Shield has proper checks for it's special attack (can no longer be used on a target that is already in combat, or is not in the wilderness, etc) Dragonfire Shield's cooldown now resets when you log in (can't relog to bypass the timer) XP Drops are now shown even when you reach 2 billion XP. XP Lamps are now working again. Withdraw 10 now works again. Loyalty titles now work again. Reclaiming items from Death works again. Damage from Dragonfire is now reduced by 50% for every method of protection you have (even against the King Black Dragon, who was getting reduced by 33%) Equipment packets are now properly prioritized, so item switching should feel a bit smoother. Double XP and Double PKP are now only active on the weekends (EST), rather than permanently. The ::discord command now properly links you to our server. Developers and Jbaikie now have a command to gift items to players, including Ironmen, meaning that they can now be rewarded at events. Cheers
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    1) What is your In-Game username: ? Stinetime 2) What is your timing GMT(?) Central 3) Which are you A pker/Pvmer: ? Pk all day boiiii come at me 4) If you are a Pker which form of pking do you prefer (Hybridding/Rushing/Tbing/Tanking): ? Anything to kill my enemy, watch me pull that bronze scimi out and wack a bish 5) Do you Accept the rules and regulations: ? Fuck yeah bro anything for the klan 6) Which rank are you applying for and why do you think you deserve that rank ? Owner, this is my wilderness (NOTE: In most cases new recruits will be recruited as members).
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    Sadly it is time for me to go. These past few weeks have been quite tough for all of us and my inactivity in game was not helping. I would have rather resigned than to have our beloved staff manager (basically co-owner at this point), jbaikie, demote me. I do not wish to drag this out too long so I will be short and sweet. Becoming part of the near-reality staff team has been a wonderful experience and I'm glad to have made it to the position I was. I could probably spend a good day or two writing a short essay on each staff and what they mean to me but i think that is useless because they already know how much I admire them. I'll throw in a few statements though; Jbaikie: Does alot more than some of you think, his rank is staff manager but hes a co-owner at heart. Hes staff manager not because hes been here for a long time, but we all trust and support his actions. Being this central pillar takes a lot of work, work that hes willing to do on his free time / on a daily basis. I could write so much more but he already knows how i feel Logic: talk shit? get hit. This guy isn't afraid to speak his mind and do it with confidence. Logic is quite a rare person because of his amazing personality. Going to miss seeing is manly beard. Always a great person to talk to and have fun with, logic would never let you down. Posinlord: This gif basically describes him, dont need to say much more. make a stupid suggestion? Get on his nerves? ask him to log in? this gif says it all! He will let you know clearly when hes sick of your shit, bored about something, or nod his head in disappointment about some stupid crap you said. But thats why i love posin, because of all these reasons. Such a great person to mess around with, you can never go wrong with him. Imma kill you: Really nice person, will be there in the times you need a friend. You dont need to ask for his help because he would have already known you are in pain or need some help. I found Imma kill you to be someone I could lean on and talk to because he is so close to me and everyone else. Never change my boi. No matter what rank you are now or in the future, you will always be a little itty bitty server support riding on papa plum's shoulders Mamas: Staff meetings are boring without him, he brings the joy out of all of us. A person who is responsible and fun to be around. Mamas loves to mess about and talk casually to everyone and make sure everyday is a great day. He has great communication skills and plays a big part on our updates and bug fixes, thanks for everything mamas! Mithril: A very fine looking boy who packs alot of "treasure in the back" if you know what i mean hueheuhe. I have never seen him being upset or mad at anyone. He takes life in with a smile and lives everyday like a fresh start. Its great to be around his positive aura and it makes you feel amazing knowing someone like him exists. Sldmark: I fear sldmark gets overlooked often. Because of his timezone i dont get to talk to him often, but he stays awake few times a week just to ask me how my day is going or how i am. A gentle soul who roams silently to watch and take care of everyone. I wish i could have talked to you more often! Zachary: A big community man. Everyone knows his name and loves him because of his bright personality and the fact he hosts loads of events. You really fit well when it comes to someone who can understand the feelings of the general public. It has always been in my best interest to talk to you about future updates because i know you have a great understanding of the community! Diddy: This guy gets richer every day, i dont think i have ever seen diddy have a bank below 80b. You've got great passion and loyalty and I'm sure you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Jase: Havent talked to you as often but that didn't stop me from realizing how great you can be. A superb helper and active server support and you fit well for the position. Hopefully you can rise through the ranks in the future! Zachery: I got confused between you and Zachary so many times, but what I haven't been confused about is your personality. You have a bit of everything in you; Friendliness, compassion, unbreaking spirit, and more. I'm really glad to have met someone like you, but sad to let you go so fast as well ;( ----------------------As for the community------------------------ I dont know what others think of me and my days as staff. I've made lots of friends and enemies (mostly the people who i punish). As cliche as this sounds I didn't become staff because I wanted a power which proves me a more worthy person, i became staff because i felt like I could do much more in terms of help. With the tools i had while being staff i was able to to meet the demands of the people, assist them in areas where regular players cannot, and understand the struggles of someone who has been in your shoes as well. The server has not been doing so well as many of you can see. Although from your eyes it seems like the staff team is not doing anything, trust me, they are doing EVERYTHING they can in their powers. Each and every single one of them still are strong and continue to log in and / or carry out their duties not matter how dark the future gets, because they have the will to do it as volunteer service. Before I can leave i need to admit that i am being selfish and unworthy leaving now. Its not fair to the others and I have this great shame for leaving them all, and so I feel like I have failed the team. Looking at the way things are now I feared the worst and could not imagine seeing the day we all had pack our bags and move on because the server died. Its not fair for me to leave this early and escape this guilt so I hope the team will one day forgive me. I ask nothing more or less of the community and the staff team but to enjoy your time here. There is ALWAYS a goodbye in terms of past 6+ years of rsps experience and you may never get to see some of these people again. So heres to everything all of us have achieved, 1500 players on startup, one of the best staff teams for a rsps, amazing bloodlust event, and of course being a part of NEAR-REALITY; a server name that goes way back into time and brings memories of the good old days and the days to come. farewell Lumplum 6/13/2017 - 9/29/2017
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    Hello members of the Near-Reality community! Good news for today's update. Jase Has been promoted too Moderator Jase has done a great job as Server Support he is an extremely active and friendly member of the team and deserves the step up to Moderator to prove what he can achieve. A lot of you have been messaging me over the past weeks expressing how you feel he would suit a moderator position so i felt it time to give him a chance! Congratulations! Thanks, Jbaikie, Near-Reality Management Team
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    I think ecumenical keys would be a great addition for slayer. I probably spend more time getting killcount than killing the boss for a task. They could be a reward purchasable for slayer points. I think somewhere between 5 and 10 points would be very fair for them.
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    The only thing I feel is wrong with this idea is these people will still be dragged into dealing with questions etc ingame purely because they have a rank. I personally feel this would just be another stepping stone to becoming a staff member so if it is something you are personally interested in then applying for server support would be the best way to go in my eyes.
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    @Zackary Korasi has a 67 cap on it, if anything it needs a buff not a nerf
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    Currently the only thing that you can gain from doing achievements is Comp Cape, and that is only gained after doing all 74 achievements. I think to add more incentive to doing them, we should add other rewards to the system. My suggestion is adding a point system for completing achievements. You can then spend these points in a shop that has various rewards. Point System Easy Tasks: 1 point per 22 tasks - 22 points total Medium Tasks: 2 points per 22 tasks - 44 points total Hard Tasks: 5 points per 24 tasks - 120 points total Elite: 10 points per 6 tasks - 60 points total This would give you 246 total points for completing all of the tasks. To make this a more even number for the rewards I had in mind, I was thinking of adding a point bonus for completing all of the achievements in each difficulty. Easy: 4 point bonus - 250 total Medium: 10 point bonus - 260 total Hard - 20 point bonus - 280 total Elite - 40 point bonus - 320 total Rewards A lot of these are going to be up to the devs if they add this, but these are the rewards I think should be in the shop no matter what. Cosmetic set - Costs 80 points for each of the 4 pieces, totaling 320 points, the maximum that you can achieve. This means if you choose to go for this set, you must save all your points just for this set. Lamps - I think they should either cost 10 points or 20 points each, allowing you to get 16 or 32 lamps if you choose to spend all your points on this. Mystery boxes - Not sure on what the point value should be, but I believe they should be part of the rewards if you choose to want them. Ironman supplies - Not quite sure what ironmen would need that you can't already get from shops, but I think that the achievement rewards should include some things that ironmen would find useful besides lamps and cosmetics. One side note I wanted to address as well, and I'm not sure if it is even possible, is that people who have already completed some or all of the achievements should get these points added to their account as soon as the system came out. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope that everyone likes my suggestion, and would contribute their own suggestions and hopefully something like this can be added!
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    100% support this, would be nice to have some constant events like a few ffa's a day even if just fun ones or for custom titles like "the winner". Would also be nice for something like nex masses, or other boss masses. Im in help chat a lot, and im seeing the new player base rise, would be nice to have masses for them to learn the bosses and maybe get some drops themselves and also a nice way for them to get items through the events we would do.
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    Both will be sorted along with the large list of updates coming
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    hi everyone i want to share this with you guys because this is my opinion about jase i didnt speak with him at all but the times that i was online i saw him online to and i play on timezones when some staffs are not online and i just see this guy always online and its not a person that comes online and just afk but he is someone that help when people need help and most people just have frustation because they finally find a seller or buyer for the dpin or dpins and than is there no staff online it happen often but i see that jase changes that problem and mm when people need someone i hope you wont lose your motivation for being so active jase and i hope you will stay this active like you are now! greeting pvp ags
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    has anyone else noticed that this man keeps leaving and hiring new people? its a cycle
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    Hello members of the Near-Reality community! An update containing only sad news. Lumplum Has resigned from his position as Moderator It's always a sad day when somebody leaves the staff team but this one definitely hurt more than previous resignations. Not because Lumplum is a better staff member than previous staff but because he has become a very close friend of mine and one I hope to stay in contact with and work with again in the near future. He has resigned because he unfortunately has just lost his motivation to play the game which is totally understandable and a decision that I regrettably accept and respect. Hopefully he will consider rejoining the team at a later date when he feels the urge to play the game again, but until then Goodbye Gnome Child Thanks Jbaikie Near-Reality Manager
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    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Some of the updates of this week contains the following: August - 2017 * Monsters drop list has been fixed (::droplist) or examine the npc. * Voting has been improved. Voting gives you 3 hours of double experience, pk points and a small boost on the drop rate. * Hiscores have been released. * Two factor authentication now remembers your ip on login so you don't have to type it every log in. * Statius set obtained through the donation store now gives the (DEG) set. * Serjeant set is now wieldable. * Rdi skilling zone has been fixed. * Rdi2 corporeal beast zone is now multy. * Ignore list should work now. * Kraken, Vetion, Venenatis and Callisto have been added to the wilderness map. * The crystal chest now contains more fancy items (the ones suggested. If you have more suggestions let me know in this post) * Celestial Catalytic Staff autocast has been fixed. The next weekly update will add two new bosses into the game (I can't promise they will be released the same day) but I will try my best ;P
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    LOL literally and then when you get caught out for some absolute bullshit y'all cop to "oh I'm completely clueless to whatever else anybody on the staff team is doing" take some responsibility even if you fucking muted or jailed someone inappropriately. Like the fuck is Daddy snackmob gonna spank you?
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    Well folks! Its come the time where I'm choosing to move on with my personal life, I've got a business that really should need more attention than I've been giving it. So me dropping my bank will actually give me a reason to move forward with that, also more than likely will be playing OSRS on and off. Side note: I've enjoyed my time here on NR and love the staff! All of you work hard to keep the server going, yall need to keep up the hard work so this server can grow and be awesome again. Another reason for me quitting is the lack of attention to the server from the owner, no one can deny he doesnt do as much as he should as an owner. Not trying to be a dick and call you out or anything man, but it just appears you're letting the server idle while Juan works his ass off to keep the server alive. That being beside the point... I want to especially thank the following people for making this server that much more fun for me while i was here. Diddy: man weve done it all, gano, pvm, pking, we get into all sorts of weird shenanigans together and always seem to make it super fun Mithril: Tons of skilling and deep conversation about misc. things, thanks for having your ear available to me and always making skilling fun for the both of us. Woods: DOOOD, weve had plenty of ups and downs, man we've been messing shit up since day one. A lot of fun pking with you, doing small clan pks and overall making my time here fun in the wilderness. Mizzy: You made pking fun and always threw a funny twist on things when we were out there, always had my back in clans, always stuck by my side. You made my experience way better on here with pvming, pking, endless shit talking on each other, the list goes on man. Yuh: You aight i guess, you never killed me cause im an iron. You're kinda funny too sometimes. Didnt really get to know you too well, but you're chill and ive pked with you and woods a few times and was fun. If i left you out, youre trash. JK lol. but thank all of you who affected me on here in a positive way on and off my short list above. On with the good part! In about 4 hours from the making of this post, I WILL BE DROPPING MY BANK! roughly a 15B drop party in roughly 4-5 hrs or so. be there or be square.
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    Real shame to see another loyal and friendly community member decide to leave.. Please do check in on us to find out how we are getting on
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    Don't gooooooo. I do understand that personal life stuff should always come first, so I wish you the best. Come back to visit sometime. You've certainly had a positive impact on the help cc. Keep it classy.
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    I honestly opened this expecting it to be completionist cape, I feel let down.
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    Slim Shaco and Divinate own the RNG at moles, no sense in trying to take it from them.
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    U won the day! God Damn Winners! Lmfaoooo
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    Target atm: Kq pet (when di avaliable) solo nex when bored. Rare Drops: -KBD 9 dkites, 14 vissys 1 kbd prince -KQ 6 lava whip -Desert stryks 6 focus sight 4 chaotic kite -Jungle stryks 1 chaotic crossbow -Ice stryks 1 staff of light -Dks 3 warrior rings 5 dragon axe 3 archers rings 1 seers ring 1 seer ring (kept) 1 berserker ring -Plane freezer 1 merc gloves 1 primal boots -Bandos GWD 1 bandos boot -Penance queen 1 stat warhammer Pets so far: Edit note: zulrah is to be added forgot about snake pet
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    Our time zones are different but when i do see you online your always helping out / mming everytime Very good staff member!
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    @Bleeding Emo sycks sigille kjeh kjeh,,, sex bätäng!
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    near reality must be a phoenix at the number of rebirth not my CUP of tea
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    Glad you're ok with no lasting injuries! Welcome back
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    Hey Duffy. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you around, and I hope you enjoy your time here Logic
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    I'd love to attend but it will be at like 1-2 in the morning here haha. Best of luck in your endeavors!
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    There's no way you're not bi or gay.
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