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    Mod Jacmob

    Forum Post Rewards Program

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I have always been meaning to get this whole system in place and going. But I simply have been so busy over the last year. But I want to get this all ready for launch and have you guys earning rewards while the server is being worked on for the launch on May 1st, 2018. I will post a comprehensive image that will show which rewards you are entitled to, and further rewards that you can obtain through your post count. I will eventually want to get an automated system where each new post will give you X amount of loyalty points. Please keep your posts away from simply spamming away, try and post with some quality thoughts. You can request your reward in-game by visiting this forum: Read this thread regarding how to request your reward: Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
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    Mod Jacmob

    The Future

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I would like to welcome back Jbaikie as our new Manager, Stefan has been very busy in-real life, and it's time to part ways (sadly) and I hope you all welcome Jb back, he is a close friend and has done a wonderful job in the past. We will of course miss Stefan, but we need to move forward and take Near-Reality back to the top. This has been long overdue, for the past weeks the developers and I have been working on a load of fixes, new content, and we even hired another content developer. We have finished and tested the new Combat System, Trading Post, Gambling, and fixed most of the current bugs that are in the game. We have a few bugs on the forums, e.g. polls being broken and so forth. We are in a good place right now with moving forward. With our new content developer we will be able to manage fixing bugs and working on content simultaneously. We are moving forward with the most momentum we've had in quite some time. We have decided on re-launching Near-Reality, we will be shutting down for a period of 1-3 weeks, I will put the timer on the site (I know, it probably won't be true etc etc. but we have done this differently, we have finished what is needed before we are even putting the timer up), so stayed tuned there. We will be re-launching with many YouTubers, Advertisements on every website you could think of, e-mail campaigns and so forth. And lastly, we will be resetting Normal Accounts of Near-Reality. We will be refunding Credits only. Ironmen/HCIM accounts will not be reset, they simply will not be able to switch their Ironmen accounts to a normal account for quite some time after re-launch. Along with that, XP, Achievements, and Pets will not be reset either. I have spent the past week working on the new UN, and creating a beta team. We plan on fixing every last bug we have during this downtime and working on a fair bit of content that will further gameplay on Near-Reality. We will be going all out for this release, as it leads into the summer perfectly, note exactly last year we re-launched and had 600+ players online. We plan to do so again, and we will make this perfect. It will look more like Near-Reality ever has. Bringing clans and PKing back will be our primary focus, and it won't be very hard with the new systems we have brought in place. Hold tight for further updates, we will be posting daily Behind the Scenes from now on. We will be looking for beta/UN applicants within the next few days, so apply if you think you have what it takes! Let's get Near-Reality back to where we were exactly a year ago, and I know I can make it happen like I have many times before. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
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    Worst suggestions lmfao My man suggested a pet which allows you teleport from ANY LEVEL in the wilderness??? What kind of pussy ass shit is that? How the fuck is that another level of excitement?
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    Zander this is your alts thread stop playing dumb lol
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