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  1. Mute for?:D

    If you were muted and want to be unmuted, appeal it in the appeals section. Posting in the general discussion will do nothing to help you in this case. Best bet is either to appeal or just wait it out depending on the length of the mute.
  2. Lets get rid of Xmas stuff

    Santa Claus is spelled correctly, however I do agree it should be removed by the end of t his month.
  3. Looking for a few staff

    Goodluck everyone who is applying.
  4. Looking forward to 2019

    I hope this holds true this time and you do as you say.
  5. drop tables

    Torn's best update in my opinion. Still hate it though.
  6. My time has come

    Cya nerd love u tho xoxo
  7. The Time Has Come

    I never thought I'd see this thread. Working with you during my time on the staff team was great. You've always been such a dedicated and great person and an even better friend. Hopefully we'll still be able to keep in touch. Wish you all the best.
  8. pvm and weapon stats

    Hey, so for monsters just saying "all of them" isn't very helpful since it isn't all of them. We need to know exactly what in order to actually fix anything. Defense will be taken into account with monster stat changes- as that was a big part of the combat update overall. As for your ACB comment, thanks - been noted.
  9. pvm and weapon stats

    Hey all, As you all know we are looking at working on getting everything right with our combat changes. A big part of these are the stats of bosses(or rather their lack of). If you know of any monsters that currently don't have stats, for example ganodermic beast only hits like 1s and 2s right now, please post them below so we can get them fixed as quick as we can. Also if you know of any weapons that are very op, or very bad when they should not be, feel free to post those as well so those can be looked at too. Lastly, if there are any other PVM related issues that are not stat related please list them here. We appreciate any and all feedback that you can give. Thanks, Moneyblades
  10. Super Mboxes

    It works fine, you have to backspace the text in the box and type in what you want to search.
  11. Staff Update 5/13/2018

    HUGE congrats to everyone promoted! You all deserve it 100% with the work you guys put in. Love you guys keep at it! Super bummed to see mark, I'm going to miss you man =[
  12. Lower the ticket tax

    If you sell your tickets back to the ticket seller it should not tax it, only taxes when you sell to a general store.
  13. Should rules on Multi logging be added?

    I'm going to go with a mixture of 2 and 4. While having multiple accounts can impact bosses and other people trying to camp them, I also do not feel like it gives anyone a distinct advantage since anyone can make another account. If this was made against the rules how would it be enforced? To me it seems rather pointless to have staff going around spending time checking all account ips continuously to monitor it. In my opinion it'd be more effort than it's worth and doesn't need a rule at this time.
  14. Game Updates | 05/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    Cheers for the update!
  15. Status Update: Relaunch

    Can't wait!
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