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  1. Biggest downfall of the server

  2. Biggest downfall of the server

    who the fuck is still playing there are 9 people online right now.
  3. Inappropriate Player Names

    Yeah there is a reason most games will not let you make offensive names.... your response still doesn't negate the fact that its offensive and literally insinuates a creepy and disgusting federal crime. OMG ITS SO FUNNY HIS NAME IS BABYRAPIST AHAHHAHHAHA. What fucking sane person makes a name on any game of babyrapist.. you're a weirdo.
  4. Inappropriate Player Names

    So it has come to my attention that some very absurd names have arisen ingame (I won't name them all, feel free to in the comments below as some are quite hilarious,) but one has me quite triggered. "Babyrapist" Rape is already bad enough, implying that you rape children is actual a federal crime and downright disgusting.. I will not stand for it and demand a name change be instituted here, as were all adults and no one needs to name their character with such an offensive name.. I have children and some other influential people who play on this server do as well, and this should not be allowed. Thanks, Concerned Dad
  5. Obby Mauler 54 cb 89 str 5 att

    Pm me on here or discord patkillu93#5338
  6. Ironman Progress Thread

    BTW, for legitimacy, screenshot the discord bot notifcation stating you received a drop. It's not able to be faked unless the screenshot is edited, but a quick search in: general jp morgan, quickly debunks that. Good luck, nice work.
  7. Pre-Update Notes - 6/21/2018

    Been waiting months for this!
  8. 40year old ginger from england 

    1. purewcinfool


      Hahah I am from the US, east coast.

    2. 7anna8raha1


      fuck off retard scum you look ugly as shit


  9. Upcoming Projects

    Player base has been a steady 100-150 at all times, very satisfying to see. Really enjoying Vorkath, mechanics are done well and gfx look great. I am really happy to see everything heading in the right direction, great work.
  10. Purewcinfool's IRONMAN progress!

    Appreciate it brother.
  11. Purewcinfool's IRONMAN progress!

    Absolute best thing I have ever done.
  12. Purewcinfool's IRONMAN progress!

    I can't figure out how to fix it l0l.. working on it EDIT: FIXED IT FOR U
  13. What's good fam? Here are my iron man progress pics as some of you have requested. Will do them as the bank grows and I see fit. Cheers and may rngesus be with you all. Purewcinfool/Purefishinr/Purewciniron

    In-Game User: Purewcinfool Where I prefer the tournament be held: ::ffa Feedback on rules: rules look solid, no complaints
  15. Staff Update [07/06/18]

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