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  1. Tragic

    why is this surprising lmao
  2. Newkids don't even know

    who r u
  3. Beginner Money Making Method #1

    why is step 4 even a thing? "Equip your newly obtained Dharok." nty I'll just throw it out. Aside from this your guide seems really simple (which is fine) but could honestly be shortened a whole lot. not a bad start though, ty for the guide
  4. 1100 POST COUNT

  5. Make TD's wildy only

    stop forcing everything in the wildy, literally all the best money makers atm is wildy only. I get people want pk activity but slapping all profitable monsters in the wildly wont solve your problem. Itz bk is correct, increase the rarity in the non wildy zone.
  6. When was the original launch of NR?

    back when people when to falador market to sell clue scrolls and caskets, and you could glitch inside banks by running super fast between the corners... good ol' NR days
  7. Relaunch Day!

    I'd still ban you tbh
  8. Relaunch Day!

    sheeeeeeet i really wanted to drop my 6.9k on near reality, but alas, the timer has bamboozled me
  9. Relaunch Day!

    just some new fag
  10. Relaunch Day!

    You have all been william de squilliam'ed, a classic NR delay excuse found in section 6 page 15 on the "how 2 delay a server" book
  11. Whatcha gonna do?

    cry about the first rollback
  12. Relaunch date + Information

    was starting to get worried, a NR launch date without any setbacks? I was relieved to find that its been delayed 5 days though, phew
  13. Fuck this update

    NR is basically well known for rollbacks and resets, probably the only server Ik to this date that still does this stuff. But most servers that need to rollback or reset just shutdown for good, so i guess the fact good ol' william de squilliam still wants to continue / host the server (despite the huge backlash and drawbacks) is nice to know at least
  14. Near-Reality Players Speculations

    " but then I see one of the staffermen at a boss somewhere with his pm off afking his 34685698458th gwd boss that he teled in on someone so the instance would be null n wouldn't be attacked. "we don't know if you don't tell us" <----- literally what I get told every single time, but how can someone pm if you have your pm off" Smells like a posinlord to me, can smell that slut a mile away. +1 for proper usage of "staffermen". I'm surprised you're still around these woods socio, brings back some good times
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