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  1. The Future - Near-Reality v13

    Sounds like a good plan
  2. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

    can u do a vet cape
  3. Old NR players

    that's reserved for me only
  4. HALLOWEEN BASH 10/31 11pm

    where do i collect the prize?
  5. Where my old timers at?

    Been playing since v4 / 2008 so solid 10 years. hi
  6. Wiki Team Update

    Should really update the format of the pages and not just the info. It's so out of date
  7. noob




  8. The Future

    Sounds good
  9. Forum Theme Poll

    I will always prefer the old green look. Too many memories. However, is there an option or switch between both?
  10. United nations: Now open

    ooooo me
  11. Staff Update [06/01/18]

    if a mod / admin can't do forum work with only 40 people online they're retarded.
  12. Staff Update [06/01/18]

    still 0 point for forum mods
  13. Plans for 2018 | Near-Reality v15.0.0

    Looking forward to it!

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