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  1. Revenants

    U WITH ME !!! same lol , its nr not rs
  2. Revenants

    What items are those ? ONLY NR AND NR REMAKES SINCE 2011 !!Strange items for me
  3. News Post 11-4-18

    i saw this today ffs for me its only 4 days .ima make it still
  4. Bank Pic !UPDATED!

    for dani
  5. 1k post

  6. Rabbi's Bank Pictures

  7. still no bwhip or damned

    barrows drop rate is messed up anyway ..fcking spent 3 hrs of my time on dharoks ..1.5 invs
  8. So something from my old bank ..maybe 25% i had .

    max i had was 386 1b tickets i dont have time when im staking to take screenies
  9. So something from my old bank ..maybe 25% i had .

    man , i was ..but when im staking im too busy to make any screenshots . at one point had 250 tickets and loads of stuff but ya ..staking
  10. b2b Dcapes (almost)

    im not even getting drops from dharoks lol .
  11. now i dont even have fcking 250m pvming whole days .
  12. had some luck staking vs obay

    good old times ! i still have some pics in forums ,
  13. Lots of stuff

    agree with gano killcount pts -or more often ...wyverns too to killcount ..but thats not so important .. and still fix the sec ship tickets store
  14. Bank Was Made

    nice yesterday ,made 1.5b from scratch ..started from -mbox got claws from it
  15. first ornate katana?

    i will never get one
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