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  1. Selling Skele set+extra gloves

  2. Not much but enough from torva helm!UPDATED

    i had items in bank too ..invy full like u see
  3. Pussy master!

    how to u get em lol
  4. Revenants

    U WITH ME !!! same lol , its nr not rs
  5. Revenants

    What items are those ? ONLY NR AND NR REMAKES SINCE 2011 !!Strange items for me
  6. News Post 11-4-18

    i saw this today ffs for me its only 4 days .ima make it still
  7. Bank Pic !UPDATED!

    for dani
  8. 1k post

  9. still no bwhip or damned

    barrows drop rate is messed up anyway ..fcking spent 3 hrs of my time on dharoks ..1.5 invs
  10. So something from my old bank ..maybe 25% i had .

    max i had was 386 1b tickets i dont have time when im staking to take screenies
  11. So something from my old bank ..maybe 25% i had .

    man , i was ..but when im staking im too busy to make any screenshots . at one point had 250 tickets and loads of stuff but ya ..staking
  12. b2b Dcapes (almost)

    im not even getting drops from dharoks lol .
  13. now i dont even have fcking 250m pvming whole days .
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