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  1. Trading Bank for 2 Dpins

  2. Trading Bank for 2 Dpins

    Post here if interested.
  3. an idea

    PKP farming isn't an issue because we have logs to show us if someone is killing a person over and over. An incentive to PK will help bring traction to PK more at Edgeville thus bringing traction to the server imo.
  4. YAW YEET.

    Damn nice
  5. [REQ] Designer Rank

    Support, your work is impressive to a graphic designer like myself.
  6. New Staff Announcements 10-25-18

    Congrats everyone
  7. NBA Season

    LMAO Heat fasho will not be in the eastern conference finals, it's going to be Celtics vs Sixers/Raptors The MAVS?? Luka Doncic is no where close to performing like Donovan Mitchell his rookie year. Western conference finals going to be Warriors vs Rockets again. Keep in mind my favorite team is the Lakers.
  8. NBA Season

    You from Canada? Yeah, fuck KD.
  9. NBA Season

    What's your favorite team? East Predictions: 1. Celtics 2. Sixers 3. Raptors West Predictions: 1. Warriors 2. Rockets 3. Utah
  10. Looking for Youtubers!

    Here are some well-known YouTubers in the RSPS community, maybe hit some of them up? I'm sure they'll work with NR for a price...
  11. Newspost 10-8-18

    You should hire a graphic designer to spice up news posts like these. wink wink
  12. A small message for players

    At least you're trying
  13. Signature Artist needed

    Check out my showcase -
  14. can we have these bk

    Yes, I will allow it.
  15. Biggest downfall of the server

    And yet we're still here, playing and putting money into this game... so their doing something right.
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