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    Thanks for the info!
  2. Speed up Lava and Lime in PVP

    Heck no
  3. Donations and Other News

    A nice update as always! Be interesting to see how this plays out
  4. minor player review

    This is the reason why I play NR 10/10
  5. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    I like this new Dev nice staff evaluation buddy
  6. My 2 Year late Intro

    I've started to notice a big change in your behaviour and I must say I am proud of you my son, keep up the good work bud!
  7. Mithril's Resignation

    Best of luck in the future good sir. Thanks for Everything
  8. Im back boys

    Good stuff Reaper!
  9. its mafia

    Welcome back my guy
  10. Planned Maintenance | Monday, April 15th

    Thanks for keeping us informed!
  11. Buying magic string

  12. Buying magic string

    Hello hello hello I am in the market for the finest quality of magic string, if you have such marvellous item and would like to sell it reply here, pm me on forums or pm me ingame No idea how much they are worth so don't ask me, just lemme know how many moneys you want for such an magnificent item
  13. PvP Poll

    Be interesting to see the results
  14. Hello

    Welcome back old mate
  15. need help

    Check your emails and make sure they approved it. Can take up to 24 hours to show up in store
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