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    Thank you for this! though i dont think this post was really meant to be serious lol
  2. 1K Kills

    well now that someone actually recommended/requested a specific boss i plan to!
  3. 1K Kills

    well I am doing Bork right now. and since you are the first person to actually make a request/suggestion, I will see what I can do!
  4. 1K Kills

    Ice Strykewyrms DONE!
  5. Quality of Life Suggestions

    I'd turn it down lol
  6. Quality of Life Suggestions

    NOTE: None of the suggestions are really important or even necessary but simple QoL suggestions to make the game more enjoyable IMO Half of a Key: Add in parentheses either loop or teeth so someone can see it just when they click it. I understand that when it is on the ground you can see which one it is but there are times when the item is blocked by other items Coins: Along the lines of the half key drops and I am not sure it is possible but when you get a drop of coins it shows in parenthesis it shows how many coins it is. I know most of the time you are picking them up regardless but again just a quality of life change. Max damages: Something I remember from one of the iterations of NR was you could type ::maxmelee, ::maxrag, or ::maxmage and it would tell you what your max hit would against (I assume) an unarmored max stat opponent. I think some people would find this useful to figure out what the absolute best gear set up would be.
  7. 1K Kills

  8. 1K Kills

    thanks! i think ive gotten pretty lucky
  9. 1K Kills

    horrid? what do you mean? im enjoying them
  10. 1K Kills

    major update!!
  11. 1K Kills

  12. 1K Kills

    Thank you all!
  13. 1K Kills

    NOTE: I know what I am doing isn't really original nor that interesting to some but I felt like making a post anyways for those who are interested and for myself for two reasons, A) It gives me something to do and B ) For myself to keep a record. I also understand that my process is not the cleanest or the most efficient but this account is new and I assume that there was a server reset at some point in the year that I took off so my welcome763 account is empty RIP. Other than that I hope you find this interesting! ENJOY! I am open to suggestions on what I should Kill next! BORK ICE STRYKEWYRM'SCOMPLETED!!! DESERT STRYKEWYRM'SCOMPLETED!! JUNGLE STRYKEWYRM'S COMPLETE!!!! Process: At first I did a bit by ranging but then decided that it would be easier (and cheaper cause d bolts ya know?) to switch to DH considering these guys wont hit through prayer. Can pretty easily get 100 per trip 1 zammy brew and 10 restores. You will notice a lot of other junk in my inventory. I'm doing that cause I find that a lot of the drops can rack up the total gold I received once they are sold.
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