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  1. Add More cash In-game ?

    I think it's better to make the shops giving a decent amount of money of selling claws to it. Example: u can sell claws in the general trade shop for 100m cash I'd like to see this fixed asap and not if everyone has over 1k claws etc
  2. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    Love the Ancient Wyverns, goodluck updating and fixing the rest
  3. Fixing this Server - Eco and Player Base [Read]

    Agreed! Would love to work harder for some rare items. Maybe one person can buy all claws etc and do ::empty to keep the server Alice?:D lol
  4. Deathjam40

    I can remember your name yes! Welcome back!
  5. Suadenqt

  6. Every Clue Location/hint

    Thanks alot! really helpfull nice guide! 10/10
  7. Not receiving voting points

    I am logged in, tried a lot of things but still not working
  8. Yeah the pkp shop is way to easy, even the statues dropped pretty often by revs give like 1-2k pkp. Claws went down to 150m today, like wtf. Also the pvming at giant moles make the death cape a special item which in my opinion is worth it. Besides the fact u keep dieing there
  9. Super Mboxes

    Damn bad luck:/

    Nice one!
  11. Not receiving voting points

    This doesn't count for everyone, but a lot of people have been discovering they can't vote, or they vote and don't get any points. Can people confirm voting doesnt work? I have been trying to vote on my regular WI-FI and it says I have voted and need to wait 12 hours, but didn't receive any points. Next thing I tried to do is vote on my provider without WI-FI and it doesn't give the countdown for 12 hours, neither gives points. Thanks, L 00 t 4 lif!
  12. Aggression

    Welcome and goodluck!
  13. That's pretty neat.

    Gratz, what is the chance??
  14. I have ROW + Drop rate...

    Stay strong, u'll get it eventually
  15. Logic in NRPK

    Lmao that needs to be fixed
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