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  1. Where the staffers

    i noticed 10am- 2pm EET i dont see any staff online today only1 who i seen was sandballoon and he went 11 am EET to bed NB! (+2 GMT)
  2. Staff Update 12-16-17

    gz to all of u
  3. Advertisements

    good speech love it spank u are hero
  4. Hello again

    welcome back to nr
  5. Staff Update 12-3-18

    i wont feel sad to ween gone i remember my forst day when i started after 2 years break and when i asked him something i didint got what i asked soo fuck him
  6. Staff commands

    well done
  7. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    thanx for update klept
  8. here for lime whips

    pretty active u should come and see ur own eyes
  9. Weekly News & Events

    gz to both newborn mods
  10. Mod jacmob & Torn67 & Paganesque & Slim Shaco

    zander 4 mod good job zan
  11. KQ drop

    u kidding me right 3727 kc to head ?? or its not onluy head cuz that kc ffs
  12. Raid Idea

    +1 as well well done
  13. Staff Evaluation

    dont show divinate online much hippo eather baloon too etc idk i give my feedback later :=) super thanx to torn and cat and ofc i never forget kushmandro (wonder why he wont be in staffteam)
  14. Pussy master!

    desirved it
  15. good luck

    hella huge stake bro
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