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  1. Espire's XP Grind

    It is based on total level and then xp.
  2. Double Exp

    Support but lets see if we can even get a developer to come online first!
  3. Staff Update [07/06/18]

    He has been on the server a couple of times./.. But only seen him on once or twice.
  4. Staff Update [07/06/18]

    Nice one, well done.
  5. Fix the world map

    Why do you need a world map? Just google one or something? everything is in the same place as OSRS.
  6. Wagwan bruddas

    Another EU guy! hey
  7. Iron Kurb's Notorious Ironman Clan

    hahahaha loved this.
  8. 2000 mole kc

    Sometimes people are lucky here and you get no pkers for hundreds of kills... some times people come along every 5 minutes haha
  9. The EPIC drop

    Wow. Lucky! That’s like your 5th head as well isn’t it?!
  10. Make PVM Arena automated

    But people are complaining enough about the bad eco? Now they want PVM arena automated and higher drop rate? I don’t think it’ll be busy enough if automated to be honest.
  11. rewards

    Good luck with this
  12. Ironman Starter Guide

    Good info, throw some pictures in to make it more pleasing to the eye!
  13. future of nr

    Yes I think donations will slow down considering the price of items which people have hundreds of is way too high!
  14. Loot from 16 Super Mystery Boxes

    not even 500m worth of stuff!
  15. OSRS Firecape Services

    Dude... At least fix your thread.
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