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  1. Staff Update [07/06/18]

    He has been on the server a couple of times./.. But only seen him on once or twice.
  2. Staff Update [07/06/18]

    Nice one, well done.
  3. Wagwan bruddas

    Another EU guy! hey
  4. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    I really had higher hopes and thought his message seemed legit. Not been on once since then but I’m still holding up some kind of faith that he will log in soon. Juan also.
  5. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    People want an eco reset because there was a dupe glitch which ruined economy.
  6. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    Did we get any events on June 1st??
  7. Nice guide! Hopefully people pay attention and listen to it/ follow it.
  8. UPDATE NOTES- 06/02/2018

    Agreed. PkP is worth more than coins
  9. UPDATE NOTES- 06/02/2018

    590 like people have a shit tonne for some reason
  10. UPDATE NOTES- 06/02/2018

    I think it’s just because some people have bought 100s or claws, so think they are just trying to get rid of loads of them mainly! I saw one guy with 590 claws haha!
  11. UPDATE NOTES- 06/02/2018

    Thank you for eco balance update, should help
  12. Cerberus Guide

    I used to kill with a zammy brew and saras to save money but yeah granted i now use overloads just so i don't need to restore. It is a very hard boss but you can only get there if you have a slayer task and you're quite far into the game!
  13. Cerberus Guide

    You don't need overloads, can still kill once without the overload?
  14. Cerberus Guide

    Nice easy guide to follow. Too many people seem to think they should be able to kill Cerb like 15 times per inven..

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