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  1. Elo and Ranking System

    Looking very nice @Dread !
  2. Anyone got any recommendation

    Moved this topic over to Off-Topic Discussion & Comedy Central. P.S. Valentina Nappi is A1. ~Spank

    You spelled "deleting" wrong.
  4. A Proper Near-Reality

    Always a light at the end of the tunnel. See you guys July 1st
  5. Return of Artur

  6. A small taster...

    I thought you were richer than this smh
  7. PVM Arena Guide

    Nice guide my man once again. Only thing I have to add is to use the Augury prayer for more magic defense and attack bonus. Keep up the great work on these!
  8. Max Gear Guide

    Nice guide setup my man. This should help players better understand what a "max" setup is!
  9. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/19-5/25

    ❤️ Miss you bb
  10. Moving Forward | Important Information

    Yay! I knew a post was coming from you . Excited for the future my g.
  11. Oh hey, didnt see ya there

    Always nice to see returning players. Welcome back! Message myself or any other staff member if you need assistance with anything.
  12. Advertisements

    We are currently in the stage of nearly perfecting the server with QoL fixes and major updates to come this month and the following months. Once were caught up with everything that needs to be done, advertisements will begin to take place! Just be patient and stick along for the ride we appreciate all the support. Also if you would like to support towards advertisements... Donations are always accepted through the store which funds the server staying up and for the future advertisements. Thanks -Spank
  13. Rest in peace..

    Seen him online a few times.. if it's true may his soul be blessed and rest in peace.
  14. Forums Ranks

    I like these new avatars. Hot!
  15. Update on the Updates

    Nice. Looking forward to what the future holds.

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