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  1. NH TOURNAMENT - JAN 18, 2019

    In-Game User: Sorrow Angel Feedback on Rules: Really no need to put any specific rules on pray camping, any good NHer knows that it's way easier to dominate a fight if the enemy is slow at pray switching or is just camping a single prayer. IMO it's a jackpot if the opponent hugs melee prayer. Either way, in a BO3 the better player will win. Camp or no camp.
  2. Small sale

    Who are you in-game?
  3. Cute lies Harry, rm anytime

    Bro it's harry, you can fight him with only partyhats in your inventory
  4. Cute lies Harry, rm anytime

    Exactly my thoughts, by logging in I almost already got cancer by reading his comments
  5. Cute lies Harry, rm anytime

    Keeps talking shit on Trade Chat of him being "8-0" on me, even tho it's the quite opposite. It's hilarious at this point, everyone sees right through you
  6. Selling 20 pins for 2,5m OSRS

    All sold no idea how to remove this post /closed
  7. Selling 20 pins for 2,5m OSRS

    Title, just pm me in game
  8. Buying All Pins 4b NRGP

    Title, just pm me ingame
  9. buying D PINS FOR OSRS

    What are you smoking?
  10. It's funny how you want me to fight in mystic verus your torva/pernix, although I'd probably slap you in bronze but we'll wait for me to get that ultimate max you have and then rm.
  11. Shh amigo, this is the most I've ever had fun in near reality. Just like the good old days.
  12. Sure thing, match my gear.
  13. How do you expect people to believe that, if you don't even believe it in yourself. Don't let your emotions cloud your judgement
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