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  1. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    I don't think you understand that this server won't last very long. THAT'S why people complain, because they want the game to succeed. People are already pretty much giving up. No it won't just disappear suddenly but it won't be thriving. It's already dying but it's only been up for 2 weeks... If that doesn't shock you at all then idk what to say.
  2. Update Log - 21/05/2018

  3. Fixing this Server - Eco and Player Base [Read]

    That's what I just said???
  4. Fixing this Server - Eco and Player Base [Read]

    It's not the amount of items, it's the price and how pkp can be acquired. The shops are supposed to have a lot of items so pking is rewarded.
  5. Fixing this Server - Eco and Player Base [Read]

    Another fucking reset already? u can't be serious...
  6. Fixing this Server - Eco and Player Base [Read]

    2: Create an item sink where you can trade in items for 50x its current gp value. For e.g. DKite's value is 1m gp. In the item sink - you can sell d kite for x50 value - 50m gp! --applies for chaotics and so on-- What the fuck? This makes NO SENSE. Why would you sell d kite for that price? lmao About reclaiming untradeables from Death. Give the killer a % of the reclaim price. So if B gloves reclaim price is 2.5m, the killer would get 50-75% of that price. Applies to all reclaimable items. Currently you can pk in full untradeables and the killer gets nothing but the one dying gets punished, it's not fun at all to kill ppl for just the pkp and some rune legs (if they even bother using legs at all)
  7. bull shit hp

  8. Riddle

    arent u some og dude ?
  9. Add a PJ timer or Remove Ragging rule

    89y0pugioyfiukdtyikdtjurwosöyghjnaewiloköftgöö ahjnöewöögtöiklmou.- ehnwbgvtyioakmebngtvhöalmoewiu grthj qloei3845thynuibejgk
  10. these need fixing.

    Barrow gloves are not 10m each stop lying, they cost 2,5m lol. And if u dont want to pay as much just swap out b glves for dragon gloves(which u dont need to pay to get back if u die)
  11. Stuck in 2014

    But that's literally THE only fun thing to do on rs. wtf are u on about lol
  12. Corp Beast Completed

    must have been hard with 9999999 str and 999999999 attack levels
  13. Improving the well of goodwill

    ye agree but it needs to be implemented properly.
  14. the old nr combat system didn't reward skill much...
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