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  1. "i've never had more than a 200b bank"

    pk? there's nobody to pk. wildy = dead
  2. #B.B.E ARE BACK

  3. Happy 4-Year Anniversary! | Events | Bloodlust | What's to come!

    Do you not know how retarded the NR combat system has been since forever?
  4. Iron PVP?

    Pm @Yuh or @Woods for lessons
  5. Slight suggestion

    idk why u even bother with these threads anyway. Just play the game for what it is and don't expect anything from it. the era of private servers is over anyway.
  6. Slight suggestion

    The wilderness isn't a Safe Space.
  7. items dropped in wild appearing instantly

    maybe make a lvl 3 pker then ez money banking on those 20 brews/kill
  8. did u add the special effects to the god spells? also is there combination runes? without those god spells are basically useless.
  9. For juan and jacmob

    Keep adding new items don't fix the combat Cx
  10. So when you're using a whip on lash and switch to claws it automatically puts the attack style on lunge, when it should put it to the str mode. It's not a huge issue but it's a bit annoying always having to change it to str mode after switching.