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  1. I hate spots

  2. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    -Increased the prayer drain rates. Was too friendly whilst PKing and PVMing and is simply not a factor with regards to +1s in the wilderness. Did u retards at least fix restore pots too?
  3. Mute for?:D

    jesus christ go take some english lessons
  4. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

    -Major Gano changes; 1) Increased hitpoints to 35k, decreased defense stats by 25% and removed skull upon attacking 2) Added Justiciar, Ancestral, Kodai, Scythe, Ghostly PHat, Imbued Capes, Infernal Cape & Sagittarian to drop table 3) Sagittarian is now best in slot for ranged 4) Gano now gives loot to 10 players 5) A minimum of 1500 damage must be dealt for a chance at loot Wait, an actual good update? Pog
  5. Fix wilderness?

    why do u still play this game? cringe af
  6. twisted bow / dragons arrows

    Twisted Bow isn't supposed to be an allrounder. It's supposed to be used vs monsters that have high magic level.
  7. Wilderness activity.

    lol pkers are a dead breed. only soyboy pvmers play rsps now
  8. #Luredbydoicarehappy2019

    @I hate spots
  9. Some Final opinions on 2018

    About prayer drain, isn't it balanced out by super restores not restoring the correct amount? They've been broken for as long as I can remember.
  10. Stop Hp event to single players

    is this a troll?
  11. Dont click this post Spank

    unban 50dogie
  12. Get-Task Option

    requires engine work

    one of the oldest scams in the book
  14. Teleblock in rags

    real runescape combat system btw
  15. Selling die pin 07gp

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