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  1. BlackNans 4-0 1 Hour

    i mean, pretty much all you can do is 1tick ags jamal and hope for a 80-115hp stack and thats it.
  2. Angry lion pack feast on lonely gazelle + extra

    who let you out of your cage :oo
  3. Wildy Slayer Changes

    Another suggestion for slayer in general, would be 1 free skip per day or free skips until you hit like 70 slayer or so.
  4. Team Hello Kitty Win Again..

    Yep, first kill this week because wildy dead and that one time i ran into you, you teled after 3 hits lol.
  5. Team Hello Kitty Win Again..

    #thk not sure if this ,meatshield is with rain aswell but ty for the free bgb homie
  6. Mad rng at strykewyrms

    Been recently grinding for max cape and because of that, i ran out of money. So in order to continue finishing off construction i went to kill some jungle strykewyrms for some teak logs. Didn't quite get the logs but cant complain either. All in the span of ~40 kc (had around 50 before the eco reset)
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