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  1. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/19-5/25

    going to be fun thxz pag
  2. Loot from 50 hope devourer

    u caaan do it
  3. Moving Forward | Important Information

    thxz cant wait
  4. Skeletal bosses

  5. 1800Downed for Admin

  6. Rest in peace..

    damn prayers for da family RIP
  7. Update on the Updates

    nice thxz for da up date
  8. Forums Ranks

  9. broke computer(started working)

    my computer started workin now.????!?!? so I gess I will b on . im hoping nothing else happens to it. seems to b workin. I kept it up side down for a il bit then sprayed some stuff on it for computers I don't rember name. and now its workin. it was comping unp no hard drive found but seems to be doing good now.
  10. Spilled Corona all over keyboard of laptop won't be on till i can get it fixed or new computer :'(
  11. sorry no its mine

    no speaka English
  12. Selling Easter ring

    not bad seems cheap for some reason
  13. what happend?

    I think there last post said they are doing a big update and its going to be like 3 weeks+ be for some new ones come out. im hope full that there will be a lot more new stuff. just gotta wait.
  14. Owning PVM

  15. sorry no its mine

    hate it for him. he left with out it right thxz just good like that haha. then got da 4th one also
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