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  1. Rare collection

    50 dh sets 5 whips and an ags for skyblue
  2. Moving Forward | Important Information

    Good post. Very excited to see what the future holds in store for Near-Reality.
  3. Loot from 50 hope devourer

    dont give up hope! get it
  4. Skeletal bosses

    What would you like to see it drop tho? I like the idea, but I wanna hear what you would like to see it drop.
  5. NR Prices

    Dragon bones - 75k Rune Arrows - 150gp per Granite Mauls - 330k Amulet of Glory - 80k Helm of Neitiznot - 57k
  6. Oh hey, didnt see ya there

    welcome back sir!
  7. Update on the Updates

    The future of Near-Reality is going to be great.
  8. Forums Ranks

  9. broke computer(started working)

    rip ur corona
  10. sorry no its mine

    3 drops in 1 kill?
  11. bout time!

    pff that KC, definitely deserved!
  12. tds pet

    Oeh! Nice!
  13. Max Cape

    Congrats bud!
  14. Small Bank Pic

    men?? i have good rares hello!
  15. Small Bank Pic

    watfak men, i have rares too!! i want be included
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