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  1. cant get a repose for pass recov wat a joke 4 days now

  2. trading post l0c

    Later today guys, we'll be testing it.
  3. Game Updates | 3/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    Either tomorrow or the next.
  4. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    Trading Post Very close to being done, were hoping for tonight. A long with this there will be quite a few QoL updates and bug fixes. Thanks guys for waiting this one out!
  5. Game Updates | 3/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    Already fixed, were trying to release everything with the Trading Post.
  6. hybird ffa food

    Eventually we will add support yes. But for now we have bigger things to work on. This second suggestion is rather humorous.
  7. Forum Theme Poll

    Yes but this poll will be for the default look.
  8. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    Trading Post Super excited about this one, it will have a lot of function-ability and I hope most of you guys will enjoy this update! We are currently almost done with it.
  9. Forum Theme Poll

    Bump need more votes.

    I believe that is how OSRS does it. When we have time we can definitely implement something like that. But sadly, in my opinion, we have greater things to be working on. I understand it is a lot of money, but it was designed that way to be a great money sink. The interface and dragging function can be implemented, just at an more opportune time.
  11. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    Updated each main point, to show the amount of progress that has been accomplished thus far. Advertising March 7th - Purchased top-tier advertisement on RuneLocus.
  12. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    Clue Scroll Expansion We have redone all the of the rewards for this expansion so far, we have left the current rare tier rewards and have added the rare OSRS items from the Clue Scroll drop tables. For example, Bowl Wig Fancy Tiara Robes of Darkness 3rd age tools Demon Masks And so much more! Gambling This has come along quite well so far, we have finished the Flower Poker and Dicing system. Currently the dice only supports rolling on the 100-sided dice. We still have a bit to do, Trade type interface, to prevent scamming during FP and Dicing. Boundaries where players are able to dice. Dice & Mithril seeds added to store Crystal Key Rewards Completely rewritten the rewards, there will now be tiers of drop rates instead of the flat rate it once was. The items won't literal junk now, we left the god armors in place, but added a variety of different items, as seen below; Cash stacks: 15m, 25m, 50m, 200m Marble (3) Gold Leaf (3) Gilded Armor Gilded Hasta Builder's Outfit And much more! Combat Re-Write We have quite a bit to mention here, we just released the new system on the beta server for our beta team. So this will be going under intense testing over the course of the next week. Listed below is all the changes we have made: Accuracy Formula Damage Formula Special Attacks Stat Bonuses (pots etc) Equipment Bonuses (still have a lot to fix) Player v. NPC Max Hit Formula Combat Triangle etc. Trading Post Totally forgot to post this above, but basically this is a must in our current economy. Anywho, we have begun working on the interface for this system, not sure when it will be ready as we have tons to do. But I will post an update when we get the interface fully working. Just wanted to give some sort of an update on what we have been working. Thanks guys!
  13. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    Myself or Cayleb will be posting an application form here soon.
  14. Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Update I: 3/07/2018 Update II: 3/08/2018 Update III: 3/08/2018 I think this is long overdue to finally get one of these threads going, I will be posting one of these every 2-3 weeks, with what we will be working on over the course of those weeks. I know being distant while working on Construction and the Combat System rewrite wasn't the best, so I want you all to know exactly what we are working on and why things take so long. So bear with me as we get acclimated to getting these type of posts polished and proper. So without further ado, Vorkath/Rune & Adamant Dragons - Progress: 20% This one is quite obvious, we want this to be rewarding and also a challenge. We will be working on the Galvek boss fight from Dragon Slayer II to gain access to fight Vorakth and the Rune & Adamant Dragons in the Myth's Guild. We finally have enough time to work solely on bugs and content, so you will be seeing a lot more of this as time progresses. I will be updating this thread regarding each and every progress update here. Combat Re-Write - Progress: 80% This has been one of my most dreadful projects, but thus far it has proven successful. We have completely stripped down the combat system and have begun rewriting it from the ground up. This has been in progress for nearly three weeks now and we have come quite a ways. We have redone the max hits, accuracy, defence, prayer, stat bonuses. All that is really left now is to finally balance the stats of equipment and test the overall system. I can't wait for this to be perfected, because it will truly be an innovation for the future of Near-Reality. Crystal Key Rewards - Progress: 95% We are completely redoing the Crystal Key Rewards, as I think it's very necessary because currently the rewards are simply not very rewarding. We want this to be more catered to our face-paced economy, and make it worth it for key collectors and PVMers overall. This will be a very interesting update as it also introduce a plethora of different and new items. This is very much needed, and I'm excited where we go with this. Revenant Caves - Progress: 0% This isn't a very hard update to accomplish as we already have the drop tables and NPCs implemented into the game. We simply need to create the boundaries in the cave, create function-ability for ether and the ancient artifacts & other misc. content that comes along with this update. Excited to see this come into the game very soon. Near-Reality Vote/Donate/In-Game Store Revamps - Progress: 0% This is very much needed as most of the stores are stale and in my opinion dead content. We are going to be re-doing the Vote and Donate store this month, and completely revamp the in-game shops and will be adding a Tier 4 PKP shop, a long with that the ability to sell your items back to the PKP shop at 1/3 the original value. More information will be posted as we get closer to working on these shops. MoTM, SSOM (Mod/Server Support of the Month) - Progress: 0% These were some of my favorite ranks to bestow in our Staff Hierarchy. These are very much needed once again, to motivate and continue to praise our staff members. We will be implementing these ranks by the end of the month. Monthly Community Awards (Best PKer, Most funny, etc.) - Progress: 0% We were going to add these when we had 500+ players online, but simply didn't have the time. I will be manning this project as I think it would be very fun for the community to take part in. If you have suggestions for the type of awards to be obtained, let me know. I would love to make this happen very soon! Weekly Tournaments/Bloodlust - Progress: 0% Lets be honest, Bloodlust has always been a mess for Near-Reality. It's hard to perfect, and very hard to monitor properly. We definitely want to get a proper Bloodlust system in place, but the time is later down the road. In the meantime, I want to get weekly tournaments going for the PKers of our community, and reward winners $250.00. We will be having 5v5, 10v10, 20v20 Clan Tournaments , 1v1 Tournaments, and any others at the request of the community. These will be held weekly and will always hold a prize. 20v20 will be the max amount of members until our playerbase increases. This means your clans will all have access to the same armor much how OSRS do their tournaments. They will be held in a Clan Wars type setting, with the gathering point between teams in the area west of Edgeville Bank. There will also be points rewarded with a shop located in this starting point. More information is to come, but this will be a very important in revamping NRPK's PKing scene. A long with this we will be hosting more events and creating content that caters to PKers in the Wilderness setting. Grotesque Guardians/Ancient Wyverns - Progress: 0% Simple, yet fun and unique update. The Grotesque Guardians will take a bit to do, but the Ancient Wyverns are simple enough to add. This will introduce new items to the game, and more content for PVMers to have have fun and obtain new items. Clue Scroll Expansion - Progress: 90% We have been working on this Expansion Update for quite some time, it's necessary and very important update to the adventurers of Near-Reality. This will include all new rewards and also tiers of rewards. Excited to see what is to come. Wilderness Slayer/Achievements - Progress: 0% We will be implementing Wilderness Slayer and Achievements very soon. This is a very important expansion to our Wilderness. As we need more activity overall. The achievements will include things such as get x amount of Demon kills in the Mage Arena, x amount of Dark Crabs fished etc. For the Wilderness Slayer, it will introduce a whole new side of Slayer, more risk but much more rewarding. Gambling - Progress: 70% Probably one of my favorite updates we have been working on, this will bring along Dicing and Flower Poker. You will be able to buy the Dice Bag, which will also give you the Dicer Rank that allows you to dice. For Flower Poker, we will be offering them in the store for x amount of credits. We haven't decided if we want to implement a interface with this or not. Up for further discussion. Trading Post - Progress: 70% We have begun working on the interface for this system, not sure when it will be ready as we have tons to do. But I will post an update when we get the interface fully working. Advertising - Progress: 15% I know many of you wonder why we aren't advertising as much as we could. Quite frankly, because we are not ready. We want the community to be closer, and for the QoL of the server to be greater. The Wilderness has been in shambles due to the utter lack of a proper Combat System. We have finally almost finished the Combat System and with that, brings a long the plethora of other updates we will be working on. Once we get the Weekly Tournaments and Combat System up and running. I will assure you, you will see an influx of players due to the mass amount of advertising we will be doing. That is all, thanks! March 7th - Purchased top-tier advertisement on RuneLocus. I hope this gave you some insight on what we will be working on and what we have been working on. I'm sorry for keeping you all in the dark during the Combat Rewrite and the major Construction update. We have so much more time, and have also brought along a new Freelance Developer; Mikey. This will allow us to work much quicker and deploy the updates we so desperately need. Thank you all for reading. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  15. Game Updates | 3/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    What's the issue with Nex now?