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  1. Need to change to PayPal man this BMT IS NOT CUTTING IT.

  2. Also No Points

  3. Keep us Updated ?

    We had to spend the last week fixing the Dedicated Server Saving/Logging system, as the way Mistereman (Nick) had the player logs/saving set up, was in no way efficient. The disk space on the machine eventually hit it's capacity and many account could no longer be saved, and were rolled back upon logout. We have manually fixed many accounts, editing line by line to help you guys out. We will have an update this Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Hey u hear about this server called dawntained?

  6. Looking forward to 2019

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I understand there has been a great distance between the administration and the community/staff team. School had begun and I simply did not have enough time for Near-Reality. I have been working on many things and have come to notice I have a great deal more time to start working on Near-Reality nearly full-time. With this, we will have a dedicated development team, including a lead developer, web-developer, and client developer. We will be resurrecting Near-Reality, as Torn and Paganesque have put it, they have done a great number of things for this great community and have been running it with little to no developmental help. Now that I have enough time to properly advertise and run Near-Reality a great deal will begin to change. As I have said in the past we have always wanted to bring a long a poll system into the game, this will be our first addition to the game as this will be a perfect way to view the community’s needs for future content. This game has become very community driven and I really enjoy seeing that, I want to put the time in that is necessary to bring more players back to this server, that this community deserves. These changes will also include advertising once again, we will be setting the server up for success for this coming holiday season/2019. I'm looking forward to what we can accomplish this next year as I know we have the potential to do something great. MIstereman22 will be leaving this server, and the staff team will continue as always, with the wonderful events they have been conducting. The improvements I have seen have given me the motivation needed to recognize the potential we have, for you all to have a community far bigger than in the recent months. A long with a growth in the community, I cannot fathom the amount of content we can implement into the server, it’s endless. As far as the website goes, we will be improving a significant amount of features through out. This is much needed as it is very outdated, the primary features effected will be mainly the Account Panel, Security, Store, Vote Store, and we will begin implementing many more features. I’m very excited for what we have in store and I understand many of you expect these threads from me and dismiss what I have to say, but at this point any further development and progress is better than none. I hope you will begin to see the drastic changes. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  7. soulsplit gang


  8. hi can we get sound effects like the ones in osrs please?

  9. Hi mate long time no see

  10. Upcoming Projects

    What are you even talking about, that was simply a behind the scenes post on what we are working on and what we have planned. And for you to say Vorkath is a simple boss to program is so ignorant it baffles me. Over 25 classes were created for this one boss, whereas in comparison Zulrah has only 11 and took quite a while to program as well. Sure a fully coded system where it would take us a fair amount of time to complete instead of working on more pressing issues and content. Sure, RuneLocus, RSPS-List, TopG, Top100Arena, E-Mail Campaigns and so forth.
  11. Upcoming Projects

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I just wanted to make somewhat of an informational post for you guys. We've been working daily on new and upcoming content (the recent being Vorkath), I hope you all continue to enjoy what were are putting out. We are currently working on Gambling and Last Man Standing. As for Gambling you will be able to buy the hosting rank in the store when we release it, mithril seeds will also be available in the store upon release. Last Man Standing will be a little bit bigger of a content update, it will function much like OSRS's LMS but with a few different changes and so forth. But it will include the LMS map, fog, random spawn drops etc. We are also starting more advertising campaigns because we are finally picking up on our playerbase. So please stay tuned! Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  12. Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I hope you are all doing well, currently we have been stuck in a rut since relaunching. It's quite a tremendous amount of work to throw at one developer. I've been waiting to write this since relaunch as it's very pivotal for us to hire another developer, I would like to welcome Juan back this coming Monday. He will be working full-time for us once again, and will be working with Nick to make NR 200+ again. I have yet to be able to properly advertise as of recent due to BMTMicro paying us vendors only once a month. I still have yet to receive a dime from NRPK and after putting nearly all of my money into the relaunch of NR, we've been short changed since launch. I want you to know I have been online on various alternate accounts, gathering a list of what must be done by myself, my staff team and developers for June 1st. We will be hosting all sorts of events and tournaments on June 1st. Juan will be developing a large amount of content, fixing majority of bugs and issues. As for the economy, we have been busting various bug abusers and have been able to clear out nearly 60% of the pins in the economy and well over 500b. So I hope this gives you guys a little bit of an insight of what we have been doing. A long with this, were going to be working on getting more cash into the economy, initiate a PKP sell-back option, a new rare store, a higher tier PKP shop for people will be more inclined to use the sell-back option. So on June 1st, I will promise you change, and that week a large influx of players as it's nearly Summer for us all! Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  13. Server downtime information - 5/21

    Thanks Nick.
  14. "fu" #NiceWhiteBoard OmegaLUL

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