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  1. 100-400m

    I've got 317m (315m if you want to round down) if you want to buy, Let me know asap on if you want it and price because I'm going to sell to a goldsite if otherwise.

    .. retard.

    Two kills separate not back to back, Liar!
  4. trading post l0c

    Can't wait :).
  5. 331 overloads in 17 mins

    Us rds can buy extreme pots xD
  6. HELLO

    Hey! Welcome to the server, Hope you enjoy your stay Add me in-game if you need help - Thomas.
  7. oi

    You're Randy haha shh
  8. Forum Theme Poll

    Vote for greenfox, Fk this theme I hate it lol. We all love the nostalgia
  9. oi

  10. S T A K E Rg gallery

    Nice wins, Keep it up don't lose it all!
  11. Donating for others

    Require staff MM the trades or add an OMM rank which can MM these trades along with pins upto a certain amount, It would just help out with donations in my opinion but if you guys think it'll cause rwting and such it's not worth adding.
  12. Donating for others

    Simple thread, Make it so you can donate for other players so they can get RD. Benefits: - More donations for advertisements, events, Jacmob's wallet. Negatives: - More RD's. (Meaning we should add higher tier ranks, Which in turn is a benefit in my opinion)
  13. Buying donator pins

    Buying d pins for osrs gp, 2.5m ea my fees. Buying 20-30 quote below.
  14. Flower poker ideas

    There are some servers which have a fully functioning Staking system with Flower poker, Hot/Cold, 55x2 , Blackjack, Dice duel and all I think that's what we should do, I also suggest making it so you can only host/Dice duel and do Flower poker if you have a dice rank which you should have to purchase from the Donation store for $100.