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  1. Tattoo Idea's [WILL PAY]

    I think an autistic child could do better, Thanks anyways
  2. Tattoo Idea's [WILL PAY]

    I'd rather kill myself.
  3. Tattoo Idea's [WILL PAY]

    -Animals (Lions, Birds, wolves, ect.) -There can be color to the design or it can just be Black Ink (Black Ink preferred) -Skulls, Eyes, Time, Flowers, Smoke,Wings, Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, Clouds, Guardian Angel, Cross, (Designs I wouldn't mind being in my Tattoo) -May 12,1998, Thomas in Chinese lettering or in cursive, Love, Undercover, Up (As shows in this image (Things I wouldn't mind being written into the Tattoo) I will add onto this post as I think of other designs, Anything else you'd like to know?
  4. Pre-Update Notes - 6/21/2018

    I love how the picture is from 2013
  5. Tattoo Idea's [WILL PAY]

    I've really wanted a tattoo for some time now and have been trying to think up of some ideas and drawing my own little cool designs. I want something unique, Don't just google images of tattoo's I want you to actually draw up a design I can possibly use. I'm willing to pay up to $50 USD for a design that's unique and that I'd be happy to get on my body. I'm looking for designs for my left arm (From my shoulder down to my wrist) If you want any specifics of any kind or for anything I'd like in a tattoo feel free to comment down below, Otherwise you can just post anything that you think will look remotely good (Be confident in your work, If you're not there's a good chance I might decline your design) I'm posting this on multiple forums just trying to look for a good artist. I WILL NOT JUST STEAL YOUR DESIGN IF I LIKE IT I WILL PAY YOU $50 USD, AS THAT IS NOTHING TO ME. If you don't want $50 USD I'll alternatively give you the subsequent amount in OSRS gp or RS3. T.O.S - You realize I may not pick your design and that you're doing this to POSSIBLY win $50 USD - You won't copy an image from Google, I will be looking heavily all over google, I want the design to be written on Paper with your username signed underneath. Otherwise I will NOT accept your design.
  6. Selling 07/Rs3 gp

    50m MIN sorry. 50M I'll sell for $36 USD (That price may change depending on when you contact me next)
  7. Selling 07/Rs3 gp

    PM me your Skype details or Discord. Currently I'm selling for $0.72/M
  8. Upcoming Projects

    Also, If you're not adding a fully coded system for dicing/flower poker then why is it taking so long to possibly release the rank? Its been 3 months. It's as simple as 1 2 3. It should take no longer then 2 weeks. (Realistically it should take a day, Not even)
  9. Upcoming Projects

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m talking about the fact you’ve been working on half of these updates since March and are finally getting vorkath out.
  10. Upcoming Projects

    1. You've been working on Gambling and Vorkath since March at the very least. How's gambling not coded and fully added? What's going on with your developers? . Vorkath is an easy code, Along with gambling. I don't know how it could possibly take them longer then a month (It took at the very least 3 months), It should take no longer then two weeks in reality (from scratch with having all the animations) 2. Why add a gambling rank when you could very easily add a fully coded system in which everyone is able to gamble on without having to purchase a rank? (Oh wait. Forgot, you're money hungry) 3. Can you name off these advertisements you guys are planning on doing/have done? I'd like to know :). But hey, At least you got an update out so there's that I guess... Good job?
  11. Selling 07/Rs3 gp

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