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  1. Old picture

    Lol sorry man just doing my job
  2. MajorasMask Skilling Service

  3. MajorasMask Questing Service

    still offering this service
  4. Old picture

    i have reciepts of me buying pins but its kinda impossible to say i used them or sold them alright thats fine but none the less wasnt trying to out due you i just dont remember you either so i assumed you came after me
  5. Old picture

    I was way before your time back with eso stefan fat Larry and them
  6. Old picture

    Seems as though I've lost all my photos before I was staff. Does anyone have any photos or videos of me ingame with my expansion rank? If so would be appreciated and I'll see about helping you in game when I get it back
  7. *COMPLETED* 100 Mcdonalds Chicken Nugget Challenge!

    Still the same I see much friend lol
  8. MajorasMask Skilling Service

    Bump back at it again
  9. MajorasMask Questing Service

  10. Game Updates | 3/21/2019

    nice work
  11. MajorasMask Questing Service

    Mobasedog is an old friend
  12. MajorasMask Questing Service

    Bump back at it again
  13. MajorasMask Skilling Service

    Bump back at it again
  14. MajorasMask Skilling Service

    MajorasMask Skilling Service Now offering a few free leveling for vouches I am here to offer everyone a chance at an account that you want, skills beyond your wildest dreams. I am here to help you skip the boring part of RS. Skills I currently offer to train BY HAND Magic RuneCrafting Agility Herb theiving Crafting Fletch Mining Smithing Fishing Cooking Woodcutting Firemaking Each skill will be priced differently depending on starting and ending level. I am not going to be doing 1-99 as I do have to do this all by hand and will have multiple clients that I must care for. Everything will be done by hand which means no bots and that it may take longer than most sites that will use some form of botting. Rules for my service Magic Rules You must have all runes purchased You will tell me how you want this trained, ie High alch, air bolt, ice barrage RuneCrafting Rules You will provide all ess, pure ess, stamina potions You will tell me which rune you wish me to craft for you Agility Rules You will tell me which course you want me to complete You will provide me with a substantial amount of food and stamina potions Herb Rules You will provide me with all the items to craft these potions, or provide me the cash to buy the ingredients You will tell me which potion you wish me to make while training this skill Theiving Rules You will tell me which stall, or person to gain XP from Food would expedite the process Crafting Rules You will tell me what you want me to craft Tanning the hides will cost extra, and you MUST provide me with the cash to tan the hides You will tell me what item you want me to craft Fletching Rules You will provide the items necessary to gain xp You will tell me what you want me to fletch for you, magic bows, logs Mining Rules You will tell me which ores you want me to mine You may request power mining, which means I drop all ores and just gain the xp, this not only will save me time it will get you faster levels, and may be lower rate Smithing Rules You will provide the necessary bars, and a hammer Crafting bars from ores will cost extra, and will take longer Fishing Rules You will tell me what you want to fish, and will leave your account where you want me to fish You may request power fishing which means I drop all fish that I get and continually fish, this not only saves time but I may be more inclined to give you a lower price Cooking Rules You will have all the raw fish ready for me to cook, I cook at cooks guild, or lumby (may provide me with cooking gloves) I am not responsible for any burnt fish that occurs from you have to low a level to successfully cook every fish Woodcutting Rules You will provide the best wc axe you are able to use You may request power woodcutting which means that I will drop all logs that I get and continuously cut logs, I may be more inclined to give you a lower price Firemaking Rules You will provide all logs and a tinderbox At any time I may request more materials if needed to gain more xp. I WILL require access to your bank, and yes this means your bank pin (unless you request powerleveling). Asking for my service will automatically accept any and all terms of service set forth in this threadTerms of Service I am not responsible for any bans set on an account You will not log into the account while I am training a skill for you You will not change your password while im training You may log into the account after i am done with it for the day Progress reports are always available for you via pictures You will pay first and will get your levels in a reasonable amount of time I am able to play for 8 hours most days, take this into account when you chose to use my service
  15. MajorasMask Questing Service

    MajorasMask Questing Service Offering to do a few free short quests for vouches Obviously you are here because you need quests done. Well look no further I am here to ease that burden.I am able to do most quests and I will be doing them all in a timely manner after payment has been discussed and made.Payment will be made before quest is started. I am very lenient on pricing so I am open to discussion.Rules: You will have all requirements for quests done. You will have all items ready for me when I log into the account You will not log into the account until I tell you that it is okay You will give me access to bank account if necessary for the quest, ex those that require food, or longer quests like DT I will complete the whole quest start to finish as soon as payment has been made and agreed upon I have the right to refuse anyone any service or the right to deny quests if i feel that I am not up to doing it Logging in, changing pass, or disrupting my time on your acc will be immediate grounds for canceling the continuation of the quest with a 0% chance of refund. You must accept all the above rules in order to use my service. I am available most days from 3pm-9pm est.Payments accepted currentlyOSGP
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