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  1. Moving Forward | Important Information

    Nice of you to finally post and come back
  2. Update on the Updates

    How far is that future? Week ? Month? 5 months?
  3. Forums Ranks

  4. Update on the Updates

    Idk I get yall have irl stuff but you guys have nothing not even the slightest update for us in game been almost 2 months since anything new was added. You should be releasing smaller updates to keep people entertained. Even like planned events. Or changing something in game or even weekly contests something so we aren't just pvming all day long
  5. what happend?

    Literally every time they have big talk and slow follow up I said earlier they need to do more frequent updates intbween the huge ones
  6. Good luck

    My time has come I have a baby girl on the way and dont have much time to put into the game anymore. I really think the game needs more constant updates, not much has changed since I played it a year and a half ago excpet the player base has gone from 100 constant to 50-60. Ill be around on the forums and help promote the server but wont be in game anymore. Hope for nothing but the best for the server and maybe ill come back when more poeple are online to play.
  7. MajorasMask RS Service

  8. Small Bank Pic

    Accidentally gets banned and bank wipped
  9. MajorasMask RS Service

  10. Some recent wins

    share i tbed
  11. MajorasMask RS Service

  12. Twisted Bow

  13. forum avatars

    I mean this would be nice but maybe later?
  14. RDI QoL Suggestions

    kq is literally uselss anyway no one cares about lava whips and no one cames them at di so everyone can just go there. rdi and ldi need to have some upgrades with the influx of people about to be on there. adding more benefits to the islands is always a bonus to them and givin them early so that those who kept the server alive can continue to do so would be great
  15. MajorasMask RS Service

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