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  1. YAW YEET.

    MANY THANKS FRIENDS!!!! im lovin it!! good upgrade from barrows whip!
  2. YAW YEET.

    ya sadly i got killed by kbd lol
  3. YAW YEET.

    HEY NOOO, I VOTED FAIR AND ^2! And thank you all! took me 29 days but well worth it! KICKing SOME KBD @$$ atm
  4. YAW YEET.

    haha thanks all!!!
  5. YAW YEET.

  6. YAW YEET.

    !!!! OMG
  7. Had a bit of luck, bank goal exceeded.

    nice! did u use a row for all those drops?
  8. Player Spotlight! Sociopath

  9. As per the picture

    thxxx trying!! got a focus sight the other day so i know the numbers work :3
  10. As per the picture

    ohhh i see, ok sorry, I didnt know.... but hey, id love it if we can get sound effects in game ty :D, used to watch fairly odd parents a lot thought of this situation
  11. As per the picture

  12. As per the picture

  13. As per the picture

    HAHA, i once asked cayleb to add sound effects into the game, he said he's not the developer (he has a "D" on his chat crown).... OMFG IDK who to talk to for sound effects in NR!!!!
  14. As per the picture

    LAWL, YALL FUNNY ~~~! Yea im gonna camp nezics now
  15. As per the picture

    :D, its my new signiture (until i get one)
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