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  1. ick imma kill u grody boy

  2. Where the staffers

    New Zealand = Australia? I agree we need more staff members in that time zone, but that requires qualified players to exist in said time zone.
  3. Integrity

    I'm pretty sure every admin on old NR scammed at least one massive RSGP trade LOL! Not to mention the raiding of accounts and various other forms of abuse. The glory days of NR.
  4. Buying xbox live

    They do but i'm strapped for cash IRL, so I may as well use my online resources to purchase one since I have them currently.
  5. comp cape re work

    It was reverted to the max cape model, because it was causing some FPS loss issues. It seems to be a very complicated issue for some odd reason, and with the currently complicated developer situation, this may be a long shot at this point in time.
  6. Top PKers

    There is a long list of wilderness things that are meant to be in the works, and implemented by now, but unfortunately due to a complicated developer situation, any updates will likely be put off for the time being.
  7. Buying xbox live

  8. Buying xbox live

  9. Buying xbox live

  10. Buying xbox live

    I am willing to pay in either OSGP or pins, so please let me know the duration of xbox live you have and we can discuss a price! Thanks lads, IKU
  11. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    In-Game User: imma kill u Feedback on Rules: These holes ain't loyal
  12. Imma Kill U's Resignation

    Hello NR community, I am sad to announce that I have decided to leave the staff team today. Unfortunately, there's several things, such as school and work, in my daily life that have limited my game time over the past couple of months. Near Reality has brought me several unforgettable memories, and some even more unforgettable friends. The group of staff members that have stayed with NR through this miserable drought have put in copious hours to make the game as enjoyable as possible. Every single one of them is an intelligent, hard working individual, and I could not have asked for better people to work with. They're doing absolutely everything they can for you, the community. Unfortunately, their work can only go so far without more effort from certain members. Finally, I want to thank the community here for always keeping me on my toes. Whether it was friendly conversation, banter, or anything between, it was always a pleasure to interact with so many people. Thank you for everything, NR. I hope things turn around one day. Much love, Imma kill u
  13. Buying xbox live

    Looking to purchase an xbox live code for 07 gp. Prices will vary depending on the duration of the membership you have. Shoot me a message or post here. Best wishes, IKU
  14. Farewell NR

    Had some great chats with you from time to time, JP. Best of luck in your future endeavors! Best wishes, IKU
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