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  1. Rabbi's Bank Pictures

    Eco seems to be a lot more shared out now. Idk if that’s just me I see you have maybe 500, ducks has a lot and a few others normally one guy has like 1t. If only the game had players ay
  2. Rabbi's Bank Pictures

    do you own eco?
  3. rdi spec

    I don’t really see why you would need a spec timer there anyway when most of you have thoks
  4. Where my old timers at?

    We can tell you nerd
  5. Dharok's Tournament - Sept 14, 2018

    Ingame name: eat rocktails.
  6. I run the show.

    How dare you even. Only one person is allowed to give permission and that’s me. FOOL! We gl
  7. rdi spec

    Well if you just have unlimited dclaw and korasi specs hitting 60s killing some bosses In like 3 hits. Read between the lines dumby
  8. rdi spec

    Oh yeah just make rdi even more op and fuck up the eco more then it already is
  9. Where my old timers at?

    V11 for me was the best but I started out on v9.2
  10. Where my old timers at?

    Lol the real vet? Didn’t know you played
  11. When the king comes back.

    in fact my posts are the complete opposite. it's satire.
  12. When the king comes back.

    Only if your Mexican pepecheer
  13. When the king comes back.

    Pvmer please. I’m like thanos your like the black pantha i slap you about in the wild
  14. When the king comes back.

    I really don’t blame you bud haha it’s in a bad state atm
  15. Infernal Comp

    shux going into the wild is like rytur not shit posting on forums. just doesn't happen
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