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  1. Abby Dagger

  2. Newspost! 10-16-18

    Totally cool dude
  3. Buying xbox live

  4. New Manager and Communtity Manager

    Don’t worry it will do. Always does
  5. Issh's Animated GFX Gallery

  6. New Manager and Communtity Manager

    You are dumb. Just delete your forums account. Before I make you quit
  7. New Manager and Communtity Manager

    Legit what I try to get at all the time, all though most staff are fucking retards they aren’t to bad and know how to do there job. But that money hungry cunt will doesn’t do anything but sit back and snort coke with the money he gets from the virgins still donating, he should have seen by now how much potential this server has.
  8. Old but gold

    Me to man, brings a sence of nostalgia doesn’t it!
  9. Old but gold

    I have a few more mate but just didn’t want to clutter the post I could have added 50 more:( I agree ironcc was fun until we both got kicked from the clan we created gg man k3
  10. Old but gold

    If staff would like to delete this guys post please would be very much appreciated.
  11. Buying xbox live

  12. Old but gold

    These are just some random pics from season 1 bloodlust my personal favourite of near reality. (V16) Da Ironman bank b4 da stake also had 3b cash but dropped traded for pin Very fun pk trip clring da server Back when server was fun First lime pk Spy paranoia at its worst Please no flame on this post just sharing a few old memories from this version of nr now that my laptop has broke and I can’t play anymore I just wanted to have a look back on some of the goof times I had Iron cc!!
  13. The post I didn't want to make today

    Can honestly say will has killed this server our last hope is gone #FUCKWILL
  14. The Time Has Come

    Wow I honestly did not see this coming might not have the best of relationships but you are genuinely a cool guy good luck in the future mate.
  15. While Gangbang sleeps

    Bro you legit log on for 10 mins flame at edge nearly die to luckybamf then log off. Your irrelevant
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