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  1. type 1 if u want another eco reset

    few months from now Thread title: "type 1 again if you want another eco reset" I mean come on its common sense, basically impossible to have a normal eco on a rsps when the items of value have an unrealistic drop rate compared to the real thing.
  2. New guy

    jk hi
  3. The NR Veteran

    Right back down to slave status Hi OP
  4. Donation Refunds

    ^^^ Grinderscape donation or am i missing something here...
  5. LEND button?

    It's not that simple, it most likely would have to be rewritten to match his base. As well adding the client configuration would be a pain.
  6. Old NR

    no worries you're good
  7. Old NR

    Sorry to inform you but thats not old nr, just a remake.
  8. Near-Reality Staff Evaluation

    what fuckery did i just read
  9. UPDATE NOTES- 06/02/2018

  10. When NR logs you out mid NH

  11. 750

  12. Voting is Back Up

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