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    You shouldn’t have made that exploit public. On my way to fix it

  3. hola

    Hola Papito.
  4. Add pk points for last man standing

    It works :O. We just had a war recently (:
  5. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    All our current OSRS items stats now match the OSRS item stats. Perhaps we could list you some of the main items of RS3 that have been balanced to be in the pair with OSRS ones?
  6. Pre-Update Notes - 6/21/2018

    Don't leak confidential information please...
  7. Pre-Update Notes - 6/21/2018

    Seems legit. We almost finish this EOC update.
  8. Bank Achieved - 5 Weeks Of Effort

    Spread some love :,(
  9. PVMARENA, better ideas

    I like this idea. @Posin any suggestions or opinions about this?
  10. Vorkath - Guide + Mechanics

    Thank you for your guide! I hope you enjoyed the boss as much as a I did. I must admit what a challenging boss to code! edit: I’m aware of some issues in killing the monster with melee. That will be fixed soon.
  11. Vorkath Release

    We do have player beta testers. The issue is test world automatically logs in EVERY player as a Developer. issue is fixed along with divine
  12. Vorkath Release

    I apologize for the issue. The issue is we as admin and developers testing on beta world have the ability to bypass walls and objects that arent walkable. We fully tested the boss without issues and when we released it we found out region wasn't added for that mapdata so normal players couldn't walk into the area.
  13. Update Notes - 6/16/2018

    Post vorkath gg photos. and also tell me the boss experience, was it good enough for you guys?
  14. PvM Arena Suggestion - Gano Limit

    Suggestion accepted. Only one ganodermic may spawn in the arena at the same time.
  15. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    Sorry for the lack of work. I finished university the 8th of this month. Since that day been working on fixes and new stuff keep updated for the next update!
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