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    You shouldn’t have made that exploit public. On my way to fix it

  3. hola

    Hola Papito.
  4. Update Notes- 07/03/2018

    All our current OSRS items stats now match the OSRS item stats. Perhaps we could list you some of the main items of RS3 that have been balanced to be in the pair with OSRS ones?
  5. Vorkath - Guide + Mechanics

    Thank you for your guide! I hope you enjoyed the boss as much as a I did. I must admit what a challenging boss to code! edit: I’m aware of some issues in killing the monster with melee. That will be fixed soon.
  6. Update Notes - 6/16/2018

    Post vorkath gg photos. and also tell me the boss experience, was it good enough for you guys?
  7. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    Sorry for the lack of work. I finished university the 8th of this month. Since that day been working on fixes and new stuff keep updated for the next update!
  8. Update Notes- 05/27/2018

    Great work
  9. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    Been waiting for the new developer since January!
  10. Thank you @K4rn4ge for the amazing work you did.
  11. Unbelievable in only 3 days you did this many fixes and updates?
  12. Game Updates | 01/10/2018

    Hello Near Reality community! Some of the updates this week are as follows: * Demonic Gorilla have been added in the wilderness (Use the World Map). * Armadyl Crossbow special attack graphic has been fixed. * Fixed a client bug with OSRS animations. * Christmas snow and event has been removed. * Ballista can be crafted using the items dropped by the Demonic Gorilla. * Bloodkeys are no longer tradeable in the wilderness. * Twisted bow now has a keep on death price. * Fixed Tekton and previous monsters not announcing the drops. * Crafting process for Zenyte shards have been fixed. * Christmas tree pathfinding issue has been fixed. Note: Demonic Gorillas AREN'T easy monsters so please take a look at guide to kill them.
  13. United nations: Now open

    Player name: In real life or in game?Why you?: I'm not good at pk but it seems that I can spawn items Thanks.
  14. Game Updates | 01/04/2018

    Hello Near Reality community! Some of the updates this week are as follows: * Cerberus Crystal shards no longer shows as null items. * Some Dragon Bones weren't useful before, they have been fixed. * Bandos Godsword special attack has been decreased to 50%. * Hellhound slayer task should be completable with Cerberus now. * An Agility rope exploit has been fixed. * "Al Shabim" dialogue has been fixed, now it redirects correctly to the vote page. * Degraded Statius Warhammer has been fixed. * Korasi double special attack in single zones has been fixed. * Dragon spear double special attack in single zones has been fixed. * Blood Keys chest rewards probability has been decreased (making them easier to be obtained) * To craft the new Zenyte items follow the next steps: 1) Use the Zenyte Shard with an Uncut Onyx. 2) Use any Chisel on the Uncut Zenyte. 3) Use the Zenyte in a furnace with the mold of the item you want to craft. The following items have been buffed and incremented their kept on death value: * Kodai Wand. * Ancestral set. * Abyssal dagger. * Elder Maul. * Infernal Cape. * Twisted Buckler. * Twisted Bow. * Heavy Ballista. * Dragon Throwing Axe. * Team Capes, X, I, Zero. * Amulet of Torture. * Necklace of Anguish. * Tormented Bracelet. * Ring of Suffering. In the next update we are revamping the "Pk Rewards" and "Ship Tickets" shops and Possibly revamping the Crystal chest. We are listenning to your suggestions about the new shop items and wanted future content on THIS thread.

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