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    In-Game User: Tsm Epop Feedback on Rules: Dont die
  2. Vorkath Release

    So whos smart idea was it to release vorkath in such a broken incomplete state? like you need to use a spell on it to get into melee distance to wake it up and on top of that you cant even move to dodge the rapid fire attack. Like are you guys even trying anymore? "Lets release Vorkath but the catch is, its half done!!!"
  3. Ironman RNG

    LOLOL why do you have 10
  4. Kraken drops in lake

    Can we please fix Kraken dropping clues in the lake? I was happy to see my iron got an elite clue to find out its in the lake where i can not get it.
  5. Mage Arena

    It's not something HUGE but it would make use of the Mage Arena drops from the mages. Since infinity is useless you guys could make it to where the infinity is sellable to kolodian for 1 mage point each piece. That way it makes use of those items while not being too OP for the shop.
  6. Update Notes - 6/13/2018

    eeeeee noice update
  7. The Struggles

    "please dont wipe me" L0L

    In-Game User: Tsm Epop Where I prefer the tournament be held: Mage Bank Feedback on rules: None
  9. Update Notes 6/11/2018

    gr8 update
  10. Fighter Helm

    its not even op lel
  11. Double Exp

    100% supot
  12. Buff Ring of Slaying

    I mean itll tele you to your boss even if its 50 wild so what u complaining for?
  13. Near-Reality's Most Offensive Player Names

    god damn i love you
  14. Bank Was Made

    tbh that could be me but im gay and play an iron
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