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  1. New gano

    Where ::TD gone can we bring back?
  2. New gano

    Do u think that 1500 damage works?..i dont think so... this way looks good then but i think about that 1500 if its works
  3. New gano

    Hey, Please leave a message to know how its bad with with gano drops, i mean i kill him all time but some one coming on 3000hp and getting drops, we dont have a skull there please make gano as 5 peoples who hit most get drops not who coming and hitting with leg 20 hp... or something similiar avoid drop froids to non sence gear and level.
  4. Review Moder magic

    Hello, Want talk about telblock and egtangle.. For me look strange after i get 160+ magic def but any way i get tb from and snare from first time but hello, why mage defence not working on this things?...Peoples give me teleblock with 2 peaces of ahrims wtf? Please let me know what do u think about moder magic and mage defence. Like i think chances more to pker side because mage defence is poor in game...
  5. Mute for?:D

    Lol..When i sayed to peoples to change server?.Wtf.. I complain for new peoples!...Sayed the fuck is going on with that shares... Better do 150 event 1bea, things as b i rings, sol, chaos items d kites dfs, borrows things more for easy accces pk in edge... But u cunts wearing fucking most rare and expensive gear and kill them all with hate. some of them never can finish wild task because killed by same person 20 times 30min, then shows no honor but shame on server if u dont have a point why enoy players until they change server, remember then u start game how hard was to understand this server things. Do u morons from clan care them to keep them?..U feel better then guy coming with maybe 5m gear and u killing him every time he comes for pvm, i understand 1 time for points maye loot, 2 times is ok maybe he got somthing to loot, 3rd time i dont get this maybe i dont have that pvp feeling but if no point to kill why abuse, be friends teach something to be better on next pker. But gay fighters runing around tiping some shit and killing saying we are in wild, yes i know u are in wild kill him 1 2 maybe 3 times, but after that is already have meaning bad...U destroy that player hope to play, or interest in to server because super gear owners dont think what they doing in morale way, i gues even dont think how to be better how to make things better, but some peoples beheave is wrong. RESPECT YOURS ENEMY IN ALL WAYS IT POSIBLE IT IS WAR NOT A DOG FIGHT! Yes my english bad but thanks jagex i ccan write and talk well even didint learn lenguge in school but get all in game:D Can i ask you how many lenguges your self can speak because u own lenguage is easiest in world even without lesions. I talk 4 lenguages, understand well all of them maybe tiping is not my thing but i very sure for u is very far to reach my level then respect forein who respects you and tries to talk in your lenguage.O maybe u can talk with me in spanish?.Or russian? oh dear u cannot:D.. Then shut yours small mouth about lesions.
  6. Gano drop

    +1 cancel gano from drops...
  7. Mute for?:D

    Lol not a bosses best making money methode:D.... That i sure Staff cannot take sides thats clear!...
  8. Zulrah..Easy kills

    Hello Nr players, Quick Guide to get BlowPipe 1/600 drop rate, Serp 1/600 drop rate Its is not so easy even drop rate is high drops is rare, and kill this boss without getting drop is profitable but not very, Sara pots, Moho planks that makes little money for it just going for main drops is BlowPipe(12.5b) and Serp helm(2b) it is guide price count from lime...Take a look how easy is to kill that boss after 10-15 kills you will remember Zulrah moves and it will be to easy. First lets see High gear fight: Edge shop gear basic: And Barrows gear(My self start game first 600 kills): Thanks for watching please ask any questions will make more videos, Wild bosses. It is my first video in my life made by me, Gl in zulrah dont scare kill him loots for start is amazing. Thanks
  9. Mute for?:D

    on video 24/7 can smile every one then see me:D Will do videos direct to owners:D...Lets see how staff support players, with nice titles:D
  10. Mute for?:D

    i dont care i muted or not..Its not that point.. I just want to know what rule i brake?.And what i done wrong why my speech is muted insult some one?. Let me know before i appiel what rule brake and what i done wrong?
  11. Mute for?:D

    What do mean by word flame?... I mean do i hurt any one?... U call every thing what u dont want to see flame?. Then maybe stop for secound and think why players flame make sure no one want flame or what ever that word is fix every thing fair to every one in all ways!!!!!. Done 150b event for clans can i ask u then we will have ffa 150b?. U see every time server(Non players) share goods we never so them:DD. Make it fair comon Hp event 150b thats mean we are waiting for ffa 150b, maybe one like DH event 150b, Mbox 150b. lets me see that make every thing for very one needs. Or you forget if i start game 2 ago maybe i dont have a lime for hit 50 in hp event. thats point is you make rich richer, but peoples who need keep in server to grow u just abuse them not directly. Or can i ask how many new players was last month and how many from them left, why?...Because then u start game here without friends u are fucked or can kill zurlah 2000 times for bp with magic bow or just log out and go play cs.go with bots:D. Developers stop make server better for existing players first!!!!!. Make server fun to peoples who start to keep them. 150b, how many barrows whips, dh sets,dfs,sols, chaotic gear and more gear u can provide from this money every ffa. Make gano hit hard to every one, change stile every hit then no teams will be left there we all kill or we all die.No afk gano:D I can write here a lot.No admins in teams!!!!!!!!!!!.Thats must be clear! No masive give away to rain because they hold wild 24/7 spread money to all events!!!! No ban or mutes for true!!!!!!!!!! Before u do stupid updates let us try and vote!.U change gano now let us vote if we want keep it Respect every player, make a report system, hide things as fuck to fu*** or somthing,Its very important because i never will let my child to this server, lenguage in server to strong!. Destroy it More guides in to game for new players inside game not forum no normal person stay in forum and read news... Feel free add more who think can help. I dont make any post for sugestions or any thing els just let u know what my opinion today! .Keep players not RAIN or deferent clans. Clans can make events for them selfs from pk loot, Admins Stop support any clans, or groups!.U want play with clan then create alt and dont use yours name in clan that is fucking wrong new peoples think deferent about game then u 10 years in it!..Think before admin doing something u lead peoples. But then person sow dmin in clan thats it automaticly clan got mental power on player. SOrry hard to explain in english my mind dont know right words..But hope understand wankers makevotes every day!.Thanks
  12. Mute for?:D

    I get mute withuot reason, i complain admin dont want listen mute me:D....Yes i talk a lot, but i am a free man, i dont abuse no one, saying what i thinking if u dont like why u mute me?..Its is 1 of my rights talk, and no one have a right take freedom without no reason... I understand we are muted then peoples trie to say or change somthing feels as every thing is hiden but from what?. Give me reason with one goes with rules then i feel better. If o reason please unmute
  13. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

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