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  1. 2 Questions!

    oke, that makes alot of sanse…..! xd
  2. 2 Questions!

    im adicted…
  3. 2 Questions!

    its your opinion, i look from different side. i love to grind drops, and dont stake them xd Ironman is always been what i love, and it will stay that way, no meter what..
  4. 2 Questions!

    i don't vote for stuff, + its more fun, if u don't try it you wont get it mate
  5. 2 Questions!

    1 Iron falls, 2 Rises. I did it for greater good!
  6. 2 Questions!

    F. U are rite.... :\
  7. 2 Questions!

    Kinda want To Acme is main. And make new ironman.
  8. 2 Questions!

    Ironman or Normie? Y/N?
  9. Event time

    Desert! ITS DESERT! i am comming……. oh f**k i am a ironman, i cant trade…..
  10. Max E-Kits Incoming

    Wow, u had some guts i see. I would not be able to do that. XD
  11. Weekly News & Events

    Congratulations on Promotion Diabolik and Holaman. Good luck all participants on events, prizes looks awesome.
  12. Ironman Luck? 03.12.2018

    thanks, gonna get another drop today.
  13. Sneak Peak: E-Kits!

    Rytur got a realy nice point, have to dissable it at pvp….
  14. e-kits thoughts

    Imo, they can add it untill they add new boss, harder then others. cuz if they dont its will be even more easyscape. suggestion - add hard af boss in wildy. soo ppl go there with their e - kit. it will make pvp little bbit better. but not alot better and pvp is shitty cuz, there isnt that much player base.
  15. Sneak Peak: E-Kits!

    wow, i want one!! xd good job guyz!
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