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  1. PvM Poll

    I'm liking the discussion on Raids, please do take your time though to make the best out of it. Work smart, not hard. I wouldn't mind some new items, makes the game even more challenging and rewarding, however it doesn't necessarely have to be only obtainable through NPCs only. You mentioned a potential slayer shop rework, you could put the innovative item(s) in there? Thanks
  2. QoL Poll

    I like most of these, very good! Resetting pets will definately give them a high value (No1 is gonna get hurt losing a useless pet), I'd also like to see a Pet from PK'ing, 1/5K chance perhaps. And yes yes yes @Crystal Chest update!
  3. PvP Poll

    I like PvP being the focus here I do believe tournies/events for OSRS will have people more excited to join, the titles are definately a cool reward too. Solo Bloodlust (for $$) would most definately increase wilderness activity aswell, IF you start advertising it beforehand to get enough (old) players/pkers to join. No point if you do it instantly, since there's only a handful of solo pk'ers out there atm.
  4. PVP Suggestion

  5. Pet Benefits

    Drop rate increases aren't necessary However I like this idea, voted yes!
  6. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    Awesome, thanks!
  7. Upcoming Projects

    Good to hear from you, Will. The updates are great, a gambling spot potentially becomes a place for people to hang out, sell rares, have prices checked and such as well as gambling. Would love to see the server get a little more PK related aswell. #makenrgreatagain
  8. Update Notes - 6/13/2018

    This is an interesting update, I will dig my clues again.. Thank you!
  9. Update Notes 6/11/2018

    I like this, thank you
  10. UPDATE NOTES- 06/09/2018

    Does that mean Summona gives you regular tasks before 30pts or do you have to change masters?
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