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  1. Game Updates | 03/12/2019

    Awesome, thanks!
  2. Potential Game improvement Ideas

    This is supposed to be NRPK. What you're wanting to imply just gives people more reasons to stay away from the wilderness to go pvm/skill. No need to change the purpose of the game, btw soulsplit went down for a reason
  3. Rev Emblems and Wildy Slayer Poll

    Nice although the ballista pieces shouldn't be added to the Slayer shop imo, you'll be seeing more of them anyways due to the master assigning Gorillas as a task.
  4. Berserker pure, my favorite type of pure! Congratulations to the winners and like mentioned above, thank you Slim Shaco.
  5. deg vesta (new)

    My honest thought, it shouldn't be kept on death while wearing it as people will abuse it or scam when risk fighting. HOWEVER, I definately think it should be buffed, just like deg vesta was always better than reg vesta. Surely this will make it a much more demanded item.
  6. Skilling for Clues

    the best baby!
  7. Skilling for Clues

    Good guide, I'm sure many people had no clue about this. Keep uppp
  8. TekTon To Safe Zone

    Hahahh this silly quote made me laugh so hard lool on topic: i think thats the risk of killing tek'ton, after all his drops are insanely rewarding

    I downvote this, I'm sure it can be annoying but you should be careful after all, it's the wilderness. You either don't get caught whilst pvm'ing or you fight back like a man whilst pk'ing. A teleblock won't save him if he's alone. Besides who doesnt love tanking a full teleblock?
  10. Upcoming Projects

    Good to hear from you, Will. The updates are great, a gambling spot potentially becomes a place for people to hang out, sell rares, have prices checked and such as well as gambling. Would love to see the server get a little more PK related aswell. #makenrgreatagain
  11. Update Notes - 6/13/2018

    This is an interesting update, I will dig my clues again.. Thank you!
  12. Update Notes 6/11/2018

    I like this, thank you
  13. The Best Way to do Zulrah

    I thought I was super fast, this is interesting, trying it out asap!
  14. Bank Achieved - 5 Weeks Of Effort

    You've been a good boy for 5 weeks!
  15. Buff Ring of Slaying

    Would be cool if they teleported you to the bosses available @di
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