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  1. Road To All Pets

  2. Losing a 25b stake to a 1?

    LOOL that’s some shit rng that is.
  3. Corp Beast Completed

    Dauym, good job. Looks juicy as fk
  4. Pin Exchange?

    Tbh pins are only used for the exchange of nrgp to 07, as long as that’s possible I don’t think anyone will care with what happens with the current pins
  5. Buying 35-40 di pins OVERPAYING NRGP

    Got christians and jelly bought some of my stuff for a thok
  6. Buying 35-40 di pins OVERPAYING NRGP

    can be yours if you have the pins
  7. Buying 35-40 di pins OVERPAYING NRGP

    Offer includes 3 thoks and 17b cash+more
  8. Buying 35-40 di pins for 100-120b pm me or message me on discord-MattDaBeast#1715
  9. That's pretty neat.

    Lucky as fk
  10. I have ROW + Drop rate...

    Rip lmfao.

    fix pls
  12. New Custom Client *poll this*

  13. Good job on the updates
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