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  1. SERVER WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im down ign extream love
  2. Slayer

    maybe for wildy tasks the cash would give more incentive for people to do wildy slayer
  3. THK Need A PREP WAR!!!

    people pk wait what?
  4. Keep us Updated

    you think he will respond thats a joke
  5. buying dpins

    buying dpins for 07 my fee hmu ingame
  6. Upcoming Projects

    i agree with what hes saying here. will you have been hella inactive i think we deserve an explanation. we also have not been getting updates on what you are doing it took you over a month to post this from the last update that you did its starting to seem like will dosnt even care about the server....
  7. Upcoming Projects

    when are we getting pking updates? i feel this is massively overdue...
  8. Update Notes 6/11/2018

    more fucking pvm content and non wildy at that fuck off..
  9. New Updates | Welcoming a New Developer

    so updates soon?
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