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  1. I dced in fight its sad but its not reason for quitting game. I don't enjoy playing server with 30-40 players online and the fact you can buy 35b cash for 20dollars ruins the game for me
  2. Your name is not really worth gearing but pm me when u get gear
  3. Edge come now i ask mods to yell our fight lets see who goes down or do you scare now ?
  4. funny how low u are even i used only mage and melee l0l.
  5. Wow u won me once when i had no ammo with me gz
  6. I run the show.

  7. I run the show.

    I don't need runepouch to be best.
  8. I run the show.

    I already took u down when you had max gear on and you gave me 100m ticket L0L.
  9. Jellyman226 R.I.P green slayer

    Nope i dont have alt just unlucky.
  10. Jellyman226 R.I.P green slayer

    U won stake ? And u come to flex here ? no words....
  11. If any of u mods see this post please feel free to unmute me ing...i was realy drunk when i prayed that kid to die irl and im sry.
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