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  1. Can you unban me this is biggest joke I ever seen.

  2. #freegodlix

    nice name
  3. #freegodlix

    I'd like to know who I told to spam cc ?who I scammed and for what ?
  4. #freegodlix

    Yeah Doicare first I give away 200b in giveaways for community then I try to scam people for 600m (000000000000,1$) seems legit
  5. #freegodlix

    Good argument.
  6. #freegodlix

    Interesting argument.
  7. #freegodlix

    I think it's good for players to see the reason why he banned me
  8. Scorch's Introduction

    It's kinda sad that you have so long history but you are still no namer - Godlix
  9. #freegodlix

    So...luckybamf jailed me like you all know and forced me to choose of 2 options I need to give him my armor set or he will ban me ? I tried to ask him why I'm getting banned but he told me I don't need to know that ? This player is anyway hoping me to get aids and raped irl but it's not against game rules ? I chose to take ban because I don't feel like he used hes rank right. Be careful ingame you might get banned if some random kid tells stories to mods behind your back Hope torn will look into luckybamfs actions in game this is not first time I see him making hes own rules. kinda bad mistake by near-reality and I hope you can still fix your status as Admin even you made yourself look bad One and only - Godlix
  10. UN/Bloodlust Discussion Group Applications

    You are new as fuck.
  11. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    So only requirement for this clan is to be either new as fuck or a nonamer and not be able to get anyone down on 1vs1 nh but it's always fun and good for the server to see newplayers (pile of trash) patrolling around wilderness. I wish you best of luck with this clan maybe one day you will get kills with 10 players.
  12. Need Pk clan

    You realy need clan u can't pk alone
  13. first?

    No namer.
  14. I dced in fight its sad but its not reason for quitting game. I don't enjoy playing server with 30-40 players online and the fact you can buy 35b cash for 20dollars ruins the game for me
  15. Your name is not really worth gearing but pm me when u get gear
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