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  1. Changes To RD Status.

    Desperate to try get more donators lel.
  2. taking a break from nr

    gr8 thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  3. Every update you are adding RS content and trying to re-create RS on this server. There has been no new content which isn't "NR". Old NR added its own content and ideas - think of the custom items it brought over the years, the custom content, etc. You've basically just made a shit RS.
  4. Rabbi's suggestion thread

    Honestly none of these will actually help wilderness activity. You can't make people want to PK. There is too much wrong with this server to make people want to PK. Advertising people to go castles will not bring anyone.
  5. Just Let Me Lamp Construction already

    Just use a fire cape then
  6. Make a rule against quitting threads

    Quitting threads is the most activity these forums get!
  7. Not Quiting NR Thread

    There is no comeback for this game.
  8. Did this even happen lol
  9. I would join but no specifics for this tourney has been given (time and prizes).
  10. Update Notes - 6/16/2018

    I really feel like you don't learn from past mistakes with what to do with Gano. If you want the loot to be good at gano and for it to be active, make it spawn more infrequently and make it into a big event. That way, it can drop really good loot and attract many players without negatively influences the economy too much.
  11. Tragic

    ded game
  12. I agree with your PKP suggestions if they’re true, as I don’t really play. The issue with items is that they decided (no idea why they thought it was a good idea) to refund all donor points, which meant way too many items were released into the eco at an incredibly fast rate.
  13. sotw

    Nowhere near enough graphics artist on here for this
  14. Near-Reality Players Speculations

    On release I speculate 100-150 active players, and depending on the direction of the server, it'll either gain traction to around 200 players or just fall into the pit of despair it was in before.
  15. Staff Applications

    nah he's shit
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