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  1. Changes To RD Status.

    Desperate to try get more donators lel.
  2. taking a break from nr

    gr8 thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  3. Update Notes - 6/16/2018

    I really feel like you don't learn from past mistakes with what to do with Gano. If you want the loot to be good at gano and for it to be active, make it spawn more infrequently and make it into a big event. That way, it can drop really good loot and attract many players without negatively influences the economy too much.
  4. Staff Applications

    nah he's shit
  5. Staff Applications

    But I wanted to apply to be a SS!!!
  6. The Future

    Pls Larry
  7. The Future

    RIP MY WINNERS CAPE:( OT - Make sure refunds aren't given for atleast a month.
  8. Poll 20/03/2018

    This server has been on the decline for 6 months now. You've been adding content throughout which hasn't stopped the decline. It must be clear now that you need to do something drastic to try turn this server around...
  9. Poll 20/03/2018

    I think that'll take a while aha
  10. Poll 20/03/2018

    You donate to support the server, and receive items too as a thanks. If you can't afford to lose 500$+, don't donate it.
  11. Poll 20/03/2018

  12. Poll 20/03/2018

    Whilst I agree partially, the main issue is donationsdupes/smuggles (sorry)/EVENTS which has resulted in way too many items coming into the game.
  13. Poll 20/03/2018

    You've hit rock bottom with 30-50 players, with enough items for 500+ people to have a comfortable bank. If you reset the server, you'll actually have more people on than you will now. If there is a clean slate, MANY people will come back. It might hurt the server in the short run, sure, but if you leave the current eco as it is, there is no hope in progression.
  14. Poll 20/03/2018

    I agree, its like asking a 5 year old if they want to go to the dentist. People may not want it at first, but it'll be good for the server.
  15. Poll 20/03/2018

    What new player is going to want to join a server where they'll have to grind for their first +1, but half the server have 20+ AGS/Limes/Claws etc. This honestly may as well be a spawn server at this point.

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