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  1. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    loving it man.
  2. Game Updates | 12/14/2018

    Loving seeing this new content!! Thank you!
  3. Jeremiah’s Introduction

    Yes sir!! I remember you aswell! No problem, now you know where to find me.
  4. Jeremiah’s Introduction

    I’ve realized I haven’t formally introduced myself to the forums and the forum slaves that reside in this lovely place... My name is Jeremiah, I’ve played under a number of names across nearly every remake. (Most popular names were Merch 2 Good & Stargazer199) I was here for the birth of this, after finding myself fairly close with Will working with him and klepto to code and learning bits here and there. I was here to test bugs; make sure skills worked and then I turned to wiki. I tackled it and imported the pages over from old NR and was going to wait until the server was entirely up and running smooth. Shortly there after IRL things began to arise and I took a long break. I’ve been back for a number of weeks and I don’t see myself going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll be pushing out a wiki changelog tomorrow, hopefully. All in all, I love the community that we have and I can’t wait to see us prosper! It’s nice to see you all!
  5. E-Kit's Suggestion

    Yes, basically.
  6. E-Kit's Suggestion

    Could you elaborate on why? Not having it obtainable other than PkP and vote stores seems like a very limited and restrictive obtainability when it comes to everyone other than pkers. Im solely curious, I’m not looking to argue about the subject. Just would like to see you from your point of view.
  7. E-Kit's Suggestion

    That’s what they would be, just a PVM obtainable way/alternative.
  8. Cereal

    Cereal first, milk last. Lol
  9. Ironman Luck? 03.12.2018

    Very lucky! Congratulations!
  10. News Post 11-12-18

    Thanks for the HUGE update! Glad to see some events starting back up! Also WIKI is coming along nicely! More stuff will be added and updated tomorrow... along with a Wiki Changelog that I feel would help do some justice.
  11. Looking forward to 2019

    Welcome back old friend. Nice to see you back at it!
  12. 300B Stake

    Gratz my dude!!
  13. Wiki Info!

    I'm ALWAYS on forums, and always looking for more work to be done! I'm more than happy to help!
  14. 400 PC

  15. Hermoine's Magical Graphics Shop

    I mean, 20$+ for good ones. But I’d need a little bit more reference before paying first. I’m also okay with any timeframe. I just want the work done good rather than half assed. (A lot of people half ass their shit)
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