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  1. Wiki's Weekly Changelog!

    Been a pleasure! Thanks for the opportunity! Working on more!
  2. News Post 11-12-18

    Thanks for the HUGE update! Glad to see some events starting back up! Also WIKI is coming along nicely! More stuff will be added and updated tomorrow... along with a Wiki Changelog that I feel would help do some justice.
  3. Looking forward to 2019

    Welcome back old friend. Nice to see you back at it!
  4. 300B Stake

    Gratz my dude!!
  5. Wiki Info!

    I'm ALWAYS on forums, and always looking for more work to be done! I'm more than happy to help!
  6. 400 PC

  7. Hermoine's Magical Graphics Shop

    I mean, 20$+ for good ones. But I’d need a little bit more reference before paying first. I’m also okay with any timeframe. I just want the work done good rather than half assed. (A lot of people half ass their shit)
  8. bank sale !

    How much for primordials or blowpipe?
  9. Hermoine's Magical Graphics Shop

    Sig Type: Text based Sig Size: Both default and YouTube banner size Sig Colors: Dark rich blue, Gold, surprise me on the 3rd. Sig Text: Stargazer199 for the YouTube banner, Jeremiah for default Sig Assets: Just make it look sick Sig Desc: Willing to pay good money via PayPal if these are done well.
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