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  1. If you are going to fight WB

  2. Game Updates | 3/17/2019

    Loving the new updates!!! Thanks for the hard work my dude!
  3. Staff Update | 03/04/2019

    Gzzz everyone!
  4. Owning PVM

    Accepted, Sending Discord link soon.
  5. Owning PVM

    Approved, sending you the discord information VIA PM.
  6. Bandos Avatar Suggestion

    It has came to my attention that there is next to no damage threshold for the Bandos Avatar. That being said, there are certain members of the community that are using this to their advantage... I do understand that this is something that also pertains to the world boss, but I do feel like there needs to be some sort of difference, especially in the ::ldi Areas. I've seen people come at below 5k health left and get a drop when people that have been killing it for the entirety of it, not. This is something that isn't fair to the people that spend their time to get the HP lower. A suggestion is to make it 3k Damage done in order to be eligible for a drop. This would ensure people come earlier in the kill to contribute rather than coming to snipe the potential loot. I'm not entirely sure how accurate or obtainable 3k may be for some, so it should be suggested to keep an eye on it to see how it works out.

    Really enjoyed this one!! Although it was considerably longer that what I expected.. xD
  8. Global - Introduction

    Welcome to the server! And nice to meet you! Play any other games other than RuneScape?
  9. Owning PVM

    Username: Jeremiah Combat lvl: 126 Slayer lvl: 99 Have ::di or ::die : Both Drop pic(Optional): Will u respect NR rules: ofcourse.
  10. worst nher "harp"

    Nahh I'm definitely the worst.
  11. The time has come

    Been amazing having you as a staff member! Best of luck to you with what you got going on!

    3 is probably the best of them all.
  13. Official introduction

    Welcome back!!! Nice to see you!!!
  14. first KBD kill Prince baby dragon

    Congratz man! Luck is on your side today!
  15. Joe's Services

    So you see my request^
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