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  1. Sell 4 pins 07

    4 pins 4m ea your fee
  2. Planned Maintenance | Monday, April 15th

    is this going to fix my vote points you fuck

    wow cheng you look great in the band!

    while you're at it prepare my forum rewards considering I don't play anymore it's a plausible scenario that I would be given them
  5. There's a chungus among us

    that's my new account
  6. So This Happened...

    not even 4 lol
  7. The return

  8. Ironman Potions

    just play a regular account if you want things to be easy :]
  9. Knights of PVM

    Name: Sociopath Picture of PVM Gear: I also have same setup but mage version (gano, tsotd etc) Timezone and hours you play: idk what that means but I play alot like 10+ hours a day Will you raid: indeed Why do you want to join: am best pvmerman
  10. small suggestion

    placeholders l0c?
  11. Spank Feedback

    +1 Spank is a legend
  12. Game & Client Updates | v1.4 released | 4/3/2019

    I spent such a long time getting 99 Summoning/Dungeoneering
  13. Welcome to Dread | New Developer

    that would be a foursome????
  14. Updates on game

    lmao could you imagine if Will made a post l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0 it would need to be moved to the comedy section
  15. RIP Computer

    I cry You were my favorite! Rip merch 2 good 2k19
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