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  1. Bored.

    ?????? what was the point
  2. ladies, please it's only a game y u heff 2 b mad
  3. Biggest downfall of the server

    Makes me wonder if Will has ever won a Fortnite game OMEGALUL
  4. Update Notes - 08/16/2018

  5. 5-0? must have been fighting yourself
  6. Lime collection starting to come along okay

    you're right! he meant 19
  7. An even Greater day staking

    how did everyone get so rich? I literally played for 14 minutes the other day and I'm still poor
  8. bring back star announcements

    star still never showed up :L
  9. type 1 if u want another eco reset

    share pls I got -insert convenient excuse here-
  10. bring back star announcements

    Although I think it doesn't show for me because I don't log in I still feel like it should show for me! Support
  11. Opening 172 Strange Boxes

    hmmm might actually be worth playing again just for this
  12. type 1 if u want another eco reset

    "press 343 if buying -insert item here-"
  13. Just Let Me Lamp Construction already

    include frikin and ill take them
  14. Just Let Me Lamp Construction already

    This is literally you shut the fuck up and move on with your life
  15. Update Notes- 08/08/2018

    are you surprised
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