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    it looks like she ate the prize l0l
  2. Halloween Sign

    me irl
  3. Player Spotlight! Sociopath

  4. Newspost! 10-16-18

    I'm gonna win everything so sorry nerds it's game over
  5. Throwback NR stakes

    holy shit lol that's awesome! I have a few I found from Collusions where I staked why me 3 100k tokens Nostalgia BibleThump
  6. Nice

    and here I am with a never ending waterfiend task xD
  7. Mole Done.

    I've never killed a single mole and have the pet #goals Gratz
  8. :)

    it was pagan who hosted them but yes I agree he is terrible at pking, almost as bad as me
  9. :)

    Dicks out for Torn + Paganesque for the FFA and the HNS n stuff tonight! I know I enjoyed them and I hope others did too, despite Rytard winning I'm still terrible at them but the FFA are helping me learn the motions of pking effectively! Maybe one day I'll be able to fight people and be the best pker in Near Reality but until them I'm the best Zulrah Killer which is ok for me! High Fives all around for the 2 biggest scrubs on the staff team! Thanks staffermen/lady for trying to keep this place going where others have simply given up. TinyPony we rm next time there is a DH FFA so I can rekt you again -fingers crossed we are targets-
  10. Quitting Nr

  11. Amazing drop from the best monster ever.

    False! Ryan Reynolds is the most handsome
  12. Amazing drop from the best monster ever.

    is mayonnaise an instrument?
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