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  1. first ornate katana?

    3rd one I had one, Peter has one bow
  2. oi

  3. Game updates - 14/05/2018 - Fixes + drop rates

    Can someone please readd the damage from venom clouds at Zulrah ffs I've only been asking for 6+ months I'm aware I am probably the only person who cares but Juan said he would and then didn't. It's so fucking easy that I get bored and that is the only thing I enjoy on here :L I can deal with the glitches and the auto attack bug but god damnit you guys can add all this new shit but not add a damage multiplier to a cloud thanks for all the hard work; the crystal key rewards are such a great addition I bet you must have worked dilligently on that one
  4. Staff Update 5/14/2018

    you mean the dude who bots puro puro? gratz shaco you fatty
  5. [removed]

    are you really 15 l0l
  6. Staff Update 5/13/2018

    So many spelling mistakes Do you type on a potato?
  7. Staff Update 5/13/2018

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooo bby l0l
  8. Staff Update 5/13/2018

    Oh wow this whole time I thought his name was Forg33 l0l
  9. Let’s talk about this

    Thank L0L never knew this was a thing, now I can escape you retards who pile to split rune scimitar loot then spam your stupid clan tags cuz alone irl.
  10. Should rules on Multi logging be added?

    No because then I can't pkp farm, wtf is this suggestion??? I feel personally attacked by this On a more serious note multilogging shouldn't be allowed if your sole intent is for personal gains x4 unless of course your intent is to help other people e.g I log into Sociopath to chat shit and stuff but my alts I help people on
  11. You're all fucking ugly stop looking at my profile

  12. General Compliment

    My feelings on the matter don't relate to the topic I'm merely slandering the staff team in an effort to get attention buuuuuut this is still fundamentally a business and as such needs to be ran like a business, I get the premise of donations but the underlying issue(s) remains as it always has and probably always will until we all eventually grow out of this stupid game and move on with our lives or idk aliens invade the earth or some shit ya feel? Even before this server there was the other broken ones, noone is perfect I get it but it is evident Will and his team are in over their heads; with constant changes to the team, nothing getting done on time, errors deciphering feedback because "it isn't in the proper format" are literally fucking excuses and it doesn't take a genius to awknowledge these things. If you can't rely on your team then what makes you think your players will? I'm not accustomed to these types of discussions because I usually get banned or am silenced by white knighting moderators Lastly, I feel like they should stop lying to us and be the transparent asshats they make themselves out to be, "we're fixing it but we don't know what to fix because we don't get proper feedback in the right format" This nigga misterman straight up said "i don't know what is wrong when you guys say it's broken" "I need to know who you were fighting, where, when, how, why" like bruh put a dh set on you clown and walk into the widlerness and hit someone. I don't even pk and can point out, with 99% accuracy, 38748963907097 things wrong and I guarantee I will still get told "I don't understand what you're saying" L0L
  13. General Compliment

    A business only functions when the administrative party is actually involved in the business not out lollygagging and/or making excuses as to why shit doesn't get done
  14. Easy Game?

    Wow what a scam

    This dude with bolts equipped lol just use a colored dbow or maybe take off the bolts? 800k do drops almost every hit and it's like a 16-24 every time.
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