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  1. yeah stop teleing people it's unfair
  2. Staff Update 2/18/19

    I love you @Paganesque
  3. Staking vs Rahim/Lewis20

    yo lemme get that row! I'll suck you off
  4. Bandos Avatar: Drop!!@

    Congratulations Zander!
  5. Update 2-16-2019

    "rouges castle"
  6. Very First Ring

    open ass please
  7. #freegodlix

    lmao retard.jpg
  8. Iron Penis Drop Log

    lmao the title
  9. 2 rarest phoenix drops

    insert into ass for maximum effectiveness
  10. Scorch's Introduction

    big yikes
  11. Warm outfit

    fake news! I have 3 sets
  12. Scavenger Hunter NPC

    I voted no but meant to vote yes
  13. LDI Yell timer

    +1 LDI is a rank given by donating and ::yell is a privilege not a right. i feel like a small cooldown maybe 10-15 seconds would be appropriate as I can see it being abused down the road especially after reading some of the "no support people" who are already feeling entitled lol
  14. [QOL] ::WB

    you're welcome! Zander did 9/11
  15. [QOL] ::WB

    no support I'm new and wouldn't understand what ::wb means
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