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  1. #freegodlix

    Fucking snitch
  2. Where the staffers

    wow +2
  3. Where the staffers

    bobbydank for modarino +2 if you agree
  4. wasn't sure if you were on here so I searched "trout" and u were the first to come up :')




    Also fk u ur noob

  5. Abby Dagger

    no thanks im good
  6. Worth the comeback

    haha kurb
  7. Gäng Gäng makes bonk

    why are you hiding your friend
  8. Player Spotlight! Sociopath

    Because hes the only one that falls into the player category
  9. ROAST ME!

    Dumbo looking mother fucker
  10. Player Spotlight! Rytur! *Explicit*

    Cunt i still get on 4ums
  11. Saradomin and zamorak halo

    8 trout
  12. Swing the loot

    lmao has anyone got anything?
  13. can we have these bk

    quoted post deleted but support
  14. Buying All Pins 4b NRGP

    buying all pins 3.89b
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