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  1. Selling 39 pins for 07

    Selling pins for 07, preferably bulk. pm me on forums
  2. XB1

    I have an xb1, but I play fort and rainbow 6, if I get b ops ill let you know
  3. Selling pins 07

    Selling 19 dpins for 07, looking for around 7m ea but we can discuss prices if you are buying bulk. pm in game
  4. Quitting Nr

    I had torn look into mine, and although he didn't give me the donator store points, he did give me the appropriate items for the amount of money I donated. maybe try talking to him before you give up
  5. Infernal Comp

    I am guessing I am one of the few who has both infernal and comp cape on my account. The problem I have with it is that this has nearly became a pvm server and there are many players who do not even bother comping because the Death cape is neck to neck with comp cape. With this addition it would make both the grinds worthwhile for people who already have a successful account. Tekton is practically dead 95% of the time, as a pker I don't even check there anymore. Provide more incentive for a cape that is hard to obtain, the best in slot boots(prims) are better than the best in slot capes and they are buyable. I do not know how hard this would be to implement but it would be worth it to think over, also the same goes for the Ava's assembler. I am also willing to organize this a lot more with feedback. Ty all.
  6. Had Some Luck

    ty all
  7. Had Some Luck
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