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  1. Final One Claimed

    Bruh you are the biggest avoider of em all you never fight me always run when u see me in wild to multi or saying that I ask you to fight too late... ofc its gonna take long to catch u in singles
  2. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    maybe if i have time Ill edit this soon to confirm
  3. Update Notes- 08/06/2018

    Only bind durations on the normal spellbook can be halved on magic prayer in Runescape, OSRS. Ancients always been the full amount, even on magic prayer.
  4. suicide bank construction training new meta?
  5. Rev Emblems and Wildy Slayer Poll

    Occult ornament kit please and infinity dark and light ornaments please!
  6. What do you want from the Wilderness?

    Been a deep wildy pker since 2005, here's some help. - Higher tier PKP store - master wilderness clues only obtainable from monsters IN the wilderness (NO RDI) and skilling in the wilderness (Mining rune ore north of kbd, fishing dark crabs in the resource center, etc....) WITH ACTUAL USEFULL REWARDS: All ornament kits,... (community can be creative here) - Revamp wildy player killing with how deeper you are the more rewarding it is to kill a player and targets obtainable in all levels instead of just 20 tiles away from you (makes it also more risky to be in high level wildy, thanks to the target teleport) - Tekton buff ( no one kills this one anymore ) My own opinion: yeah... i used to do tekton a lot, but in my opinion a wilderness boss with a lot hp that hits hard needs 2 things) - actually rewarding because of the multi-risk and high hp hitcount and high hits on you. - More variety in the loots too keep people interested in a bigger grind. Infernal cape buff the str bonus here or something, there is something you can do to make the cape more interesting do it, kinda the most wanted item for str bonus in osrs There is so much you can do in the wilderness to gain activity, gl!
  7. Drop Rate Checker

    You're right its multiplicative, I've seen the code of the row and droprate pin, not sure about the ::di,::die,::rdi one because i saw the code from Mod Klept0 and thats from way back before donor rates were added.
  8. PVMARENA, better ideas

    Make the reward system different: Instead of a point system, a wave system. 30 waves of NPC spawns, same system like jad, 30th wave the big boss. Survive 29 waves of npc spawns, same as now, you can get the normal loots. But as a reward if you survived so long, the final wave, a boss with the rewards as droptable instead of the points system.
  9. Selling nature ring !

  10. Max Cape/Comp Cape vs BIS

    First of all some facts: Max Cape stats Comp Cape stats Imbued cape is BIS mage: this one is best in slot mage which is fine Infernal Cape: MY IDEA: Match attack bonus with comp cape --- +10 stab/slash/crush make ---- +0 ranged/magic --- +15 strength to make it BIS strength only a str cape Ava's assembler: MY IDEA: to make ranged str +4-6 instead of +2. wearing this will provide you 1 extra max hit in ranged then to make it BIS for ranged. WHY AM I SUGGESTING THIS: - Comp cape and Max cape will be the best overall capes to wear, and gives u extra inventory space of no real switches needed. Also higher overall deff bonus than the rest and prayer bonus. - the best in slot capes can be brought for switches for example in wildy etc. - more variety - people actually will hunt these capes instead of kinda dead content.
  11. I did it @torn67! Nature Ring

    48 items in the 1/100 category 3 rolls per clue = 3/100 1/48 * 3/100 = 3/4800 or 1/1600 elites
  12. Selling nature ring !

  13. Buff Nex drops

    Yes, I like this idea. Nex is a fun thing to do, maybe also a good idea is make nex drop a setbox, invidual items are very hard to sell in the nex department. I wouldnt mind the droprate being higher too then together with the 3 man drops.
  14. Selling nature ring !

    Taking offers!
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