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    all the clans are going to play soulsplit when its released
  2. Rabbi's suggestion thread

    Not happening.
  3. Not Quiting NR Thread

    or you'll get a warning from slim cuz of "gravediggin" when u reply to someone's quote. lmfao
  4. Not Quiting NR Thread

    The only reason you're staying is cuz u are addicted, there is no other possible reason to stay in nr
  5. Update Notes- 07/30/2018

    error 404 players not found to get a killstreak
  6. let lamps be used on Construction

    "max cape shouldn't be easy to get" like legit everything besides cons in lampable. comp shouldn't be easy to get, max cape is fine lel u just don't want to do the cons achievements
  7. let lamps be used on Construction

    it has to be added since there is an achievement for every skill
  8. let lamps be used on Construction

    Make cons lampable just for the max cape. And make an achievement for cons if u really want that some players do it legit.
  9. rdi

    But none of them are good for pking tbh
  10. Suggestions for ::Die

  11. Staff Update [23/07/18]

    it was time to focus on your irl have fun
  12. suggestions

    there is a pvm point shop, but something like a pvm boss point shop with good rewards. to motivate people to go killing wildy bosses would be good i think, adding a random gano 2.0 in the wildy won't make it active as u can see how dead gano pking is.
  13. 600 Zulrah KC and Tanzanite :)))))

    felt like speaking a different language after saying "tanzanite mutagen" gz btw
  14. The NR Veteran

    u trolling lmfao, thought I was trippin
  15. The NR Veteran

    I just had a reset U will get used to it Welcome btw ?
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