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  1. Buying ancestral set

    pls pm me ingame and ill offer if u don't want to ask for a price
  2. Buying ancestral set

  3. @spank avoiding 1v1

    Lol you can keep clicking your thread to increase viewers that means he clicked his thread over 4000 thousand times lel
  4. i hate spots

    nice kill
  5. Vh joins thk but still get clapped

    lol awesome to see the wild poppin
  6. Game Updates | 12/14/2018

    Thanks, slim you did plenty of work for this update as well. Also, thank you for everyone who worked on this.
  7. A few events!

    thanks for these events hopefully I'll get a Virtus set would be really awesome
  8. Bank Place Holders

    Just get 2 of each item 4head jkjk Yeah, a lot of work and coding for this I heard. Also, if it's not working properly people can dupe items and stuff so it's pretty risky. but ye I agree it would be really nice to have and a lot of people suggested it in the past
  9. ::Di Teleport

    ah sorry ill change it when i get home also ill edit the picture so it'll be more useful for the devs i think itll make it too easy and people wont really use ppots and food when killing kbd and nomad. they'll just use the nurse after kbd and nomad constantly 123? thanks for the support was i dumb b4? lel
  10. ::Di Teleport

    thx appreciate the support
  11. ::Di Teleport

    Not really laziness I don't mind running but I just don't see the point of having the teleport spot there, to begin with. It would be factually better to have the regular teleport to be next to the monster the back. However, I am suggestions just to add a teleport (::di2) that will help many players a lot of time. It will be nice for the people who donated to have additional incentives, efficiency, and effective donator zones. The majority of players who own ::Di aren't satisfied with the current teleportation spot. Therefore, having an argument as "Don't be lazy" is disrespectful for the people who have worked hard and donated for ::Di thx k3
  12. What's RNG?

    Nice, congratz! Maybe we can do tekton together later if you're down
  13. ::Di Teleport

    tyty thanks for the support ye hopefully they'll implement it k3
  14. ::Di Teleport

    Thanks appreciate the support. I think it will save a lot of time and would be really nice to have
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