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  1. 2 rarest phoenix drops

    gratz ye 100% sure it doesnt do anything on a bp lel
  2. suggestions

    scythe suggestion seems too op +1 support for the other ones
  3. #freegodlix

    nice meme
  4. Warm outfit

    ??? lol
  5. Warm outfit

    tytyty from staff shop lel
  6. Warm outfit

    feels cozy first set (besides staff/retired staff) feelsgood.jpg
  7. All Skilling Pets Obtained!

    Damn nice congrats Huge achievement
  8. Scavenger Hunter NPC

    ye good times for sure mhm thatd be cool
  9. Add SafeSpot to KQs for Rdis

    ye need to make it balance di shouldnt have a safespot if they dont want rdi to have a safespot ye exactly my point mhm
  10. [QOL] ::WB

    ty appreciate it
  11. LDI Yell timer

    +1 support
  12. FFA countdown

    +1 support
  13. Add Crystal Chest drop Table

    +1 support
  14. [QOL] ::WB

    ye true ty
  15. [QOL] ::WB

    ty ??? ty tyty
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