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  1. Communication

    i mean emergencies happen his laptop screen broke he'll be active soon same with juan he has 2 more exams left and he'll work on the server just be patient and stop giving up hope it just ruins the server even more lo;
  2. Server downtime information - 5/21

    ty for the update
  3. Add More cash In-game ?

    mhm would be interested if this was implemented i would love to see how it effects the eco
  4. Little things server can do to help.

    nice ideas +
  5. Where is Jacmob?? Fixing combat, #1 priority

    nice ideas
  6. Price Guide

    lava 1b-1.2b whip 15-20m colored whips arent 50m sometimes they sell for 25-30 cooked karams 30-100k A lot of people sell it for 100-130k. I haven't seen anyone sell them for 30k each. Especially because pkers need it for pking so there is a lot of demand for it
  7. Unpopular Opinion

    -1 taking away staking lol??
  8. Ironman highscores

    cool idea +1 support
  9. Make NR Great Again

    nice ideas
  10. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    ty for update haha
  11. looking forward to what the upper-management has to say about your thread
  12. Add This Command (Useful)

    he quit fortnite tho his laptop screen is broken
  13. Add This Command (Useful)

    lmao they have a list of fixes just going to take some time to get to them just need to wait till juan to come back, I guess...
  14. Deathjam40

    hihihiih welcome
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