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  1. Game Update 12-12-2018

    Thanks a bunch :D!
  2. not too bad.(updated)

    Very nice ween!
  3. Game Updates 12-10-18

    Great work! Thanks so much!
  4. Hello again

    Welcome! Glad to have you back!
  5. What a day it was!

    Gz bro! been doing well at tekton!
  6. @staff help

    It's Spanks opinion that he shouldn't be unmuted. Everyone is entitled to an opinion not just moderators. We aren't going to discuss this further.
  7. @staff help

    I see a player voicing his concern about a toxic player potentially being un-muted, not backseat moderating. But regardless, @DEVAST8 if your mute was appealable it will be considered, reviewed, and dealt with accordingly.
  8. Advertisements

    More advertising is always great! Would love to see this happen!

    Be sure to be there everyone! Goodluck to everyone who attends :D!
  10. 1st D kite

    Congrats on the dkite! Hope it treats you well
  11. Thoughts on ::Die Changes

    I like this. Cleans up the clutter a bit. Also a great idea to let people who have die spawn there if they wish along with a discounted price to buy-back from death.
  12. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    Looking forward to some of the newer content! Thanks a bunch!
  13. Update

    If i didn't have a vague answer for you I would have posted it. np tho
  14. Update

    We are trying to get it out asap, sit tight . Hopefully it won't be too much longer, I know you all have been waiting for it.
  15. Black Santa hat!

    Funnily enough it actually does. And it really is the best in slot. @Raj
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