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  1. Staff Update 3-2-2019

    When will john54 get manager rank
  2. WAIT WHO...?

    John53 is the king of wild get your facts straight
  3. Where the oldies at

    Don't speak to your father like that jack k3
  4. Where the oldies at

    What's nr like is it dead or worth coming back to?
  5. NH Tournament - Sept 28, 2018

    You know when luckybamf places top 3 in an nh tournament the servers full of plebs
  6. Signature Artist needed

    Must show Bobs n vagene
  7. When the king comes back.

    Kurby I'm the king and I ain't returning
  8. What do you want from the Wilderness?

    Wilderness achievement diaries with pvm and pvp achievement system with high teir untradables so people can't just buy them
  9. Donation Refunds

    I've still received nothing.
  10. So something from my old bank ..maybe 25% i had . let's build a time machine
  11. Donation Refunds

    Name: john54 Total Donated (Since April 2017): 280$ I have already received the first 25% of my refund (Yes/No):no Other relevant information john53 is becoming very impatient
  12. deg vesta (new)

    Brang this up when I was staff wasn't really listend to. It is legit useless to have ingame if it's not auto keep I also think I have a video on my comp of me and you fighting in it on the last nr lol
  13. Vorkath Release

    Good on nr lel
  14. Buff Nex drops

    Fuck off don't buff it, makes my pet unique as Fuck

    Does criz realise this isn't a dh bombing tourney?
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