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  1. buying dpins nrgp

  2. The State Of Our Economy

    economy was fucked the week after the re-release after someone Vpn voted like 100 limes into eco, not to mention the money duping glitch in the trading post. Some of the many reasons I no longer play.
  3. Staff Update 3-2-2019

    When will john54 get manager rank
  4. WAIT WHO...?

    John53 is the king of wild get your facts straight
  5. Where the oldies at

    Don't speak to your father like that jack k3
  6. Where the oldies at

    What's nr like is it dead or worth coming back to?
  7. Signature Artist needed

    Must show Bobs n vagene
  8. Donation Refunds

    I've still received nothing.
  9. Donation Refunds

    Name: john54 Total Donated (Since April 2017): 280$ I have already received the first 25% of my refund (Yes/No):no Other relevant information john53 is becoming very impatient
  10. Staff Update [07/06/18]

    Never thought I'd see the day where use came to your senses and gave him staff haha grats my man!
  11. If you feel your password isn't safe pm me your password and I will inform you whether or not it is safe
  12. Staff Update [31/05/18]

    Came on last night 50-60 ppl once you minus player multiplyer probably 35-45 lol chucked bank and logged Fuck nr Jacmob is useless
  13. Staff Update [31/05/18]

    Rip @s00per l00t @Ticket you boys still getting robbed
  14. Staff Update [25/05/18]

    Thanks for being the only staff member to notify me jb, respect. let's hope the rest of the staff team can pull there fingers out there Ass and fix this server because it's dieing by the minute.
  15. Ineed My Donation Credits Refunded,

    Just keep PMing staff, should help speed up the process.

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