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    SELLING 100+ dpins 07gp Single pins 3m 10+ 2.5m
  2. NEED SIG PAY $$

    Need a sig, hit my pm's up.
  3. Selling dpins 07

    Buying all dpins - NRGP Selling all pins - 07gp Pm ingame - oi ali.
  4. Selling dpins 07

    Buying all dpins - NRGP Selling all pins - 07gp Pm ingame - oi ali.
  5. Team-Explicit

  6. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    You've never posted a single kill pic. Shurrup..
  7. @Rain

    A1 Avoider.
  8. @Rain

    Banned - Will be returning in feb. Dont get too comfortable in the wilderness, when im back its game over. Anyone of you lot that call out any of the THK lot for a singles fight, when im unbanned i'll be taking the list that want to try. Anyone else that wants a fight too hit me up.
  9. @Rain

    Still not accepting a challenge and avoiding me. 1. Who do you think you are giving authorisations of “next time it’s a perm ban”? You’re just a normal faggot that plays the game you mongrol. 2. When you decide to step into a single zone when I’m on make sure you get away ASAP.
  10. @Rain

    Funny how none of you have actually challenged me.
  11. Pkerman

    Looks good lad, hope to see you in wildy.
  12. #Spareno1

    Least active? I don't need to brag but i take out you clan nearly everyday. you're the one that bank stands most of the time and avoids whenever i call you out. You're a multi bot that don't have skill in singles, Basics/Risk anything you want. hit me up.
  13. NEED SIG PAY $$

    You also will get paid, good attempt but not what I’m looking for
  14. NEED SIG PAY $$

    I’ll pay you for that, good attempt
  15. Server Changes?

    Wilderness Priorities 1. Wilderness activity 2. Bosses - Are the bosses you kill in wildy worth it? [Make the bosses harder but better chance of getting loot] 3. Clan activity? - Bloodlust/Advertisement 4. Pking Tele Events - Magebank, Castle, Graves? Old days? 5. You have a 5 second protection barrier when you kill someone in multi?!? PVMing Priorities 1. I don’t PVM so note some things you want changed? Other priorities If have missed anything you want to add, comment below. Hopefully the higher ranks will have a look and make adjustments
  16. Server Changes?

    This should be a PK server not a PVM server vouch
  17. #Spareno1

    I’m IP banned till 5th feb funny I see your team rolling around in max whilst we’re not around :/
  18. Ali’s Kill Thread.

    you was the only challenge i had.
  19. Ali’s Kill Thread.

    Rain Shavers Crabby Cunts Solo's Every singles kill pic on me you will receive a prize. Send below.
  20. Ali’s Kill Thread.

  21. Ali’s Kill Thread.

    Updated V3
  22. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

    Looking fucking sick
  23. Ali’s Kill Thread.

    I’ll give you a prize for the kills, but im the future make sure you take them as soon as I supposedly die to you :/ but don’t worry tonight I’ll show you the amount of times your clans died too me.
  24. Farewell

    1. Our beef isn’t over yet I wish you all the best, nothing but great banter shit talking to eachother. Youll have blessings upon blessing with you’re new born.
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