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  1. Wildy Slayer rework Sneak Peak

    First Pog Edit: I wasnt first kmskskmsmkkmskmsmksmksmksmkksskmskmmkskmskmsmkskmskmkmsmkskms Ty Torn!

    We need a good hearted player like Jellyman226 to patch this exploit. #freemyniggas
  3. Game Updates | 11/18/2018

    Thank god getting ragefires are actually worth it now l0l
  4. Selling Bare Shit

    I'll take the male ward, spellcasters, and acb off your hands
  5. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username:Joongosu Do you have discord?(mandatory):Yes, pm me ingame Do you have any hybriding experience?: Very little but I know how to, just prefer not to. Do you have any clan experience?:Yes used to roll with Fatty Beef and co in 2016 and some time before that with Walter for 6 months to. Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?:tbh forgot the names cus it was just a friend group but i know most clan activities and roles during wars and events Recruited by:I Drop
  6. Suggest/feedback/minor rant

    Always with high quality, no filter criticism and suggestions from MiddleBoy himself. Awesome to see you invested in the community again. This guy really cares and his suggestions should be taken with more than a grain of salt because he is a long standing member of the NR community.
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