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  1. Ironman Poll Results

    thanks for the update! good luck to the irons with their new goals
  2. Forum Post Rewards Program

    anti panties ftw!!! thanks boss
  3. A Slight Introduction

    met you in FFA last night welcome back to NR!
  4. [sell] iron vs pvm bones

    already have some :-)
  5. Calling all Pet hunters!

    good luck guys!!!!
  6. infernal pickaxe smelting achieve

    I will pass this on, the adze works toward firemaking, no reason the pick shouldn't count as well. thanks for the post!!
  7. Lamp Construction

    well, to be fair, I could then say....who gives a fuck you if wanna lamp it and roleplay a lazy ass? but that isn't how I went about it. A lot of work went into the update, if you don't care about the skill, let it sit there til lamps work. Problem solved. Things will never please 100% of people everytime but we do our best, sorry you landed in the unhappy bunch.
  8. Lamp Construction

    Construction levels won't be obtained via lamps for some time, perhaps a month or so. This gives players who enjoy the grind a chance to level first and make the highscores etc. Hopefully the majority will want to get the full experience of the skill during this time
  9. rager showed me his d pic

    Brother how could you? #banned
  10. Behind the Scenes | March 2018

    Super good stuff, we are excited! Thanks for the post and all the work going into these changes by everyone involved, this is the fun stuff!
  11. bye 4 now

    noooooo, what am I gonna do without my fav murderous bodyguard buddy? You will be muchly missed, lots of great convos and an all around great time. Please keep in touch via disco, luv ya johnjohn. thats love for 54 &53 thanks for always planking Torn for me when he gets too sassy you had better check back, we are working on these things. let us know how you are yours are doing! xo ps-i refuse to believe this is happening
  12. Staff Update [02/26/2018]

    gratz to all!! and guys, just a sidenote here for all who are questioning things, getting staff isnt always about who shows off with helpfulness etc, it has many factors that are considered. It's also a trial basis at first, best way to improve things is to support them and give them a shot, see how the transition goes, we all want things to go well within the team, as well as in game! Let's be positive
  13. Community Giveaway and Drop party!!

    awesome! thanks for giving back to the community
  14. Pins & Transparency

    good work boss man!
  15. Vote events

    +1 on voting events, just need to tweak a few things first, but def like the suggestion, and thank you for your ideas! we appreciate players who take the time to make suggestions, and who vote!
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