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  1. Staff Update 2/18/19

    Hello All! So, this week's staff update comes with a lot of changes! Sad news first...unfortunately, Sandballoon has stepped down from Moderator at this time, you will be missed Sandball! K3 On the brighter side we have our three global mods moving into the Admin slot, so grats to Divinate Hippo422 & Crucio (I think we all know how Crucio got here, it may involve sore knees, wink wink) No, but seriously, they put in a lot of work behind the scenes and we truly appreciate them. GZ guys! Huge shoutout to Forg33 on getting Advisor as well! He's been wonderful in all roles and has basically now "beat the game" at this rank haha. It will be helpful to everyone to have another person able to help Torn, Slim and I with the higher level issues. We also have a big congrats for imma kill u on Global Moderator, Iku has been with the team off and on for a long time and we are happy to see him back in the saddle & moving forward! Next up we have our 2 new Server Support Spank & Ticket ! Ticket has been with the team before and we know he is a great asset, if you venture out into the wild you have surely seen him around. Spank, well what can ya say about Spank? I think most of you know him pretty well by now! We would like to congratulate them and welcome them to the team. We look forward to working with both and getting their fresh takes on things to come. That's it for today but stay tuned for upcoming news, we have some fun things coming up! See you in game! Yours, Paganesque
  2. Very First Ring

  3. Phoenix

    Zander, I've thought about that myself, would be a cool idea, just don't know if its doable. Killer, I will see if we can get it added to kill log and look into local announce. thanks for the input!
  4. LDI Appreciation

    Thanks guys! I know the team really appreciates the props and seeing you guys pleased with it. It's a nice big area too, so always room to expand later We still have some ideas to implement.

    Congrats to all the winners this lotto, and to all the new ranks gained from it. We had a great success with it and we appreciate all the grinding you guys did toward lotto donations. Also thanks for tuning in to Torn's livestream of the drawing! Each drawing was rolled 6 times with the final roll being the winner. THE WINNERS ARE!!! Partyhat set - jellyman226 50b cash - Itz Geo 100b cash - mitochondria max sets - mitochondria Custom item - Haista Rainbow phat - I drop 4k store credits - n1tts RDI rank winners - ghost, theguy12345, stakes r us. killerrun Thanks guys!! see you in game, contact torn67, slim shaco or myself for payouts!
  6. Sneak Peek - Bandos Avatar

    Just a little late night peek
  7. Staff Update 2/2/19

    Hello All!! Just wanted to give you a quick update on the staff team. You may have seen their resignation threads, unfortunately both Diabolik and Catwick12 have stepped down from Moderator. We thank them for their work on the team and wish them all the best in the future! Now for some good news! We have two new Server Supports and Rytur has been performing well & moved up to moderator! Our new supports are both able to cover timezones where we have had less staff available so that's a plus! First we have 1800downed stepping in to his role as SS, he's been very helpful around the server and is super nice so I hope you all get a chance to know him and welcome him to the team. 1800downed has been around NR since Agent Jags and has found himself coming back ever since. He has worked with one of our previous devs in the past & been staff on other servers, bringing experience and knowledge with him. rabbi has also joined the team this week, and he too has previous staff experience. rabbi played the original NR as well as various remakes and has been looking to join the team for awhile. Anyone who has seen him in game knows he likes to get things going and bring some energy hosting events of various types. We look forward to working with both of our new staff members and hope you will all be welcoming as you get to know them better! Also Congrats to Divinate & Hippo422 on making Global Moderator!! They have been doing outstanding work and we appreciate them very much. Thanks and see you in game! Paganesque
  8. Goodbye for now.

    Sending u off with love!! Real life comes first bud, we will miss you and I know we will keep in touch (I mean we are talking rn lol) take care of you and yours and don't worry about anything else!
  9. Staff Update 1-14-19

    Greetings Community Members! Today's staff announcement comes with an unfortunate goodbye to mraussienoob as our Server Support . Sadly there has been an accident and he needs this time to focus on his health, which we can all understand. We want him to know we loved having him, and wish him all the best in his recovery and future. Secondly we have the promotion of Rytur to Server Support. We welcome him to the team with his wealth of experience in the rsps scene as well as having been with NR for years. We expect Rytur will spice up the team and give us a fresh new perspective. He has not always been a fan of things here and sometimes the best way to work on things is to bring on someone who isn't worried about appearances and just wants to do work to make the server we love, better. So, everyone join us in welcoming Rytur (lover of pvm), we can't wait to see what he brings to the staff table! See you in game! NR Staff Team
  10. Farewell

    OH EM GEEEEE!!!! CONGRATS DADDY SPANK!!!!! I wish you all the very best in daddyhood!! Don't be a stranger!
  11. No credits

    was this after the pin purchase last night, did u make a second donation? if so please send me a gyazo of your receipt via forums pm, feel free to redact sensitive info. we will get u sorted. sorry for any inconvenience.
  12. Hello Current NR Team!

    nice! welcome back to NR!
  13. More events!

    Hey Digi, sorry about that, I am working on it. It's hard getting hosts right now with the season. Try Mithril's event on the 22nd? its 6pm UK time. Hopefully you can make it!
  14. Game Update 12-18-18

    we love u Juan! thanks to the team too!
  15. More events!

    Hello Community! Just wanted to get some more events posted up. we have a little bit of everything here. Good luck, and we have been loving the turnouts, so thank you for participating! 12/18/2018 Event: Jugg/HP event at gdz. Host: Holaman Time: 8pm EST / 1am UK Prizes for kill: Deg Vesta, Deg VLS, fsh, dkite, spectral, row, rasi, steads 12/19/2018 Event: LMS Host: Hippo422 Time: 1pm Est/ 6pm UK Prize: E-kit 12/20/2018 Event: HNS Host: Forg33 Time: 12pm Est/ 5pm UK Prize: BSH 12/21/2018 Event: Follow the leader (no teams!) Host: Paganesque Time: Midnight EST / 5am UK Prize: Xmas Cracker 12/22/2108 Event: Scavenger Hunt Host: Mithril Time: 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK Prize: Death Cape and Blk H'ween Once I have the next round of hosts lined up there will be another post! Thanks! Community Manager & Queen of NR, Paganesque
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