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  1. A few events!

    Hello All!! Just a quick note to make you aware of the next few upcoming events now that we have our ffas working well again! 12/14/2018 Headhunter Event! Come find Diabolik in the wild and kill him for your prize! Time: 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK Prize: Stat Warhammer, Santa Hat, mboxes! 12/15/2018 FFA (2 wins takes it, mbox,dh,f2p) Host: Catwick12 Time: 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK Prize: Full Virtus 12/16/2018 FFA (2 wins, f2p and Dh styles) Host: Hippo422 Time: 11am Eastern, 4pm UK Prize: Lime Whip 12/17/2018 FFA (2 wins takes it, rotating styles) Host: Paganesque Time: 6pm Eastern, 11pm UK Prize: LAVA SANTA HAT!!! Everyone's schedule is quite busy with exams, holiday festivities, travel, etc so we will continue to try our best with event scheduling coverage for you guys so that they aren't all at night when I am most available We will also just do some randomly when upper staff is available and logged in. Thanks to these staff mems for volunteering to host! See you in game! ~xo~ Paganesque
  2. Thoughts on ::Die Changes

    I'm down with these suggestions, not too sure how easy/complicated it would be for just ::die mems to be able to spawn there, but something we could look into.
  3. Weekly News & Events

    sure thing! good luck guys!
  4. Weekly News & Events

    ***** FFA STYLE events are on hold as of Dec 6 due to ffa's needing a fix to run properly. I will update the dates when we have a more specific ETA. Apologies for the inconvenince! Greetings! This week comes with the promotion of Diabolik and Holaman to the staff team both as Server Support. Diabolik has been with the server a long time, and the upper staff team is familiar with his work elsewhere and know what an asset he can be to our team, he has lots of ideas and the motivation to work at them! I am sure many of you newer players have benefited from the time Holaman has taken to get you situated as you start out, he is very active in the CC, has the time available to help us get some better daytime coverage online and is eager to see the game we love grow! So let's welcome them to the staff team and give them our support This Week's Events! So as I mentioned in the last thread, I decided to work events around some ffa type events and schedule them so that all time slots are covered. I have assigned staff members to cover the time slots that I cannot be available for. This should give everyone the chance to show up for at least one of them and not have to spend their busy season grinding out events that take many hours to achieve. We have been, and will also be, giving out some placeholders for the new E-Kits, currently represented by a fishing trophy until our Dev has released the actual item. We are super excited about these and we hope you are too! We will also be having the weekly PVP Tourney and a Raffle you won't want to miss. Details below! So without further ado the weekly schedule of events is as follows. Monday Dec 3rd, 9am Eastern / 2pm United Kingdom : FFA for Christmas Cracker hosted by Espire Tuesday Dec 4th, 1pm EST/ 6pm UK : LMS for Death Cape hosted by Espire Wednesday Dec 5th, 5pm EST/ 10pm UK : HNS for lime whip hosted by Forg33 Thursday Dec 6th, 9pm EST/ 2am UK : FFA tourney style with rotating styles, 2 wins takes E-kit, hosted by Pagan (ON HOLD DUE TO FFA MALFUNCTION) Friday Dec 7th, 2am EST/ 7am UK : Scavenger hunt for grain hosted by Pagan Saturday Dec 8th, 12Pm EST/ 5pm GMT +1 : FFA series (2 wins takes it) for Santa Suit hosted by Luckybamf Sunday Dec 9th, 4pm EST/ 9pm UK : Headhunter Event (this is a wildy event!) for sled and santa hat hosted by Imma Kill U Then we have Slim's PVP tourney on Wednesday Dec 5th at 3pm Eastern, this will be a pure tourney. Please get with Slim for signups so he can start his bracket, you can also register at time of event if you are not sure whether you will make it or not. RAFFLE!!! Each entry into the raffle will cost you one pin. The prize is BIG so we expect to see quite a few entries! First place will be an ANCESTRAL SET!!! Woo! Second place will be Torva and Pernix. You will have until the end of the day (eastern time) Friday December 14th to turn in your pins to enter the lotto. ***ALSO!!! If you still have a paramaya ticket and wish to do the staff tank test for chance at torva, please turn those in. I am calling it next week, so you use it or lose it! thanks! Thanks guys and we will see you in game! Good Luck at the events, we hope to see some nice crowds! Community Manager, Paganesque
  5. Cereal

    milk, I hate soggy cereal. I only pour a little cereal at a time.
  6. Morons

    l0l0l0l0l0ll0l I laughed harder at that than I care to admit LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is too funny. and socio K3
  7. Mod jacmob & Torn67 & Paganesque & Slim Shaco

    I actually said "we all have things to work on" not what you quoted, that was another staff mem chiming in. If Discord was properly showing the CC I would go back and screenie it for you but had no idea it would later become a misquote here, my bad for not seeing that in the moment and screencapping it, maybe you did and can supply what was actually said? I took your critisicm constructively and said so, beyond that not sure what else I can say other than this team spends more time on this and cares more than you think, we are all volunteers here and if we didn't care we wouldn't sacrifice all of our downtime. I've put in over a year as staff so far, please don't imply we don't take enough time for it, I understand as a player you want to be kept informed and that's great. Some things are unforseen until they happen, we don't always get what we expect either yet we have hung on trying to keep this place going, I applaud the team, whether you do or not, because I see what they do outside of in game time. I'm sure it all seems so simple, but we have many challenges. We can always do better, and we will work on it, which is what I originally meant when I said "we all have things to work on." We are already addressing many issues mentioned in our reviews, believe it or not, we hear you guys. That's all I've got for this post. Take care, see u in game!
  8. Raid Idea

    Thanks for this suggestion. Definitely some interesting things to think about and talk over. I also like the appeal for ads and such. We really do appreciate creative suggestions like this, thanks for taking the time! We have some things in the works but some type of raids would be fun for sure! New things to do are helpful for older players too.
  9. Weekly News

    Hello all! We have been working on getting you guys some great events going for the month of December. I am trying to get the team lined up with coverage across multiple time zones so that everyone has a chance at some sweet loot all month long! Of course with school, work etc things don't always line up easily but we are working on finding just the right schedule to try to make you all happy, leaving no one out. As soon as we have the first round lined up we will update you ahead of time so that you can make arrangements. I will try to have this up by Sunday, and feature the events for that week, & Slim's pvp tourney for next week as well. Rather than asking you guys to grind away on something during this busy season, I thought we would feature daily events that will be scheduled and covered by a staff member in each zone. We expect to see some big turnouts for some nice loot! FFA's HNS, LMS, HP event at GDZ etc will be featured. Also a big grats to Hippo422 on becoming mod, hippo has had great reviews and has done a nice job, as well as serving a timezone that needed coverage. Thanks for supporting him! imma kill u has also returned to the team. IKU has been a fav favorite and has the experience with the team to do great work. He returns after having more time in his schedule than originally thought, and we welcome him back!
  10. pagan

    u goon!! i was talking to hanoob and his eloquent buying pitch lol
  11. E Kit Results and Another Poll

    looking forward to the kits and these results!
  12. Client Issues

    thanks Slimmy!
  13. Pet

  14. Wiki's Weekly Changelog!

    Hey guys!! Just wanted to update you on all the work going into the wiki! This comes straight off the press from Wiki Editor Fe Jeremiah. Thanks for working on this for us! Hey there! This is @Jeremiah, I'm here with this weeks Wiki Changelog! It's not a whole lot in regards to what I'd like it to be, but this is a start no doubt. Update About Me I came back into the scene recently after taking some time to myself to think about some things. I've come back in full hopes to revitalize what we once had! I'm first tackling any and all old content that was from old/past versions of Near-Reality(s). I will then begin to add new content that has either been introduced already, or is in the works of being so. With that being said, I do appreciate and thank you all for your support and look forward to the bright new future. Changelog Updated Staff page & links to each staff. Updated images on "Redeem A Pin" page. Updated the RDI Requirements and Perks Updated Dragon Kiteshield page Updated Banshee Page (was old nr overlays) Updated Requirements for Completionist Cape. Updated EP Page. (removed old images, added some better phrasing) Updated Baby Blue Dragon Page Deleted the old ::SK Page as it is no longer in-game Deleted Werewolf page (no longer in-game) Updated Bank Pin Page as it needed refreshed locations. Added a place Antique lamps can be bought from (Stardust Store) - Reported by Zander Removed old Boss pets (Wildy Worm, Phoenix, Nomad, Bork, Barrelchest) and their drop rates - Reported by Zander Deleted Avatar of Creation & Destruction Page(s) - Reported by Zander Updated some boss pets and their Drop rates (Venenatis from 5k to 2k, Corporeal Pet to Dark Core Pet, Callisto from 5k to 2k, and Jad from 5k to 256) *Note, I'm beginning to add boss pets that have been added to the game, I've been only trying to get rid of old NR Content.* Updated Fire Cape page (Reported by Zander) Updated Full Slayer Helmet Page
  15. News Post 11-4-18

    lmfaooo best part? it wasnt for jungles. gf!!!
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