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  1. slayer shop update

    we may or may not have already been working on this


    the ring can be traded, the basket cannot.

    lmfao I know u do! u wanna skip around like meeeeee!!

    Hello! If you wish to participate in this year's Easter Event it will be going on Sunday April 21st @ 4:30pm Eastern time!! The event will not be revealed until then, it will not be a wildy event so everyone regardless of level and skills, should be ready to log in and compete to win their very own Easter Basket and Easter Ring! See you in game!! Paganesque.
  6. Mithril's Resignation

    Best wishes in all you do Mithy! We had some good times in the day! Take care
  7. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    Dev I commend you and appreciate you for taking the time to do this. It's always good for us to hear from the community on how we are doing overall. It looks like the team is appreciating the feedback, which makes me happy. We all want to do the most we can with the time we have to give to NR and one of the things I love about these people (and you!) is that most of us truly want to see the server do it's best. I'd also like to say that I'm super proud to have such a loyal community, some of y'all have stuck with Near Reality for soooo long and I love logging in and feeling the comradery we share here. Props for not making this a troll post, but still making me giggle a bit while reading. We have so much coming up, I hope you guys will all be pleased! so..10/10 THANK YOU!! See you in game! (as soon as Chaf works his magic & fixes my client lol)
  8. Hey there

    too good
  9. Play Near-Reality here!

    How to Play Near-Reality 1. Download Near-Reality for your platform below. Near-Reality Client [All platforms] Legacy Client [Use this if the main client isn't working, this client will not be updated] --- 2. Ensure that you have Java 8+ installed [You can install the latest Java here: Java 8]
  10. [REQUIRED] New Client Download

    Have i mentioned that I love you?
  11. March Events!

  12. Hi, I'm Chaflie!

    Once upon a time..... WELCOME TO THE TEAM!! K3
  13. Welcome Chaflie!

    Welcome Chaf!! great to have you! and as always much thanks to Juan!
  14. Teleporting out of wild

    Tiki, I completely understand your concern. However in this situation there were unknown circumstances and I'm gonna go with transparency here regardless of who it upsets. The player who was tele'd out is ex staff, and had pm'd a mod asking for a tele home. I myself have tele'd players home if they get stuck or if we are all out there together killing gano or something and no one is around and they don't wanna walk the distance. The rule is to never tele anyone out who is fighting or about to engage in a fight, or for avoidance. The pm our mod got was, as I said, from someone who knows the rules well (which as a previous staff member also had the trust of the mod) and yet never mentioned they were engaged in a fight or in danger of being in one or he would never have tele'd him,he just said he didn't feel like walking out. I apologize for the situation and moving forward we will do our best to ensure it doesn't happen again, it certainly won't for this player.
  15. wb

    nice one! gz
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