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  1. Angry lion pack feast on lonely gazelle + extra

  2. Farewell

    Congrats Dude! and btw I have the same situation as you I go back to work in the spring time..
  3. Some Final opinions on 2018

    +1 to this!
  4. Old NR players

    Nope, then majority of us would have lmfao still no

  6. Game Update 12-26-2018

    Very Nice!
  7. Wildy Slayer rework Sneak Peak

    so what bonus the vorkaths head do?
  8. Player Dying Video

    damn comboed...
  9. Twisted Bow Speed

    Only with Slayer Helm Passive with Overloads. Ahh It was way slower than before, Yes the damage increase was great but no worries I think with the speed increase to match godbow would make the Tbow perfect imo. after all it should be the best in slot right? Blowpipe for sure is the fastest of the mall no doubt.
  10. Where the staffers

    Support +1
  11. Twisted Bow Speed

    Hello, Zander and I have tested this using the combat Dummy the speed on Twisted Bow is slightly Slower than Godbow. Just a thought maybe make it the same speed? With this Speed Buff I think that it would make TBow perfect imo. What do you think? Suppose to be the best in slot right? haha The recent buff on the Tbow was really good btw!

    1.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 because you're toxic lmfao
  13. Game Update 12-18-18

    A+ Nice Update!
  14. Rain Bow down to I Hate Spots..

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