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  1. Lizard Man And Myself Had A 1v1

    +1 I think it should be removed as well.
  2. admin+ in the wilderness

    good to know??!!! Im still buying prims and torva* if interested btw
  3. anotha bandos avatar drop

    +1 I agree with everything you just said.
  4. My Thoughts

    First of all, I respect your opinion. However, when you say "Stop being petty and just pk without need to kill wildy pvmers" I just don't think you understand. Yes, killing pvmers is a nice +1, but you do realize pvmers brings in pvpers. The reason why the wilderness is dead is because the world boss completely over ruled gano. Ever since the world boss was introduced gano became completely useless. Why go to a boss that takes 30 minutes when you can wait a little bit longer and go to one that takes 5 minutes. Yes gano is still a great money maker but its just not worth the risk.
  5. Dragon arrows

    +1 Very nice idea
  6. My Thoughts

    I have completely given up on near reality. It is a game I will always love, however, with the state that it is in, I have lost all interest in playing. I want this game to be the best it can be and I feel as if the direction we are headed in is only going to make the eco\player base worse. I know most players will disagree with what I just said and what I am going to say, but tbh I don't give a shoot. First, whips and furys. These items use to be pretty hard to come by. Whips use to go for around 20m and furys could easily sell for 35m. Now I have over 1.3k whips and 1.1k furys, and they're 5m each. As a somewhat pker I hate to see this happen. I liked the days when pking a fury was a nice surprise, now its not even worth picking up. The main reason why there was such a influx of these items is because of the wilderness avatars. The damage is already done, but if we decrease the amount that they drop and\or increase the drop rate it could help the items eco. Second, the world boss. This was such a great addition to the game, it got the entire server hyped to get new amazing loot with no risk. However, it was basically the better version of gano. It is 5x faster and has better loot. It completely made pvmers stop going to gano, which made the wilderness become dead again. The best money maker in game should always be in the wilderness. My opinion is change gano's health, or improve on the revs drop table specifically adding the craws bow and other new revs items. Lastly, the updates. You guys are killing it with adding new stuff. We've had so meny items\npcs. Its great, but there needs to be balance. We need to have the content that we have had being improved on. For example Zulrah, the venom\gas is pretty glitchy. I would also like to see things like the "Top Pkers" be fixed. Then you have all the bugs on the cosmetic items(custom phats), nex peices(pernix), etc. If a new player comes on for the first time and sees a bunch of bugs, do you really think they're going to want to stick around? I know this one is going to get a lot of people shaking there heads, please give feedback below. These are all just my opinons, please give positive\negative feedback. None of this was hate pointed towards anyone. I love what you guys are doing with this server. I am making this post at 2 AM so please excuse any mistakes.
  7. Bulk PvP Sale

    Looking to sell most if not all the items to one person. Accepting pins and\or cash. Again I am only selling this in bulk, please comment your offers down below.
  8. Who Remembers AgentJags And Drax?

    oh yeah, I remember when we had an actual owner. Man that was nice.


    The first rainbow phat was removed form the game.
  11. LOL X2! FORGOT ABOUT THESE HAHAHA!!!! thats my fav video
  12. Donor island PvM

    I would have to disagree with the second world. The wildy is dead as is, adding more worlds would make it 100% more difficult to find other opponents. As with the bulwarks and phoenix I think its a good idea. I would like to see more of those but definitely dont increase the amount of avatars at ldi. They have broken the eco enough.

    50b cash?
  14. Bandos Avatar: Drop!!@

  15. Cosmetic Sale

    yes sir.
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