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  1. Loot from 50 hope devourer

    I am Taylor!!!
  2. Update on the Updates

    Yeah, new content is nice and all, but I'd rather have the content we already have being improved on. Literally everything in this game is afkable. I can kill every boss with full dh armor and a abby whip\karils and rcb. The only hard part about this game is getting every armor set maxed out and it's harder to find a person selling the items then actually getting the money to afford it.
  3. what happend?

    Fk I wanted to say that...
  4. Prestige Skill

    But digi we dont want to have to wait an extra month:)
  5. 07 MAIN ACC 110 lvl

    show more pics please? wouldn't mind knowing the quests it has does and the ban meter
  6. [PVP] Meet Spots!

    One of the reason why I stopped playing NR is because of the toxicity. Mainly with you and your clan. Are you saying as UN general your going to start acting like an adult?
  7. PvM Poll

    If raids does ever come out please for the love of god make it hard. Nr is the easiest game in the world thats the reason why everyone gets so bored. I thought the bandos ava was going to a hard boss that was almost impossible to kill on your first time. Instead, its was just another gano.
  8. Updates on game

    Torn and Chaflie are doing a lot better on communication then Cayleb and the previous devs. However they're not the owners, Jacmob needs to be more active with the community. He's posted 1 thing on forums since dec 3rd which in my opinion is just flat out stupid. I check on a daily basis if he has been on the forums for that day, and to my surprise he is on quite frequently. If he is the one making the update threads and all that a lot more could get done.
  9. Sell OSGP

    should use your main next time?
  10. Lizard Man And Myself Had A 1v1

    +1 I think it should be removed as well.
  11. anotha bandos avatar drop

    +1 I agree with everything you just said.
  12. Dragon arrows

    +1 Very nice idea
  13. Bulk PvP Sale

    Looking to sell most if not all the items to one person. Accepting pins and\or cash. Again I am only selling this in bulk, please comment your offers down below.

    The first rainbow phat was removed form the game.
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