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  1. comp cape re work

    In the game updates on 3/05/2018 we were introduced to this new feature. Ever since the reset on may 5th, which was 5 months ago btw, we have lost this. I have absolutely no idea how developing/coding something like this into the game works. But I imagine if we did it once, it shouldn't be that hard to do again. Its kind of ridiculous that something this simple hasn't been fixed yet. I think people who worked hours apon hours for this camp should deserve something a little better then the regular max cape design. If we're really going to make this season and year better, than we need to fix the simple things like this.
  2. Revenants
  3. Integrity

    wdym? slim is the reincarnation of jesus!
  4. Revenants

    With the wildy somewhat coming back I think we need more incentive to pvm/pk. changing up the revenants drop tables and adding the: Craw's bow (u), Amulet of Avarice, Thammaron's sceptre (u), and the Viggora's chainmace (u) would be a very nice addition. It would definitely spice up the pvming situation in the wildy. Considering that the weapons give you a 50% accuracy and damage boost when attacking a boss in the wildy it would defintely make people want to do wildy slayer more and maybe just camp giant moles. It would bring in more pvmers to rev caves and other bosses in the wildy. Which in return would make the wildy more active overall
  5. Integrity

    Are there any staff who actually think this was a fair punishment besides torn and pagan
  6. Double voting points

    I think they should just have better voting rewards and do giveaways like the person with the most votes by the end of each month wins a great prize like 5x pins, rdi, thok or ancestral's
  7. The Chambers of Xeric

    The Chambers of Xeric aka raids were released on January 5th of 2017 in osrs, that was almost more then 2 years ago. Most RSPS's have them in game and I think that would be an excellent addiction to this rsps. We already have most of the items from The Chambers of Xeric in the game. How ever ones like the tbow have no use. Since we are working on making this game better in 2019 I think it would be nice to finally see new content. I would love to see the Chambers of Xeric come into the game in the upcoming months. I know it would be a lot of hard work but it would definitely be worth the wild. I would love to see things like the Dinh bulwark in nr. I know with the donator store it would be hard with things like Ancestral. and since we already have rigour and augury there would be no use for the prayer scrolls. But i'd like to see rewards like limes and maybe just cash from the final boss. And maybe since we already have things like tekton in the wildy just add the Great olm into the game. Make him have a ridiculous amount of health and make it so we can have teams of 7 or above. It'd be nice to see people with that pet. Just a nice boss/Challenge to add into the game.
  8. Integrity

    Yeah its honestly ridiculous how lenient they are with allowing staff member with max hp in wildy. Ive seen mods+ tping to gano not realizing there not invisible. Gets very frustrating especially when its the ones who pk. But just because they abuse the wildy some times, doesn't mean I think they should be demoted. Everyone deserves second chances. I know the thing jelly did a little more serius and it was not right and he definitely should get in trouble for it, but being demoted? I have never once seen jellyman abuse his power like that. And he was definitely one of if not the best mod on nr. He is always active with the trade chat, which most staff arent. And helping with everyone's problems. I think he should get a second chance. I know jelly and I know that he did not mean to cause harm. Meny staff have been given spawned in items from advisor+, and I bet he though it was okay if he messed around with the elder maul for a bit. (I did not mean to offend any staff members if that is the case. I am simple expressing my thoughts and mean no harm. I love all you staff member and what you do. You guys are all the reason why this server is up and running. I am not saying all the staff members abuse, and was just sharing my past experiences.)
  9. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    funny joke
  10. Looking forward to 2019

    i agree, not the first or second time you have made these types of promises
  11. comp cape re work

    Very nice idea, it would really make me want to work towards the comp cape more if it looked cooler. +1
  12. News Post 11-4-18

    gz Slim Taco really deserved it
  13. Oi Ali Bank Pks!!

    very nice
  14. My time has come

  15. Top PKers

    Since the wildy has become some what active again I would like to see some good changes. I feel like fixing the "Top PKers" link under near-reality Displays will be an awesome change. I would love to see who the top pker is of the month or just over all. Possible make it so the person who is at the top by the end of each month wins 10b cash or something around there.
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