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  1. Who #Rain Really Is... [Detailed]

    E-premium: Holaman noice.
  2. Game Updates | 01/09/2019

    Wooooo great job boys
  3. Lets talk about dh

    I swear I never hit high if I risk hp in dharok, so I'm not really for this, maybe a more prominent hp effect with dharok is needed
  4. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

    Im so ready for the fashionscape line ups
  5. Capes

  6. Hello Current NR Team!

    welcome back bud
  7. pvm gears

  8. More events!

    Goodluck tomorrow boys
  9. Staff Update 12-16-17

    tyvm boys K3 -Holaman
  10. Game Update 12-12-2018

    Juan at it again tyty
  11. Wildy Content Sneak Peak

    Juicy -Holaman SS
  12. Staff commands

    -1 for "holman" -Holaman SS
  13. Custom Titles

    +1 -Holaman SS
  14. Game Updates 12-10-18

    WOOO -Holaman SS
  15. 1st D kite

    Grats bro -Holaman SS
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